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Former ClA Director Haspel Singing Like a Canary Wednesday

Wednesday in a Nutshell

Trump laid out his most comprehensive account so far of the election fraud and said Biden could not be president.  ClA Director Gina Haspel was arrested in Frankfurt during the raid and has flipped.  Former DIA agent Jeffrey Prather says we’re in a “low-intensity conflict.”  And Steve Pieczenik, in his update on the election sting, says everything is working exactly as planned, so don’t worry be happy.

Trump:  “This May Be the Most Important Speech I’ve Ever Made” (Pinned)

Preparation for the Coming Presidential Address?

The full speech is 46 minutes.  You can watch it here.

“As President, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege…”

Trump goes on to say, in a roundabout way, that the people behind Biden rigged the election.

“The Constitutional process must be allowed to continue. We are going to defend the honesty of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted… It is about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election and in all future elections.”

Trump goes on,

I want to explain the corrupt mail-in balloting scheme the Democrats systematically put into place that allowed voting to be altered, especially in swing states they had to win…

While it has long been understood that the Democrat political machine engages in voter fraud, from Detroit to Philadelphia, to Milwaukee, Atlanta, so many other places, what changed this year was the Democrat Party’s relentless push to mail out 10s of millions of ballots, sent to unknown recipients, with virtually no safeguards of any kind.  This allowed fraud and abuse to occur on a scale never seen before, using the pandemic as a pretext.

Democrat politicians and judges drastically changed election procedures just months and, in some cases, just weeks before the election on Nov. 3.  Very rarely were legislatures involved and Constitutionally, they had to be involved…  It’s Constitutionally incorrect what took place.

The Three Main Points of Trump’s Speech

  1.  1.  Trump gave the most complete and detailed account yet of the election fraud that occurred.
  2.  2.  Trump squarely blamed the Democrats for scheming, fighting, and exploiting Covid to commit the most massive election fraud in U.S. history.
  3. 3.  Trump made his clearest statements yet that he won and would not allow Biden to take office through vote fraud.  And he committed to restoring honesty and trust to our voting system.

What Trump Didn’t Say

  1.  1.  Trump did not provide the Kraken proof in this speech.  Reportedly that will be presented to SCOTUS first.
  2.  2.  Trump did not declare martial law or anything like that.  He said he would not allow Biden to take the White House as a result of fraud, but did not lay out what he would do beyond the courts if necessary to stop him.

Frankfurt Raid was Carried Out to Catch Gina Haspel Red-Handed (Pinned)

She’s Wounded but Not Dead; Her Death is a Cover Story “Placed by Jeffrey Epstein”

Steve Pieczenik is retweeting a video by Simon Parkes in which Simon says former ClA Director Gina Haspel (she’s been fired since her arrest) was in the ClA election-hacking facility in Frankfurt at the time U.S. Army Special Operations Forces raided the facility.  This was the raid in which they seized the servers used to rig the U.S. elections.  He says the raid was deliberately carried out at that time to catch Haspel red-handed.

He says Haspel was there overseeing the shredding of documents and destruction of other evidence.  He says she was wounded during the raid.

He said the reason five U.S. soldiers got killed is that Haspel’s bodyguards fought.  Everyone else surrendered.  He says Trump knew the five soldiers killed personally and was moved and upset at the news of their deaths.

Gina Haspel Flipped En Route to Gitmo and is Now in Witness Protection; Jeffrey Epstein is Alive

Parkes says Haspel is not dead.  Thanks to RollWave for this next part, as I missed it.  He then says, “A BIT LIKE Jeffrey Epstein really.”  RollWave points out he’s implying that Epstein is also alive, and his death is a cover story.  So we get two big reveals for the price of one in this video.

In any case, he says Haspel was wounded, but not severely, and was en route to Gitmo when she decided to flip and started “singing like a canary.”

She reportedly has a deal where she gets to disappear into witness protection.  So, because she became a cooperating witness, she is not in Gitmo now.  Parkes says that with the ClA Director having flipped, the FBl is not likely to continue to be a problem.  Obviously, the FBI can’t carry on with crimes Gina Haspel has already exposed.  He expects indictments for the Biden family, so not sure what that means about Biden getting a deal.

Large Number in Gitmo Already

He also says patriots within the intelligence agencies are now in the ascendancy.  He says a “large number” of the criminals involved in the election steal have already been taken to Gitmo.  Some will be rehabilitated.  Some can never be rehabilitated or brought back to America.  But they are trying to get info out of them all.  He says all of them are guilty of treason and should expect the “most severe penalties” unless they can cut a deal.

This is the first account I’ve heard that makes sense of everything we’ve heard from other sources, including Steve Pieczenik’s early report that Haspel had been arrested soon after the election.  Pieczenik has put out little hints about Haspel since but this is the first time he’s gone ahead and retweeted the whole story.  Parkes says this is the first time he’s been allowed to tell the whole story as well.

Simon Parkes is the grandson of an Ml6 agent who was “loaned out” to the ClA.  His mother was MI5 but “leased out” to the NSA. He received an offer recently to work for the ClA and says he turned it down.  He’s taken a job instead with an organization in Arizona that is home of the Q movement.  That’s obviously the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion.

He has reportedly been a credible source and, again, Steve Pieczenik retweeted him.  The full video is on his YouTube channel.  He says to look for him on Bitchute after Youtube deletes him.  The first four minutes of the full video are on his background and his parents’ backgrounds.  The info on what happened with Haspel starts at 4:10.

So this is the real story or as close to it as the good guys are willing to tell us for now.

Former DIA Jeffrey Prather Says We’re in a “Low-Intensity Conflict” (Pinned)

Former General David Petraeus Partnered with Soros on the Election Steal

Steve Pieczenik retweeted this podcast by former DIA agent Jeffrey Prather, who says former U.S. Army General and ClA Director David Petraeus partnered with Soros for the election steal.  My friend Bad Kitty has provided documentation proving the same thing (links coming), so I now regard this as confirmed.  Petraeus headed up the Serbian group that wrote the Dominion election rigging code.

Prather says Petraeus was extorted into taking part in the steal.  He says Petraeus got a lighter charge for giving classified info to his mistress while he was ClA director in exchange for heading up the Serbian operation.

Fox Recruited the Rest of the Media to Defeat the Republic

At 8:15 Prather says, “Fox has flipped against America and they are Deep State coup coordinators who recruited the entire U.S. media and Big Tech to defeat the Republic and overthrow the United States Constitution.”

Prather Says Don’t Worry About December 14 Deadline or January 20 Either

He says President Trump is Commander in Chief and the nation is under foreign attack.  “You do not change Commander in Chief in the middle of a foreign attack.”  Like Trump, Prather says don’t worry about these deadlines.  He says not to worry about the January 20 inauguration date either.  “These are way points, not end points.”

