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Thursday Election Countdown

No, We Didn’t Lose in SCOTUS

The GOP lawsuits against new Pennsylvania and North Carolina election laws did not lose in SCOTUS.  Some leftist outlets and “journalists” are pretending the GOP lost, but most Democrat outlets are now warning Democrats it’s too late to vote by mail.

All SCOTUS denied was an “expedited” review.  They didn’t deny a review.  They had to deny an expedited review because there’s simply not enough time to hear the case before Election Day.  Amy Coney Barrett is still trying to get moved into her new office and hasn’t even had time to look at the case yet.

Here’s the way it’s going to work:  Ballots that come in after election day will be segregated and left out of the official count. If Trump wins by a landslide (or Biden, but that’s impossible at this point), there will be nothing to hear because those few ballots won’t affect the outcome either way.

If it’s close, where the post-election-day ballots could decide the election, the Supreme Court will hear the case.

Democrats like Eric Holder, and outlets like Vox, are already warning Democrats not to mail in any more ballots. They’re telling Democrats that, if they haven’t voted yet, they have to vote in person or drop off their ballots in person before election day for their votes to be counted.

They know that if Biden “wins,” it will be very close and SCOTUS will dump the ballots that arrive after election day.

This take on what’s happened comes not only from outlets like Vox, but from my SCOTUS source who has never yet been wrong.  And the top link above is to an article by a former U.S. Attorney who says the same thing.

Also, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals just blocked Minnesota counties from accepting ballots after 8 pm on Election Day, prompting Amy Klobuchar to panic tweet and Nancy Pelosi to announce Biden would be inaugurated as president no matter whom voters choose, lol.  See the Minnesota section below for the Dem hysteria.

Now, on to the numbers, which I will be updating throughout the day.

Nevada Election Update

A Democrat cheerleader Nevada election forecaster has been predicting that Trump’s rural vote lead in 2020 would be the same as 2016, or 58k votes.  Then this week he started hedging and saying, well, maybe it will go up to 70k.  Then, okay, it may go up to 80k.

At 58k, Trump lost Nevada by only 27k, so…

Meanwhile, as of yesterday, votes in Nevada’s red rural counties are up by 40,000 over the same time in 2016.

This morning Dems have an early vote lead of 1.8 points and falling.  That’s according to TargetSmart, which incorporates likely crossovers based on the demographics of the voters.  Trump campaign internal polls confirm TargetSmart, as they show Trump is winning increased numbers of blacks, Hispanics and Mormons here.  Without crossover modelling, the Dem early vote lead is 6 pts.

In 2016 at this point, Dems had an early vote lead of 10.3 points.

In any case, the Democrat early vote lead is only 45k votes.  It just tipped under their 2016 early vote lead with five days of early voting to go.

I’d say we’re about to see the Dems pay for the 16,000 service workers (think the Democrats’ Culinary Union vote machine) who have moved out of Nevada since the Democrat governor’s Bat Plague lockdowns began.

A Day without a Florida Update is Like a Day without Sunshine

I was wrong about Dems having an 88k early vote lead at the start of Election Day 2016.  They had a 96k early vote lead and Trump won by 113k.

That means Dems need to have a 209k early vote lead on Election Day morning to be competitive.

The Dem lead is 163,611 at 6 pm ET today in Florida and falling at a rate of 50k a day.  This is without an update today from very big and very red Polk County, whose reporting is down.

I will mention that TargetSmart estimates that the Dem lead is down to only 57k votes, or 0.8%.  That’s based on the demographics of who has actually turned out (white working-class vote is surging by up to 50% in places) and includes likely crossover votes.  TargetSmart estimates Dems had a 262k early vote lead at this point in 2016, or 196k greater than now.

TargetSmart’s crossover modeling is important this election because the Democrat and Republican party coalitions are rapidly changing.  The GOP is now the party of working people and the Democrats are becoming the party of elites.  It tends to take a few years after a Democrat or Republican starts voting for the other party before they actually change their voter registration.  In some states, like North Carolina, huge swaths of Democrats who consistently vote straight Republican never change their voter registration.

Republicans still have 228k more supervoters yet to vote than Democrats.

Because Indies are turning out in greater percentages in red counties, and overall turnout is down in blue counties, Indies are likely skewing red.

Polls show that from 37% to 41% of Republicans in Florida intend to vote on Election Day, but only 12% of Dems.  At 50% turnout, that would be an Election Day lead for Republicans of at least 600k votes.

You can see why Steve Schale has stopped his Superpac ad spending for Biden in Florida.  Schale was the Obama campaign’s Florida state director and knows the state inside and out.

Dems in Freefall in North Carolina

The Democrat early vote lead in North Carolina has fallen to 285k.  Democrats had a 310k early vote lead in North Carolina in 2016 the morning of Election Day and lost the state by 3 points.

Democrats are trending for only a 230k early vote lead, suggesting the GOP will win North Carolina by 4 points.

The black share of the vote has fallen a little more to 19.78%.  Obama had a 23% black vote share and only won the state by a point.

The black share of the vote will likely continue trending down to about 5 point down from 2016, with 15% of those who vote voting for Trump.  This would give Biden only 81% of the potential black vote.  Hillary had 88% in 2016 and lost the state.

Even better than the white share of the NC vote rising from 70% to 73% is that in 2016, only 30% of white voters had less than a college degree (Trump’s best demographic).  This year it’s 44.4%.

We are seeing the same thing in Florida and Nevada. In Florida, Democrat turnout is highest in older, more working-class retiree counties that Trump won in 2016.

Trump Set to Win the National Popular Vote

Applied nationally, a -5% black turnout + 15% Trump vote of those who turn out mean approximately 4-5 million missing Democrat black votes. With the missing college student vote as high as 1.5 million, plus roughly 1 to 1.5 million Hispanic voters that have switched to Trump, Trump is poised to win the national popular vote by 6 to 8 million votes even without the new working class voters, former non-voters, he is bringing to the polls.

I’ve seen estimates ranging from 5 to 18 million for the number of these new working class voters, with Trump estimated to get just under 2/3 of them.

Red Sun Rising in Arizona

Dems had a 74k early vote lead yesterday morning, down from 115k at the start of the week.

This afternoon, it’s down to 55,734 with a Republican lead in Maricopa County (Phoenix)!

Colorado Referendum on Late-Term Abortion

A Colorado ballot initiative aimed at banning late-term abortions in most circumstances is polling too close to call.  But it should really turn out conservative voters who sat out 2016 after their first choice, Ted Cruz, lost the nomination to Trump.

The Democrat early vote lead in CO has dropped this morning to 7.6 points from 9 points yesterday and 30 points two weeks ago, with five days of early in-person voting to go.  The Dem vote lead is only 160k votes.

Polls show 37% to 41% of Republicans intend to vote in person on Election Day.  That’s three times the percentage of Dems who intend to vote on Election Day.  At 50% turnout, that’s at least 128k extra GOP votes.

And both Colorado and Virginia are likely doing better than the numbers suggest because we’re seeing a MUCH higher percentage of white males and non-college voters showing up.  As I mentioned, this demographic has increased its vote share by 50% in North Carolina.

Both Colorado and Virginia are in play.

Biden is Rushing to Minnesota

I haven’t been posting on MN because it’s so close.  And I still have to look at today’s numbers.

But think of it this way:  Minnesota hasn’t gone red since 1972 and Biden is rushing up there to campaign tomorrow.

And the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals just blocked acceptance of Minnesota ballots received after 8 p.m. on Election Day, or 3 p.m. for mail-in ballots delivered in person.  They said that the Minnesota legislature has the authority to establish the manner of conducting the presidential election in Minnesota, not the Democrat Secretary of State who rewrote the election rules himself.