National and International Coordination of the Election Steal Means We Are Under Foreign Attack and That Falls Under the Department of Defense, Not the DOJ or FBI

Prather says the simultaneous stopping of the vote count, with all the other election fraud evidence, including the “IP evidence,” proves not only national coordination but international coordination.  “So these are certainly national and international threats and therefore they fall under the Department of Defense and Commander in Chief, which is President Trump, and not under the incompetent and corrupt Department of Justice.”

Prather, like Pieczenik and every other military source, has zero confidence in Barr, the FBI, DHS or any of the rest of civilian government, including Congress and state legislatures and officials.

He says China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Serbia were all involved with manipulating votes.

He says the names of those killed in Frankfurt will be made known and honored later, after concerns of families of the lost are dealt with.

“This is Foreign Warfare, Unrestricted Warfare, and it is Also, Internally, Treason”

He says, “Chris Krebs at CISA committed treason as part of the coup.”  He says they have proof that DHS employed foreign companies, not only Dominion but Akami out of China as well, to carry out the coup.

So he says “This is not civil war and this is not insurrection, although it is an insurgency.  This is foreign warfare, unrestricted warfare, and it is also, internally, treason.”

“Trump will Remain President and Commander In Chief Until a Full Defense and Investigation have been Mounted”

Prather says Trump will remain President and Commander in Chief until all of this resolved, both the internal and external attack on our national security.  He says that is part of the oath President Trump took.

The Kraken Will Not Come Out Until the Supreme Court

Prather says we are not going to see the Kraken evidence until a lawsuit gets to SCOTUS.  He says this is because of Rudy’s two-pronged strategy (see below).

All of This Traces Back to Obama, Clinton, Biden, Schiff

He says, “That’s why everyone is so afraid of this and the FBI is so silent.”

But he expresses extreme confidence in winning.  He says their removal of evidence from the Georgia election warehouses (see below) “does not denote confidence” on the part of our enemies.

He says this is about freedom of elections, the right to choose our government.  He says we are up against people who intend to control us outright, be dictators over every facet of our lives.

He says straight out that the Covid restrictions and lockdowns and curfews are intended by the enemy to keep us from gathering against them.  He encourages civil disobedience in response.

Insights on the Legal Strategy:  There’s a Defense Team and an Offense Team

Prather says Giuliani is heading up the “defensive legal team.”  That’s the “law enforcement team.”  Sidney Powell is heading up the “offense team,” which is “the military team.”  The two teams are coordinated, but separate.

He says again SCOTUS is when the real military intelligence on the steal comes out.  He says they tracked everyone who was accessing the voting data (from foreign countries and our own intelligence agencies) and everything they did to the data.

He says those Military Intelligence witnesses that have started to pop up at the PA and AZ hearings and in Sidney Powell’s lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Endless War

He says the Nimitz carrier group is in the Persian Gulf again and that’s no accident.  “That’s how you project power overseas.”  He says this is in connection to the Iran nuclear program and so was the action involving the Iranian nuke scientist.

He says Obama not only allowed and enabled Iran to build nukes, but that Obama deliberately funded Iranian terrorism against our troops.  He says Obama has been running a Shadow Government, deliberately undermining Trump.

He says the Deep State deliberately seeks endless war, that it’s part of the Dark Economy that fuels the Deep State, along with human trafficking and drug trafficking.  He says the ClA is the deepest part of the Deep State.  He says Trump has been and is “cutting off the fuel supply of the Deep State.”

Interesting side note:  He says Benghazi was an attempt by Iran to take Ambassador Chris Stevens hostage for a hostage exchange, but it went south.

Live Blog

Dr. Pieczenik Election Sting Update:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy  *New!* (Pinned)

Expects Trump to be Elected by the Electoral College December 14

Steve Pieczenik did an update on the election sting yesterday on Infowars.  Alex Jones never lets him finish a thought, but here’s a summary of what he was able to say between Jones’ interruptions.

He said everything is going exactly as expected. He said, “I guarantee you Biden will not become president.”  He laughed every time Jones got frantic about it.  He is clearly not worried.

He repeated what he said shortly after election day about military assets being quietly deployed all over the country.  He laughed at the attempts of Kemp and Raffensperger to destroy evidence in Georgia, because he says the military intelligence people who carried out the sting already know every detail of which servers were compromised and already have proof of it all.

He said the people who lead the election sting were General Keith Alexander, formerly of the US Cyber Command, and his protege, General Paul Nakasone, current Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and Director of the NSA.  He said Nakasone was in charge of installing the watermarks on legal paper ballots and all the cyber marks on votes entered into Dominion.  He said Alexander and his team were experienced at this because they had done exactly the same thing in 2016 to stop Hillary from stealing the election.

He Doesn’t Think Martial Law or the Insurrection Act will be Necessary

Pieczenik says there will be no need for martial law or anything like that because the Electoral College will elect Trump on December 14.  Alex Jones kept saying Biden was already measuring the drapes, and Pieczenik just shrugged.

Pieczenik says Trump will be ruthless in his second term.  We can expect more serious repercussions for the ClA than just the firing of Haspel.  He also said Obama, Brennan, the Bushes and Clinton will have to be held accountable.  He didn’t say which Clinton.

He said the election sting was payback by good people in the military and intelligence agencies for 50 years of dirty ClA wars and crimes.  He said the corruption extends to literally thousands of politicians at the national, state and local levels.  He said something like it’s in the nature of politicians to be whores.  They’re all whores; what else would you expect?

Pieczenik made several other interesting brief comments.  He said his “Chinese nanny” (his CCP handler) had called after his earlier appearance on Infowars when he first revealed the election sting and told him China didn’t want any problems.

He also said he was involved in the “soft coup” against Nixon and that John Roberts was a very sick man with a seizure disorder.

So, to recap, while military sources are all certain martial law will be necessary, Pieczenik says don’t worry, the Electoral College will elect Trump on December 14.  I’ve already mentioned that my SCOTUS source is certain SCOTUS will do the right thing.  So it appears everyone thinks the piece of government they are personally part of will work out just fine but they don’t trust the rest of the government.

Meanwhile, I’m watching the Michigan election fraud hearing, which is still going on, and I can’t believe these weenies and communists will ever in a million years do the right thing.

Sidney Files in Arizona

Here’s the lawsuit against Ducey and Hobbs (the Secretary of State who called Trump supporters Nazis).

At the Georgia Stop the Steal Rally Today

Sidney, Lin, General Flynn, and everyone else was at the Georgia Stop the Steal rally today and from the clips, it looked lit.  Here’s the full rally.  400,000 people live-streamed the rally.

Here are some key quotes with links to the clips.

Sidney said:

We’ve already traced a lot of the money that did this back to China.  We have White Hat hackers who saw back doors open in the system and saw people in Iran and China and Hong Kong and Serbia and I don’t know how many countries having influence in our election system.  All of this must come to a screeching halt right now.

Lin Wood was on fire:

Read the United States Constitution and here’s what it makes clear.  ALL the power, not some of the power, All of the power belongs to the people.  This is our country.  We tell government what they can and cannot do.  They do not control the people.  This is OUR country.  We’re gonna take it back.