You can enjoy Amy Klobuchar’s panic tweet about this ruling here.

My SCOTUS source says the 8th Circuit is very Trump-friendly, so this will not be reversed en banc.  Minnesota is his pick for Bush v Gore 2.0, with SCOTUS stepping in to save the state.

Georgia Republican Blowout

Republicans have increased their early vote lead in Georgia from 5.5 points yesterday to 6.2 points today, according to TargetSmart.  That’s 196k votes.  And do I need to remind you again that more Republicans than Dems intend to vote on Election Day?

GDP Blowout

The economy is roaring (except maybe in Dem-controlled states like Nevada).  The Atlanta Fed just revised its GDPNow forecast for the third quarter to 37% growth.

If you think that’s bad for Trump, I want an introduction to your dealer.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day.

Dem Turnout Collapse?

TargetSmart estimates that, with only five days of early voting to go, Democrat turnout is only 35 million votes so far.  The top estimate I’ve seen for Dem Election Day turnout is 16% in an Economist poll (with 41% of GOPs voting ED).  Most polls show around 12% of Dem turnout on Election Day.

I’ve seen estimates by smart numbers people that Biden’s vote total will struggle to get to 50 million.  I’ve also seen estimates that Hillary’s vote count in 2016 included 10 million fraudulent votes.

Today in Rigged Polling

Richard Baris of Big Data Poll (PPD in 2016, one of three that got the election right) says Emerson college had Trump +1 nationally but fudged the results to Biden +5 because Emerson was afraid of the backlash.

That is why Emerson has Biden with 99% Democrat support when it’s really far below that.

Today From Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The Bidens were working to sell 14% of Rosneft Oil Company to the Chinese to circumvent US sanctions on Russia.  Just another multi-million dollar bribe to Joe Biden and the family protection racket.

You may recall that the fake Steele dossier Hillary paid for included claims that Russia offered Trump 16% of Rosneft to circumvent sanctions. How ironic that it was the Bidens who actually were doing the deal!

FBI Director Christopher Wray represented Rosneft in the deal.

The good news is that the DOJ confirmed today that a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his “associates” (Joe Biden?) was opened in 2019 and is ongoing.

The investigation is focused on money laundering.

Tony Bobulinski was interviewed for five hours on October 23 as a material witness in this investigation and his cell phones were examined.

A Rasmussen poll I saw within the last day or two has found that a majority of likely voters believe Joe Biden accepted bribes for corrupt acts.  And the group that believes in the highest numbers (almost 2/3) and most strongly that Biden is corrupt are black voters.

Biden Gets Bobulinskied

Tape of Hunter Talking about his Chinese “Spy Chief” Business Partner

I’m going to be blogging all day about the Biden corruption revelations and election numbers.  Here’s a start.

This is a recording from Hunter Biden’s laptop of Hunter leaving a voice memo to himself.  The timing is right after the disappearance of his partners in China, Chinese Communist Party officials Ye Jianming and Dong Gonwen, who have deals with the Bidens for $30 million for “introductions alone.”

They also paid Hunter $6 million to block the investigation of Patrick Ho, $5 million for Sinohawk, $5 million as a “loan” to the Bidens held by the daughter of the Deputy Premiere of the CCP, $1.5 billion for Bohai Harvest, plus millions for helping CCP officials evade sanctions and launder at least hundreds of millions into U.S. real estate.

Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer is about to go to trial for securities fraud for the $65 million Hunter and his partners ripped off from the Oglala Sioux on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman at the SDNY has tipped Hunter off that Archer has named Hunter and Joe Biden as witnesses.

One of Hunter’s bribe laundering companies has now taken down its website.

Joe Biden Gets Bobulinskied

Tucker Carlson will be playing Biden Audiotapes Tonight

Tucker Carlson interviewed Tony Bobulinski last night for 7.56 million viewers. A clip from the interview is below.  Bobulinski ran the Biden family racket in China, heading up a joint Hunter/CCP-owned company there called Sinohawk.