We’re circling the walls of Jericho.  People are PRAYING in this country.  We’re circling the walls of Jericho and God Almighty is gonna tear the walls down and we’re gonna take America back again!  You watch it happen!  You WATCH IT HAPPEN!

You send a message to Bill Barr and the Justice Department.  DO YOUR JOB!  YOU. WORK. FOR. US, Attorney General Barr.  DO YOUR JOB!  You tell the Director of the FBI, DO YOUR DAMN JOB!  You work for us!  Investigate this fraud!  And tell the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!  You don’t spy on Americans!  You’re not gonna ever do it again in America!

Lin Wood also called Kemp a criminal and dared him to sue for defamation.  Read more…

China Owns Dominion Voting Systems Tuesday

Tuesday OMG Summary

Best Poker Moves We’ve Seen Since the Election and the Ultimate Proof Poker Skills are the Most Important Skills in the World

Through a fast series of fake news hoaxes, we found out Barr has appointed Durham Special Counsel on the election steal.  They put Mueller up Trump’s ass, now Durham will be up theirs.  I knew Barr was one of the good guys.  I can tell you from the comments of this afternoon’s ClA bots that the criminals are beside themselves.

Barr also seems to have had trucks pick up those watermarked and counterfeit ballots in Georgia today, as well as voting machines.  Lin Wood tweeted late in the day that perhaps he’d been wrong about Barr.

We learn China bought Dominion Voting Systems in October so asset-seizure hell is FOR SURE coming to the traitors.

We learn USPS collusion in the election steal was nationwide.  Lin Wood preps us some more for Trump invoking the Insurrection Act.  At a Michigan Senate hearing, the evidence of mass vote fraud is overwhelming and, amazingly, it’s all the exact same stuff that was done in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona, *almost as if it was centrally coordinated.*

Plus, a great source predicts more events before December 15..

Big Big Big Don’t Miss This Update

Update:  Now Matt Gaetz says there is interest in the U.S. Congress in examining voting irregularities and debating whether to accept states’ electors where those irregularities exist.  Can’t overstate how huge this is.  Details below.

Steve Piezenik has been tweeting for weeks that Gitmo can hold them all, but I fear we will need a thousand Gitmos.  I’m still filling in details below, including some that are truly juicy.

China Bought Dominion Voting Systems October 8, 2020 (Pinned)

Lin Wood just tweeted:


Information being received NOW that Communist China purchased Dominion Voting in October 8 for $400M.

Efforts underway to verify. If true, this confirms other evidence that Communists intend to overthrow our government to get our precious land.


Wood also tweeted a link to an SEC document that appears to show Staple Street’s sale of Dominion. is now confirming China owns almost 100% of Dominion Voting Systems.  Twitter deleted the tweet but you can see a screenshot here.

Wood appears to have traced the ownership of Dominion to a handful of state-owned businesses in China, including Beijing Guoxiang (33%), Guangdong Comm. Group (14%), China Guodian (14%), COFCO Group (14%), and UBS Securities (25%) which is 75% owned by the CCP.

So the proof of foreign interference in our elections is getting overwhelming.

Get Ready for Trump to Invoke the Insurrection Act (Pinned)

Lin Wood Retweets Group Calling for Trump to Invoke Martial Law

Lin Wood has retweeted a press release from a group called We the People calling for Trump to invoke “limited martial law” and have the military conduct a “national re-vote.”

Lin Wood’s comment with the retweet:

Good morning. Our country is headed to civil war. A war created by 3rd party bad actors for their benefit – not for We The People. Communist China is leading the nefarious efforts to take away our freedom. President Trump should declare martial law.

This is a day after Sidney retweeted a call to Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and two days after Lin Wood told us to start reading up on Lincoln’s emergency measures in 1861. Sure seems clear to me what they are preparing us for.

Witness to GA Vote Fraud in Hospital from Assault (Pinned)

We Now Have Soldiers Killed in Frankfurt, Civilians Killed by Antifa, and Election Fraud Witnesses in the ICU

Sidney Powell talked about it on Hannity last night.  The witness was in Atlanta and is reportedly in the ICU.  Sidney was talking about witnesses needing protection and some refusing to sign affidavits because they feared for their lives.  She said:

“They’re gonna lose their job. Their lives have been threatened. Uh, one witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospital. There have been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth. And no, Democrats don’t like whistleblowers, they only like liars who claim they’re whistleblowers.”

A source says Trump has been trying to let the criminals come forward and do the right thing.  Hold the hearings, file the lawsuits, see if anyone will do the right thing.  But the Democrats and Deep State appear not to recognize what’s about to hit them.

Also, people are being assaulted and killed in the course of this attack on our country.  The election fraud is part of a larger assault that I don’t expect Trump to tolerate much longer.

We’re Still in the Public Info Phase, But I Doubt for Much Longer

Steve Pieczenik retweeted this statement this morning:

The moment you figure out the Democrats, the RINOs, and all D.C. cabal swamp creatures are not fighting President Trump, but rather fighting their own treason death penalties and life incarcerations, ‘The Movie” makes more sense and is ultimately so much more enjoyable to watch.

He also retweeted this:

Many people of are tired of waiting for prosecution of corrupt people.

We’re still in the public information phase of the operation.

The Justice phase will come, in due time.

More Important Than Ever Not to Believe Fake News (Pinned)

Documenting AP Lie About Barr;  Durham Appointed Special Counsel

AP came out with a story this morning about Barr that was a blatant lie.  They reported Barr had said to their reporter that the DOJ had seen no evidence of vote fraud big enough to change the election result.

What Barr said was that the election fraud “remedy” lies with civil courts rather than the DOJ. That’s exactly what Trump‘s lawyers and Sidney Powell are pursuing.  Barr said the remedy was to get top-to-bottom audits conducted by state or local officials. 

Barr said the DOJ’s role would be criminal punishment, which will take years.  He also said the criminals would be punished only if we correct the results.  Barr said there would be no remedy if Biden were to get in.  

So, all Barr was doing was clarifying the DOJ’s role.  If you actually read the AP story instead of reacting to the phony headline, it accurately reports everything Barr said.

Never Believe the Fake News
Never Believe the Fake News
Never Believe the Fake News

I’m reporting on this because I’ve already gotten ten hysterical phone calls about the fake news, and ClA disinfo bots showed up immediately in the comments to gloat.  Remember not to trust anything you hear from the media, as they are conspirators in this assault on America.

Trump Team’s Response to the Barr Story

Jenna Ellis then tweeted the Trump legal team’s response to Barr’s remarks.  You can read their response here.  Basically, their response is a complaint that the DOJ hasn’t even started an investigation.  It’s set up as Rudy reacting to the AP headline rather than what Barr actually said.  Which is impossible unless it’s deliberate distraction.

No one knows better than Rudy the DOJ’s role.