Bobulinski said that he was not only interviewed by Joe Biden for the job, but that Joe ran the entire bribery racket for which Hunter served as front.  When Bobulinski expressed concern to James Biden over Joe’s role, asking how the Bidens were getting away with it, James said they maintained “plausible deniability.”

If you’d prefer to read what Bobulinski said rather than watch the clip, you will find a list of links here.

Tucker Carlson will be continuing the story tonight, playing Bobulinski’s audiotapes of the Bidens.

We also now have James Biden’s instructions to the CCP spy chief on how and where to wire the millions in bribes.  He *sent the instructions by email.*

Damning Biden Documents Stolen in Transit

GOP is Killing in Wisconsin

With 46% of estimated total votes for 2020 already in, the GOP is leading Dems by 42% to 36%. This is a sample of 1,294,660 ballots cast, far bigger than any poll.

With Democrats voting by mail at 2.5 to 3 times the rate of Republicans, and 89% of Democrats telling Gallup they are frightened of catching Bat Plague (as opposed to only 29% of Republicans), the Democrat vote is already largely in while the Republican vote is surging.

Plus, 18-29 year olds, Biden’s strongest demographic, are only 5% of turnout so far. They were 17% of voters in 2016. This is happening EVERYWHERE.  Democrats’ decision to promote Bat Plague fear and close college campuses has been an electoral disaster for them.

Biden cannot win the election without Wisconsin.

GOP is Killing in Michigan

With 2,147,288 ballots cast and 50% of the expected votes in 2020 already in, the GOP leads in Michigan by two points, 41% to 39%.

This may sound small but it’s huge because 2/3 of Democrats intended to vote by mail and their vote is already in, while Republicans are storming the polls with in-person early voting and are expected to win election day voting as usual.

Supervoters (people who have voted in four of the past four elections) confirm the story.  The exact number varies by state, but in general, hundreds of thousands more Republican than Democrat supervoters are yet to vote in each swing state, including Michigan.

GOP is Killing in Florida

Democrats have an early vote-by-mail/in-person voting lead of 231,000 221,000 216,000 214,000 210,000 203,000 196,522 votes.  But their lead is dropping by roughly 50k votes a day with four days of early voting to go.  And that rate has been consistent since early in-person voting started.

Republicans have 243,000 more supervoters yet to vote than Democrats have in Florida.

In 2016, Democrats went into election day with an 88k early vote lead and lost by 113k.  That means they need to go into election day with a 201k vote lead to be competitive this year.  There’s no way.

Another way of saying this is the Dems’ lead in Florida now is 1.8 pts vs 2.7 pts in 2016 at the same point in time, while Dems have shifted to mail-in vote since 2016 and GOPs have shifted to in-person.  Specifically, 809k more Dems than Republicans requested mail-in ballots this year (the number of GOP and Dem requests was roughly equal in 2016) yet Dems have a smaller lead than in 2016.

Yet another way of saying this is that a University of N. Florida poll finds 37% of Republicans, but only 12% of Democrats, plan to vote on Election Day.  That’s almost 1.2 million more Republicans than Dems.  In 2016, Dem Election Day voting numbers were just 4 points behind Republicans.

Also, Republicans are outperforming in Florida’s largest county, Miami-Dade, by 57,000 votes relative to this point in 2016.  That kind of overperformance in one of the big blue counties of Florida is shocking.

Another tell:  Indies are showing up in large numbers in red counties but not in the big blue counties in Florida.  Indies tend to skew with their counties.  That suggests Indies are skewing for Trump.

Another tell is that overall turnout is lagging in the big blue counties.  A political party change rarely happens in one step.  You don’t just flip from Dem to GOP or vice versa one day.  Instead, voters unhappy with their party tend to pass through a phase where they’re demotivated. Thus, where you see lower turnout, you’ll also see more crossover.