I regard this all as cheese in the maze — Trump keeping his enemies confused.  Barr said there’d be no criminal prosecutions unless Trump remains in the White House.  Trump’s team says Barr’s not even starting to investigate.  Yet Barr’s government plane has been flying around all over the place to the election hotspots, including Georgia just yesterday.

Maybe Barr’s a placeholder, as Pieczenik guessed.  Or maybe he’ll soon be doing a terrific job prosecuting the election steal criminals.  But I don’t think Barr is key to Trump’s immediate response to the election steal.

This is an attack on our national security by foreign and domestic enemies and I’ve been told over and over the key to Trump’s response will be military.

AP Responds with Comedy Gold DON’T MISS!

But the drama still isn’t over.  Now AP has responded with comedy gold:

BREAKING:  Barr appoints Durham special counsel to keep investigating Russia probe origins (AP).

If there is anything guaranteed to drive MAGA crazy, it’s an assertion that Durham is still investigating the Russia probe origins.  I’m sitting here laughing at this one.  But before I tell you what Barr just really did, remember:

Never Believe the Fake News
Never Believe the Fake News
Never Believe the Fake News

Barr Appoints Durham Special Counsel

What Barr really just did minutes ago was announce that he had made Durham Special Counsel weeks ago.  Durham is now a Special Counsel who can not be stopped in his pursuit of evildoers even if Trump were assassinated and Biden somehow got into the White House.

A special counsel can be fired only by the attorney general and only for specific reasons, such as misconduct, dereliction of duty, conflict of interest or other violations of Justice Department policies.  So the election steal coup conspirators just found out their legal problems will never go away until they’re in prison and their big problem is Tyrone.

Fake News Lies Again About the Scope Memo

So immediately after it became clear that Barr had appointed Durham Special Counsel, the media started running with a new lie that the Special Council scope memo was “very narrow.”  But it’s not narrow.  It’s the opposite.

It includes crimes related to intelligence, counter-intelligence or law-enforcement activities related to the 2016 presidential campaigns, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation.  Durham is also authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from his investigation of these matters.  You can read the scope letter here.

I wanted to find out how important Durham’s new Special Counsel role was, so I looked up what Adam Schiff is saying about it.  Schiff is sh*tting himself so this must be really, really good.  Also, Twitter artificially stopped “Special Counsel” from trending, another great sign.

Barr Sternly Scolds Everyone Who Misquoted Him

Everyone’s saying Barr just sternly scolded everyone who claimed he said there was no evidence of sufficient vote fraud to overturn the election.

Here’s the statement from the DOJ spokesperson.

“Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that the Department has concluded its investigation of election fraud and announced an affirmative finding of no fraud in the election. That is not what the Associated Press reported nor what the Attorney General stated. The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible.”

Primary sources only, people.

So How Will This Play Out?

Former military intelligence/DIA agent Fiona Mikayes retweets this:  “What happens if inauguration is suspended and Trump remains president until the election is certified?”

How long will it take to certify an election with this much fraud and even the nationwide U.S. Postal Service colluding in it?  I’d imagine years.  I’m guessing this is why my sources said Trump would be in the White House for seven more years.

Now General Flynn has announced he’s giving an interview tonight on BardsFM Livestream at 9:00 pm EST.

What to Expect Before December 15th (Pinned)

A great source is in a great mood.  December is the beginning of the restoration of the Republic as it’s freed from the control of criminals and thugs.

Before the 15th he expects us to see:

  1. 1. Trump’s Presidential Address
  2. 2. Pardon of Julian Assange
  3. 3. Partial martial law and arrests of worst coup conspirators, including politicians and some in the media.

He even said we will see the return of someone we thought was dead, but that may have been a joke.

You know what’s interesting. I just checked on legal twitter. The only people they read are the other lawyers.

I just checked on NSC twitter. The only people they read are other national security people.

I just checked on politician twitter. They only read each other.

Nobody reads anyone outside their niche so they’re all still baffled about what’s coming down.

And Fraudsters that Just Won’t Stop Live Blog

Matt Gaetz Says Congress will Debate Appointing Electors

Here’s the tweet:

I talked today to Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

There’s an interest in examining voting irregularities and forcing a debate in Congress about whether or not to accept states’ electors where those irregularities exist.

Nothing is off the table.

This is an important development and may change other timelines and predictions above. One thing that every source agrees on is that Trump’s first choice would be allow courts, legislatures, etc. to do the right thing.

Trump and Barr Met Today at the White House for 2 1/2 Hours

Barr entered the White House at 2:42 pm, left at 5:07 pm.  No word on what was discussed but that would be a long time for Trump to spend with a bad guy who was trying to hurt the country.

Lin Continues to Tweet

I still get an “Error establishing database connection” message.

Lin and Sidney are holding a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 2) at 2 pm in Alpharetta, GA at Wills Park.

New O’Keefe at 7 pm EST

He’s Been on CNN President Jeff Zucker’s 9 am Editorial Phone Calls With Senior CNN Leadership for Months

Here’s the announcement of the coming release.  He asks Zucker in this clip whether CNN should really be considered a trusted news source, as he’s been on the Zucker morning calls for two months and Zucker doesn’t seem as independent as he’s claimed.

This will be good.  CNN, which apparently has never seen real journalism before, says they’ve referred the matter to law enforcement.  Maybe they plan to turn themselves in.

Here It Is

O’Keefe’s got CNN on tape talking about DNC talking points on “transition” (play up that 9/11 Commission said lack of a smooth transition lead to 9/11) and don’t give Trump a platform on not conceding, because they feel the transition can go forward.

O’Keefe’s got two months of tapes on these morning talking points.  He’s going to release another clip at 8 pm EST and more clips every single day, perhaps for the rest of time.

280k Completed Ballots Shipped from New York to PA

Amistad Project Press Conference Brings Forward Three New Whistleblowers

The Amistad Project Press Conference: “280,000 completed ballots were shipped from New York to Pennsylvania, where they were counted.”

These were all fraudulent ballots, manufactured for Biden.

Here’s the video of the Amistad whistleblowers.  More on them below.

PA Postal Truck Driver to Give New Evidence Today of Pre-Filled-Out Ballots; Widespread Illegal Efforts by USPS to Rig the Election for Biden

Today at 2:00 pm EST, there will be a press conference held by Amistad Project, which has filed a number of election lawsuits.  They are bringing forward three whistleblowers.  One is reportedly a Pennsylvania postal truck driver who will be saying he witnessed 144K to 288K pre-completed ballots being shipped across three state lines back in October to set up the election steal.  (Update:  Here’s his statement.)

Two other USPS whistleblowers will reportedly reveal the U.S. Postal Service collusion with election fraud, including backdating of ballots, didn’t just happen in Pennsylvania, but was widespread throughout the disputed states.  (Update:  Here’s what they said.  In Madison, Wisconsin, postal workers were told that USPS was planning to backdate tens of thousands of ballots in the days after the Nov. 3 election in order to circumvent the ballot submission deadline.)