Steve Schale has stopped his Superpac ad spending for Biden in Florida.  Schale was the Obama campaign’s Florida state director and knows the state inside and out.

I will be updating the numbers in this section throughout the day.  The winner of Florida has won the election in six of the past six elections and 13 of the past 14.

GOP is Killing in North Carolina

Let me start with this.  The black vote in North Carolina is down 3 points from 2012.  Barack Obama won the state by only 1 point when the black vote was maxed out.

There is no way Democrats can win the state with the black vote down 3 points.  The Democrats’ big push for black turnout was last weekend, and Republicans still won the weekend.

Nationwide, there will be roughly 4 million missing black voters and 1 to 1.5 million missing 18-24 year old voters from 2016 turnout.  That’s a popular vote win right there for Trump, not counting the surge in male voters and voters who had given up on voting entirely in the last four elections.

And don’t look now but already the North Carolina Democrat early-vote lead, including mail-in votes, has fallen to 9,000 FEWER than Democrats finished with in 2016 when Hillary lost by 3.  That’s due to the GOP in-person voting masses, with five more days of in-person early voting to go.

You can watch NC turn red in real time here.

GOP is Killing in Pennsylvania

After the last debate, the top search term in Pennsylvania was “How do I change my vote?”  This is major because of the huge lead in Democrat mail-in voting.  The second-place search term was something about Biden ending fracking.

The NY Times reported yesterday that Trump was getting 40% of the Allegheny County vote.  That’s *Pittsburgh.*  They also reported that Trump had improved his share of the Philly vote by 10 points!

That’s partly because in Philly, home to Temple University, Drexel, UPenn and LaSalle University, which are all closed and switched mostly to online learning, the 18-29 vote share has gone from 23.1% in 2016 to 11.7% in 2020.

Five of the best pollsters of 2016 have come out with polls in the past two days showing Trump winning Pennsylvania by 1 to 5 points, depending on how hard they push the “undecideds” (who are really shy Trump voters) to make a choice.

And last night, to get Bobulinski out of the news, Democrats in their infinite wisdom staged another riot in Philly, with their Antifa-BLM terrorists mowing down a line of cops with a car.  Democrats’ Sturmabteilung also used a car to mow down a line of cops in Brooklyn, so Dems’ Antifa-BLM “idea” remains well coordinated.

Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists also blew up 18 ATMs in Philly with explosive devices.  Cops there were ordered not to arrest looters and rioters by the criminals who run the city and state.  Cops in some areas are setting up crash barriers around polling places.

Trump obviously thinks the riots are designed to suppress in-person vote turnout in Philly, and has sent a task force of election lawyers from all over the country to the corrupt city.  Also, the Pennsylvania National Guard will be deployed in Philly through election day.

Trump supporters have announced a car parade in Philly this afternoon in response to the riots.  It starts at 5 pm at Franklin Mills.

SCOTUS will Hear Pennsylvania Election Law Case

The Democrat Pennsylvania governor asked the Republican legislature to rewrite the state’s election laws according to a Democrat vote fraud wish list.  The legislature refused to do it.  So the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did a last-minute rewrite of Pennsylvania election law itself, essentially usurping the legislature’s powers for itself.

The GOP sued and the U.S. Supreme Court refused on their first try to hear the case.  But the GOP refiled with Amy Coney Barrett sworn in.  Now SCOTUS will be hearing the case and has essentially ordered Pennsylvania counties to segregate ballots that arrive after 8 pm on election day while the litigation goes on.

As the PA Supreme Court had ruled that ballots must be accepted for an extended time, even without a postmark and even where the voter signature didn’t match the one on file, this is a huge blow to Democrats’ vote fraud plans.

Trump will win Pennsylvania by 500k+ votes.

Texas Early Vote Reality Smashes Dem Delusions

The GOP has a 52% to 38% lead in Texas early voting with over 80% of the total expected 2020 vote already in.

So what do Dems do?  Much to the mirth of GOP election numbers people, they rushed out a couple of polls yesterday claiming Biden will win Texas by 3 points.

So Texas voting trends are back to normal after Biden’s mass vote fraud ring in Houston got busted 10 days ago.  Texas won’t be flipping blue any time soon.

Mortal Wound to Democrats in Arizona

Republicans vote mostly on election day in Arizona.  But Dems voted by mail in even higher numbers this year than usual.

Nevertheless, the Dem early vote lead in AZ has fallen to 74k on Wednesday from over 110k three days ago.  They may be under 40k by election day, at least 80k below the minimum they need.

Stop Worrying About Georgia

The GOP leads in early voting in Georgia by 5.5 points with over 2.7 million votes already in.  Reread all the stuff I’ve said about Dems voting disproportionately early and by mail and you will sleep easy about Georgia.

Biden tried to project energy yesterday by holding a rally for roughly 30 people in Warm Springs, where FDR went to die.

Nevada has Awakened from the Folly of the California Hordes

Dems are up 18k in early voting in Nevada and that’s not enough.  This is another state where everyone and his dead brother and dog got a mail-in ballot and Democrats are hiding in their closets from Bat Plague, not going out to vote.

But every time I check, Dems’ lead is down another 10k.  It took a 44k lead going into election day 2016 for Hillary to pull out a 27k win.

Colorado is in Play

Dems have an early vote lead of 9 points this morning in Colorado.  That’s expected with the Bat Plague Terror Democrats have promoted and bought into.

But two weeks ago Dems had a 30 point lead.  That’s a 21-point drop in only 9 days of in-person early voting.  There are six days of in-person early voting to go and mail-in ballots have slowed to a trickle.

With Trump asking supporters to vote in person rather than by mail, we have a real shot at Colorado.

There’s Even Hope for Virginia

Black turnout in Virginia is at only 13%.  Democrats need 18-19% for Virginia to be safely blue.  And that’s without counting the 15 to 20% of the black vote that is crossing over to vote for Trump.

Also, a judge has just ordered that ballots without a postmark cannot be accepted after election day in Virginia.  Democrats had wanted them counted if they came in within three days after election day with or without a postmark.  To see why that’s a recipe for vote fraud, look up LBJ and the Box 13 scandal.  LBJ committed vote fraud to win his Senate seat and Democrats have been using his method ever since.


Sapphire’s Monday Night Football Bash Moves to the Showroom!

Sapphire’s MNF “Party Zone”

Sapphire’s Monday Night Football parties have always been the best MNF parties in Vegas, even with the current Covid restrictions.

The club has been holding these parties outside under the stars in their pool area this year, but tonight — because of the cold weather — the festivities will be moved into the club’s Showroom. You’ll be able to watch the Bears (5-1) take on the Rams (4-2) on the room’s three monster HD screens with surround sound and wraparound monitors, just like old times.

Note: No lap dances yet, but the photo above is the club’s cocktail waitresses, so the scenery will be enjoyable too.

Sapphire has two package deals available for tonight’s game:

For solo guests, the $31 package (price includes taxes and service fees) gets you entry to the Showroom, a warm-up shot, two cocktails from the party’s sponsors, and an excellent tailgate barbecue buffet.  The fresh donut station is worth the price of admission!

For groups of 4-6 guests, the $336 package (price includes taxes and service fees) gets you entry to the Showroom, a VIP booth or table, a warm-up shot for each guest plus a bottle, and the tailgate barbecue buffet.

The party starts at 4 pm and goes until 10 pm. Sapphire has been getting big crowds for these events, so a reservation is recommended.  Book online here.  Or check out our post on other 2020 Vegas strip club MNF parties.