Note that the Presentation of Evidence is Speeding Up

Trump’s entire twitter feed today is evidence.  There’s a press conference by Amistad Project with new testimony.  The Michigan Senate hearing is happening all day.

And the criminals are speeding up their lies about no evidence of vote fraud.  Fake news is fake newsing harder, with AP coming out with a blatant lie about Barr.

You can tell this is building to a head.

Pieczenik Straight-Out Says Ducey is a Human Trafficker

One of the things I’ve said over and over since March 16 is that our government has become an organized crime syndicate.  It’s not just a matter of them accepting gifts and bribes from lobbyists.  They are Tony Sopranos, making their money trafficking drugs, children, illegal arms, and national security secrets to foreign enemies.

Now Steve Pieczenik outright states Doug Ducey is a human trafficker.  I’ve posted before about the bust of a child trafficking ring that operated in Arizona with the complicity of all the big political names there.  Here is a piece on it that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you read that Petersen was selling the newborns to “adoptive parents,” don’t believe it.  He was selling babies to whomever would pay, for whatever they wanted the kids for.

I assume this is what Pieczenik is talking about.  Reportedly they also hide kidnapped trafficked kids on Indian reservations in the state.

Georgia Election Computers on the Move

Removal of Evidence or DOJ Gathering Up Evidence?

There’s a court order in place blocking destruction of evidence.  But here is a video of Georgia election computers being moved this morning.  Barr’s plane was in Georgia yesterday.  Not sure if that’s connected.

Do you remember the federal district judge’s flipflops on blocking destruction of the vote fraud evidence?  During that flipflop, a Dominion server was removed from Fulton County.

Lin  Wood has been tweeting all morning that Kemp is destroying evidence.

And here are UPS trucks picking up absentee ballots from the GA Secretary of State’s warehouse.  Four volunteers are standing watch at the place round the clock and filming everything.  Would election officials so blatantly destroy and remove evidence or is this Barr gathering up evidence?

Update from solid source:  “The Trump team will have their hands on a voting machine loaded with the Dominion source code at 1 pm today.”  

Lin Wood was sounding happier about Barr by the end of the day.  Read more…

Rout of the Traitors Monday

Monday, What a Monday Summary (Pinned)

What a Monday.  The Arizona legislature held its hearing on election fraud in the state today and it was a doozy.  Even worse than PA, with evidence it’s been going on for decades at a rapidly increasing rate.  See the highlights below.

Plus a source says to expect a Presidential Address this week, Sidney and Lin continue to prep us for Trump taking “drastic action” a la Lincoln 1861, and Pieczenik says the smart money is betting on Wednesday for Biden’s public concession.  That and more below.

Presidential Address Reportedly Coming This Week (Pinned)

Military Officials and Barr will Reportedly Speak As Well

I posted yesterday that a good source said Trump would deliver a presidential address before the Electoral College vote.  Now, reportedly, the plan is to move it up to this week.

Reportedly senior military and DOJ officials will speak about what happened in the election as well. Reportedly Barr is preparing a statement that the Electoral College cannot legitimize the election results.

Reportedly the raid in Frankfurt will be discussed, as well as the role of Dominion, China and Iran in the election fraud. Reportedly they will point to the ClA’s role.

Coomer Arrested; Increased Flight Activity to Gitmo

Coomer, the Antifa VP of Dominion who told an Antifa conference call that he’d rigged the election for Biden, was reportedly arrested a week ago.  Reportedly he’s ratting people out.

And Steve Pieczenik is retweeting data about increased flight activity to Gitmo with the comment:  “Witnessed this myself.”

Sidney Powell Retweets Call to Trump to Invoke Insurrection Act (Pinned)

Yes, she did.  Here’s what she retweeted:

Dear Mr. President,

We will not stand by and watch Foreign and Domestic enemies further destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Eighty and more million of us request that you use the Insurrection Act, Suspend the December Electoral College Vote, and set up Military Tribunals immediately, to properly investigate and resolve the cyber warfare 11-3-2020 election issue.  Further, we request you suspend the Jan 6 GA Senate Runoff Race, and the January Inauguration, until this issue is resolved.

The tweet was from SongBird4Trump.

Sidney Powell Interview with Lou Dobbs (Pinned)

Dobbs Calls for Trump to Take “Drastic Action” to Save the Country

“If the DOJ and FBI aren’t up to it, then we have to find other resources within the federal government.”

Here’s a Lou Dobbs interview with Sidney Powell that to me seems clearly designed to prepare the American people for a coming drastic action from Trump.

The interview opens with Sidney saying there were different levels of votes flipped and shaved in different states.  She says individual candidates other than Trump were also targeted.

She discusses Kemp’s wiping of voting machine servers in his own election as governor, and says the 2020 voting machine server was removed in Fulton County Sunday.  So the flipflops of the federal district judge on whether or not to protect the evidence seem to have been deliberately designed to create a window to allow evidence to be destroyed.

She says she received a tape from a voting machine in California that recorded 550 votes with only 270 voters.

She says the DOJ and FBI are “nowhere to be found.”  As you know, I’ve been tweeting today about Barr’s plane traveling to Georgia, then to Virginia, then to Toronto.

In any case, the key moment of the interview starts at 6:58 when Lou Dobbs correctly says this is no longer about voter fraud but an assault on the country. He calls for Trump to take drastic action, and if the FBI and DOJ aren’t up to it, Trump must call in other forces in the federal government that can handle the job.

Sidney Powell says she agrees.

This exchange comes one day after Lin Wood tweeted to read up on Lincoln’s emergency measures in 1861 to save the country and just hours after Sidney Powell retweeted a call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act.

Live Blog

Pieczenik Says Vegas Odds Favor Biden Conceding Wednesday *New!*

That Means He Expects Public Concession on Wednesday

Pieczenik just tweeted that Las Vegas odds favor Biden conceding Wednesday.  Vegas isn’t allowed to take bets on elections, so he’s telling us he expects Biden’s public concession on Wednesday.

I posted yesterday that good sources said and signaled that Biden had reached out to Trump via Mitch McConnell on Saturday about a deal.  Purportedly he wanted to concede in exchange for pardons for his family.

And he likely met with Trump, or had his people meet with Trump’s people, on Sunday.

Above I reported that an excellent source said Trump’s Presidential Address on the election steal would be this week.

Doug Ducey Refused to Meet with Rudy Giuliani Today

Rudy says Ducey refused to meet with him to see the evidence.  I believe he said this at the hearing.

I’ve told you before that Ducey comes from a Toledo mob family and was recruited into politics by Mafia princess Cindy McCain.

Internal Maricopa County Email Orders Election Workers to Give Voters Sharpies Instead of Ballpoint Pens

Sharpies Caused Ballots to Be Rejected for Overwhelming GOP Turnout on Election Day

We have a smoking gun now.  An email from Maricopa County Elections Assistant Director Kelly Dixon addresses election workers’ concerns that Sharpies were being provided to voters to mark ballots instead of ballpoint pens.