Vegas Buffets Gone for the Foreseeable Future

Vegas Buffets Being Converted to Food Courts

Word is all or virtually all Vegas buffets are being converted into food courts.

Just in case anyone thought Democrats intended to let up on their Bat Plague hoax after the election.

China seems to be realizing their puppet Joe Biden is going to be royally trashed November 3.  China is going to lose the House and more seats in the Senate as well, but they can still trash the economies of states like Nevada that made the fatal mistake of voting blue in 2018.  They can do that by threatening to release their three hard drives of blackmail material on Democrat politicians.

But don’t give up hope on the next two years yet.

Trump Sets Up Mass Deep State Firings

I’ve been saying that I expected Trump to be unleashed after his reelection.  We’ve just had four years of him fighting off a coup and investigating the criminals conspiring in it while working to make America great again.  Now that he doesn’t have to go through another election, he can finally start settling scores.

And now we’ve just seen our first evidence that Trump will indeed be unleashed after the election.  He just issued an Executive Order that paves the way for mass firings of hundreds of thousands of federal policy-making employees.

This is the Deep State swamp drainage Executive Order we’ve all been waiting for.

The EO removes civil service job protection from federal government policy-making jobs that should never have had it in the first place. The order provides that employees in these jobs can be dismissed without cause and without recourse. They will no longer have union protection.

These are the people who essentially have gone on working for Obama and resisting Trump’s policies even though we elected Trump to change policies.  These are the bureaucrats who conspired with the Democrats in their coup attempt.

And now their days are numbered.  Trump’s new EO goes into effect the day before Inauguration Day in 2021 and I believe it will be the start of many changes, including a change in SCOTUS rulings on Bat Plague now that Amy Coney Barrett will be on the bench.  This is going to be fun.

PA Supreme Court Rulings to Help Dem Vote Fraud About to Get Squashed

I’ve had long-running arguments with Pennsylvania friends over whether Nevada or Pennsylvania is the most corrupt state in the country.  (New Jersey friends insist it’s Jersey.)

But recent rulings out of the PA state supreme court have made me concede that PA is the most corrupt state.

The court ruled not only that ballots that came in or were found after the election did not need to have postmarks to be counted, but also didn’t have to have signatures that matched voter signatures on file.

In other words, any Democrat could fill out bushel baskets of fraudulent ballots then “find” them in his car trunk after election day and get them counted to steal the election.  This has been a preferred method of Democrat vote fraud for years.  Look up LBJ and the 1949 Box 13 Scandal.

Now the GOP has renewed their SCOTUS stay request on these state court rulings, and the emergency request will hit SCOTUS right after Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in on Tuesday. So corrupt John Roberts can’t screw us.

Trump would have won the election without PA, as Biden needs PA plus Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota to win the election, and early voting in Wisconsin and Michigan have already guaranteed the states for Trump.

But we just couldn’t leave PA in the hands of these crooks.

Biden Brags About the Size of his Vote Fraud Organization

Yes, he did.

Nevada Brothels Reopen for Take-Out Escort Services

Vegas Brothels Still On Hold

Escort Line-Up at Sheri's Ranch Las Vegas

Sheri’s Ranch Brothel Line-Up

Five Nevada brothels, including Mustang Ranch in Storey County and Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, near Reno and Carson City, are now offering “non-sexual” escort services.

That means they are offering exactly what Las Vegas and Nevada non-brothel escorts have always offered, which is always officially “non-sexual.”  You pay for company, not sex.  Then, while you’re enjoying each other’s company, you voluntarily have sex.

This requires approval of the county commissioners, and so far the Vegas-area brothels next door in Nye County have not received permission for this take-out service arrangement.  So Vegas escorts are still officially illegal for now, while Reno brothel escorts are officially legal, though what they offer is still illegal.

Because SCIENCE!  Somehow it prevents Bat Plague to pretend you’ve fallen in love instead of simply paying $100 for a blowjob.



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