The email orders election workers to pass out only ballpoint pens from October 23 through November 2, but to pass out only Sharpies on election day.  It says, “We NEED to use Markers on Election Day.”

Read more here.

Rumor that Haspel has been Arrested

Strictly a rumor.  Not from one of my trusted sources.

I mention it only because Steve Pieczenik said soon after the election that Haspel had been arrested and it was never confirmed that I saw.

AG Barr’s Plane Went to Georgia This Morning

Citizen Documents Ballots Being Moved in Rental Trucks

See the flight records here.  After Georgia, the plane went to Virginia.  Barr’s plane also flew to Toronto today.  It’s been flying to Toronto a lot since the election.  Dominion’s headquarters were located in Toronto.

Also this morning, a Georgia citizen who’s joined a group “guarding” facilities where Dominion equipment and absentee ballots are stored, documented that rental trucks took Cisco boxes from the ballot storage facility in Gwinnett to the Gwinnett Justice Center.

Trump Comments on Arizona Hearing

Trump just retweeted: “Gov Ducey has betrayed the people of Arizona” with the comment, “True!”

Steve Pieczenik Comments on the Arizona Hearing

Steve Pieczenik tweets:

All bets are off.  Gitmo bound.  There are lots of traitors. Stick that in your NY Times.

Arizona election fraud tied to same criminals that sex traffic kids.  

Doug Ducey, we know this.

Arizona Hearing Live Blog Produces Shocking Testimony

The Arizona hearing is happening right now.  I’ll be posting highlights here.  I started at the bottom and am adding info to the top of this section.

Exchange between Giuliani and witness:
Giuliani: What is wrong with the Arizona governor?
Witness: I think he’s bought and paid for.
Attendees break out into applause.

GOP official Linda Brickman testified she watched election workers entering votes for Trump, but watched the computer tabulating them as votes for Biden.  She saw that happen numerous times, and talked to other poll watchers who said they had seen the same thing.  So she reported it to an election supervisor and the next day she was reprimanded for reporting it by a higher supervisor.  She was told she was a troublemaker and this was not the kind of thing she should be talking about.

Witness says faxed votes were counted.

Now a call from President Trump.  He thanked everyone.  He says he’s been listening to the hearing and heard amazing things and that he won Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia and won by a lot.  He says the Democrats are trying to steal the election and he is amazed at their arrogance.  Then he launched into trashing Ducey for signing the certification during the hearings exposing the fraud.

Poll watcher witness says signature verification was a joke.  Says she saw scores of ballots where the signatures were just scribbles, nothing at all like the signatures on file.  She protested to an election supervisor and was told not to worry about it, that they were “testing a new signature verification program.”  She said thousands of ballots were brought in for counting already opened, without their envelopes.  They were supposed to be brought in inside their sealed envelopes and opened in the count room.

Now a veteran poll watcher witness is talking about the improper handling of the Sharpiegate ballots and other defective ballots.  They were forced through to be rejected rather than pulled out as required by law to allow the voter to correct the defect.  The defective ballots went into a special drawer and he doesn’t know what happened to them.  He said he personally saw this happen to the votes of at least a few thousand people.  He estimates it happened to at least 100,000 people a day.  I missed the number of days.

More from witness directly above:  Veteran Maricopa County poll watcher says he was the only Republican observer out of approximately 110 observers allowed to watch 55 stations that processed roughly 100,000 votes per day.  He said the election workers behaved in an intimidating manner toward him and other GOP observers.  He is a veteran from during the Cuban missile crisis.

Arizona witness: “Trucks of ballots just kept coming days after the election.”

Witness Bobby Piton at the Arizona hearing today was just suspended from Twitter.  He hadn’t posted anything new today because he was  busy testifying.  He was suspended just for testifying.  You can watch his testimony here.  He is the Wall St data guy who pointed out while AZ population had grown only 40%, supposed numbers of voters had grown by 300%.

Witness testifies about the complete lack of chain of custody.  Things were done off premises without witnesses; Dominion employees took important elements off premises by themselves.  Everybody did whatever they wanted with real and fraudulent votes.  There was no security at all.

New poll observer witness:  Only Dominion employees were allowed to handle the vote tabulation hardware and software in Arizona.  Election observers were blocked from observing what they actually did.

A big Trump rally has been going on all day outside the hearing.

AZ Republican candidate testifies about being threatened and attacked by Antifa on the campaign trail in AZ.

Wall St data expert testifying after Dr. Shiva (didn’t catch his name) says he concurs with Dr. Shiva and believes voter fraud has been going on for much longer than the 2020 election in Arizona.  He says the rate of vote fraud in Arizona has been going up for at least 10 years.  He says there’s been a ridiculous rise in voting participation levels as a percentage of total population.  For example, while the population of Arizona rose by 40%, the number of people voting rose by 300%.  He says he, as a Wall St data analysis guy, would never sign off on the Arizona election result.  He’s a Wall St portfolio manager.

Dr. Shiva says when he posted evidence that the “weighted race” feature of Dominion voting machines was used, the governor of Massachusetts got his tweets removed from Twitter.

Dr. Shiva says the Dominion machines are sold with a “weighted race” feature that should never have been available on any voting machine.  That’s what allowed them to weight Trump votes differently from Biden’s.  Discussion of how the voting machines were supposed to be counting machines, not calculating machines.  Yet clearly they were doing calculations, as evidence by the fractional votes (with total votes calculated out to two decimal places).

Dr. Shiva says a number of state election directors are conspiring to hide evidence of the Dominion vote fraud.  He’s calling it “nefarious,” a conspiracy.  He notes that the Association of State Election Directors is funded by the Murdochs (owners of Fox).  Then he points out state election directors are the ones trusted to certify the machine voting systems, yet they deliberately set up the machines to delete ballot images that would have proven vote fraud.

Now Dr. Shiva Ayyudurai is up.  He’s been analyzing the statistical evidence of vote fraud in multiple states, including Arizona.  Dr. Shiva presents computer model suggesting that in order for the Trump/Biden total vote accumulation to occur in Arizona, using known party affiliation, Biden would need 130% of Democrat registered voter turnout with Trump-Republican turnout of -30%.  He says that what most likely happened was each Biden vote was weighted as 1.3 votes, while Trump votes were weighted as 0.7 votes.

Braynard’s testimony was very powerful.  He got applause and a state legislator thanked him.

Braynard discussed the huge numbers of illegal non-citizen votes in Arizona, says he’s confirmed there were more illegal alien votes in AZ than Biden’s phony margin of victory.  Rudy says, “And yet the governor and secretary of state certified the election results as accurate and lawful.”

Rudy Giuliani just showed 12 separate ballots that contained the exact same handwriting and signature.

Matt Braynard is testifying about all the data he found showing people voted in other peoples’ names in Arizona.  Explains his team actually called everyone who was likely fraudulently voted to confirm they didn’t vote themselves in AZ.  This is 10s of thousands of fraudulent votes in the state.  He says, “AZ is at the forefront of all of the voting anomalies we have found.”  Shows absentee ballots were illegally sent to hundreds of thousands who didn’t request them.

Provisional ballot clerk says the state directed her to allow people to vote who were not registered to vote in AZ and had just moved to the state. Witness says most of the non-registered voters claimed to live in two apartment complexes..  Also says she was not allowed to verify signatures on thousands of duplicate ballots.

A poll worker witness is talking about people who showed up to vote and were told they’d already voted, but insisted they hadn’t.

Benford’s law got brought up regarding voting anomalies.

More on Col. Waldron:  He is a former Air Cavalry Officer [helicopter pilot] who performed reconnaissance & counter-reconnaissance. Later moved into Information Warfare running computer network operations, operations security, electronic warfare, special electronic warfare & more, confirms that he and his team had the opportunity to examine one of the Dominion Voting Machines used in a small Michigan County in THIS YEAR’S election.  His team observed significant changes in the Election Day vote [11/3] vs. the recount vote [11/6] on several down ballot races & propositions.

Colonel Waldron said they fully briefed DHS in August before the election about the vulnerabilities in the system. If DHS wasn’t watching this happen in real time, they were either negligent or complicit.

Army Col. Phil Waldron tells panel that we have no jurisdiction to prosecute election fraud actors outside of our border, which is why much of the vote tampering is being done in other countries.

The data from electronic voting machines is retained on back up servers and must be kept by federal statute for 22 months after a federal election. The machines themselves are not the sole location where the data resides. – Col. Waldron (Seems important for GA as well.)

As the hearing is being held, at the same time as massive evidence of vote fraud is being presented, the Arizona Secretary of State certified the Arizona election results, lol.  However, this does not mean Biden will receive the state’s electoral votes. Certification triggers the right to contest the election, legislators can still send their own electors, and Congress can still object, plus everything I’ve said about the Insurrection Act.

Witness is talking about the fractional vote counts, where the vote results are reported out to two decimal places, which is impossible in an honest vote count.

Poll watcher witness says he was blocked from observing by election officials putting cardboard over the windows while military ballots were counted.

Lots of technical discussion about the reasons a proper audit is needed in AZ and how it would be carried out.

The problem for the fraudsters was the algorithm they employed. It’s subtle, almost undetectable if the votes are close. But if the actual vote is a blowout, it forces the algorithm to add so many fraudulent votes that the vote totals exceed the number of registered voters.

Maricopa County failed to validate 1.9 million signatures on their mail-in ballots.

Computer expert says over 300,000 “ineligible voters,” including felons and illegal aliens, voted in Arizona.

SpiderFoot reconnaissance tool tracked Dominion Voting Systems revealing vulnerabilities, volume-metric traffic & webserver coordinates confirming it was connected to the Internet. Packet traffic was observed from US TO FRANKFURT.  “We have the packets of data.”  Note:  This means Brennan’s boy, CISA head Chris Krebs, lied when he said the election was secure because no voting machines were connected to the Internet.

Every single Democrat candidate started with 35,000 votes in Pima County before counting started.  The algorithm adjusted itself based on voter turnout and uploaded the extra votes in batches of 100 making it harder to detect.

Jenna Ellis explained it was the duty of the state legislature to make sure false results were not certified: “Make sure that the people of Arizona…are not disenfranchised by corruption.”

Rudy proves Dominion was in fact connected to Internet. It’s even talked about in Dominion’s manual.

Rudy put massive pressure on AZ Legislature. Rudy told AZ officials it was worth them losing their careers if needed to fight for rights of Americans. Audience responded wildly.  See below.

Read more…

Start Packing for Gitmo, Coup Plotters Sunday

Trump will Give a Presidential Address to the Nation Before the Electoral College Convenes

Trump and Surrogates Start Prepping the Public for Emergency Measures like Lincoln’s

Biden Turns Himself In?

Abraham Lincoln’s Inauguration, 1861

Sunday Summary:  Today was like a novel.  You will see throughout this post that Trump and his surrogates have now reached the point of making the case to the public for the need of emergency measures like Lincoln’s at the start of the Civil War.  You will also find the first report that Biden has turned himself in.

Trump did an interview with Maria Bartiromo this morning in which he laid out the entire election steal case.  Most of it is a recap of evidence I’ve presented here.  It’s a frustrating interview because Trump lays out all the evidence and points to the failures of the DOJ and FBI and courts and media while dodging every question on what his real response will be.

Poor Bartiromo was tearing her hair out.

At one point, Bartiromo keeps frantically returning to the question of which of his cases he expects will get to SCOTUS and when.  She is completely focused on winning a court case in time.  But no matter how hard she tries, he again dodges answering and instead talks about the ridiculous process for dealing with the election fraud.

It seems to me what he’s doing here is making the case to the people that it’s simply impossible to deal with the most massive election fraud in U.S. history through the courts and legislatures.  They simply refuse to deal with it.  They’re either too corrupt or they lack the guts, either because they actually fear for their lives or because they don’t want to look odd at their country clubs.

Another key thing Trump said is that none of the official deadlines (December 8, December 14, January 6, etc.) are important to him.  He’s not focused on any of them.

Presidential Address

My top source says Trump will give a Presidential Address to the nation before the Electoral College convenes.  This source says Trump’s going to speak to the American people and essentially dare the Deep State to try to remove him from office.

I’ll tell you again what I’ve been telling you over and over:  None of my sources expect the Electoral College to do the right thing either.  None of them except my SCOTUS source expect SCOTUS to do the right thing.  Yet 100% of them say Trump will be inaugurated on January 20.

The source who says Trump plans a Presidential Address is the same source who told me there’d been a shootout during the U.S. Special Forces raid on the ClA election hacking facility where the Scytl servers were seized.  That was confirmed by Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney yesterday.  McInerney said he’d received reports U.S. soldiers were killed in the raid, reportedly five, plus a ClA operative.  Source says both ClA and CCP agents were taken during the raid.

Same source says this ClA election-hacking base had been under surveillance for years.  Also says Raffensperger got $10 million and it’s stashed in an overseas bank in a family member’s name.  Also says those Philly mob members arrested a few days ago were involved in manufacturing fraudulent absentee ballots.

Michael Flynn Jr and the Gunfight at the OK Corral

Do you remember when I posted, the day before Thanksgiving, about Michael Flynn Jr.’s response to a November 24 threat from “Badd Company”?  Flynn Jr. responded with a gif from the movie Tombstone.  It was a clip of Val Kilmer winking just before the gunfight at the OK Corral (Val Kilmer played Doc Holliday, a friend and ally of Wyatt Earp).  See the threat and the gif here.

My source points out the OK Corral is just a few miles down the road from the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion that carried out the election sting and has been feeding info to Sidney Powell.

New from McInerney:  Judiciary, Legislatures, Intel Agencies, DOJ, and FBI People Involved in the Steal

First General Flynn Interview Since Pardon

I posted clips of an interview with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney last night.  He said a lot more in that interview.  You can find the full interview here.

It begins with General Flynn’s first interview since the pardon, in which he says we will overcome this fraud and injustice LEGALLY.  Make of that what you will.  Either SCOTUS is indeed our ace in the hole or he means it’s legal to invoke the Insurrection Act.  Hard to believe Flynn has faith in the courts when Trump just had to pardon him because of a corrupt judge and DC Circuit Court.

McInerney is introduced as Flynn’s “longtime friend.”  McInerney said people throughout the judiciary, legislatures, intelligence agencies, DOJ and FBI were involved in the election steal.  Note that this is also one of the points made by Trump on Bartiromo’s show today.

McInerney again confirmed that the election steal was an act of treason.  He said the evidence from the ClA servers seized in Frankfurt will likely be presented to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He said people will talk because ordinary ballot forgers will not want to be charged with treason.

He also said Trump will be shown to have achieved an overwhelming win in the election.

I’ll report more after I’ve had a chance to listen to the rest of it myself.

Lin Wood Says to Read Up on Color Revolutions and Lincoln’s 1861 Declaration of Martial Law

I’ve been posting for months now that Bat Plague and the Democrats’ Antifa-BLM riots were part of a George Soros color revolution plot.

Now Lin Wood confirms that with a tweet:


1. Learn how color revolution works.

2. Learn about George Soros “reset” & “new world order.”

3. Learn about Bill Gates “depopulation” goal.

4. Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s exercise of power in 1861 to save our country.


Gosh, Why Would Wood Tell You to Look Up Lincoln’s Emergency Measures at the Start of the Civil War?

So now we have Lin Wood not only confirming that the attack on our election was part of a George Soros color revolution plot in which Bill Gates is a conspirator, he’s saying the situation is the same as at the beginning of the Civil War. That’s when Lincoln declared martial law throughout the country and suspended habeas corpus in Maryland and parts of the Midwest.

Lincoln was responding to the arrest of Maryland secessionist John Merryman by Union troops. U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of Maryland, Chief Justice for the Supreme Court’s hideous Dred Scott decision and the John Roberts of his day, had recently issued a writ of habeas corpus demanding that the U.S. military bring Merryman before the Supreme Court for a hearing. Lincoln’s proclamation effectively blocked Justice Taney’s order from being carried out.

Taney put up a fuss, claiming that only Congress could suspend habeas corpus.  Lincoln made his case to Congress and ignored Taney.  Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution allows suspension of habeas corpus “when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it…”

In other words, when Flynn claims the election dispute will be resolved legally, he doesn’t necessarily mean by the legislature or courts.  Don’t count on SCOTUS, people.

Also, I fully expect Trump to suspend habeas corpus for the election steal crowd about to be sent to Gitmo.

New! CCP Whistleblower Says Biden has Turned Himself In New!

Lin Wood Said This was the Day

A few days ago Lin Wood put out a strange tweet about the Lord casting the planets out of their orbits, the moon turning red, and other signs of the Lord’s wrath.  Something like that.  I posted the tweet.

Wood also said a lunar eclipse would arrive tonight and tomorrow, November 29th and 30th.  One of you asked me what it meant and I speculated Wood might have been signalling arrests were coming.

Biden Gets His Ankle Boot

Then, a couple of hours ago, a CCP whistleblower announced Biden had turned himself in.  This was the CCP whistleblower who first broke the story of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, bribes, and other escapades with the CCP.  So this is a proven whistleblower; everything he said was on the laptop was indeed on the laptop.  This whistleblower is also Steve Bannon’s guy.

So this is a report that should be taken seriously.  Reportedly, Biden reached out yesterday.  The CCP whistleblower says Biden went to Mitch McConnell, his Senate colleague for decades, to ask for McConnell’s help in working out a deal with Trump where Biden and his family get pardons for all of their crimes in exchange for conceding now.

Now Biden’s PR people have put out a bullshit story about Biden twisting his ankle while playing with his dog this morning at Great Falls Park.  Then Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino puts out a video of Marine One flying over Great Falls Park.  Marine One is the President’s helicopter. Dan Scovino wasn’t out there for a joyride by himself. Was it a coincidence Trump was flying over Great Falls Park at the same time Biden was twisting his ankle there? Not in this lifetime.

Great Falls Park is located on Dominion Drive in McLean, Virginia.  You know what else is located in McLean, VA?  ClA headquarters.

Guess where Trump and Biden, or their people, met this morning?

That likely means Biden’s getting The Ankle Boot.

It will be the same kind John McCain wore for the final year of his life (he accidentally switched it from one leg to the other one time) and Hillary and Huma and Ellen DeGeneris have been wearing.  The implication is he’s being forced to wear an electronic ankle monitor and arrests have indeed started.

Steve Pieczenik is laughing about it:  “Ankle bracelet too tight?  Concede now!” says the Biden team is not allowing pool reporters to see Biden entering or leaving the doctor’s office.  Repeated requests were denied.

Click photo to enlarge.

Confirmation Mark Zuckerberg Funded Election Fraud

Since the election I’ve posted claims from former State Department/ClA official Steve Pieczenik that Mark Zuckerberg had funded the absentee ballot fraud in a number of states.

Now here’s a lawsuit from the Amistad Project that says Mark Zuckerberg provided $400 million in funds to Democrat-controlled municipalities to run the elections in ways that broke state law.  In other words, Zuck funded the election fraud exactly as Pieczenik claimed.

Zuckerberg gave the money to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which then used it to pay illegal ballot harvesters, pay political activists to illegally cure defective ballots, and consolidate counting centers in urban downtowns “to facilitate the movement of hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots in secrecy without legally required bi-partisan observation.”

Philly vote fraudsters got $10 million from the group.  My sources say (above) that at least part of the money went to paying Philly mobsters to manufacture fraudulent absentee ballots for Biden.  The Amistad Project also says money went to election judges overseeing the election (presumably as bribes).

Accepting funding from a private group to run elections is barred by state and federal law.  Looks like Zuck had better start reaching out to McConnell for a meeting at Great Falls Park.

The Center for Tech and Civic Life is a front for the New Organizing Institute, a leftist nonprofit that funds digital organizing for Democrats.

Protest at the Georgia State Capital Monday

After the Georgia Secretary of State ordered the state’s voting machines wiped in a blatant effort to destroy evidence (see below), coalition groups plan to occupy the state capital tomorrow. That’s Monday, November 30, at noon.

They also plan to protest outside the Secretary of State’s home at 6 pm.

KrakenWood Countdown

Sidney Plays Mind Games on the Cabal

If you think Trump and his lawyers and military sting people aren’t having fun, you aren’t paying attention.  Here is a new mind game Sidney Powell is playing on the election steal traitors.

A few days ago she tagged the website  When you arrived at the site, there was a page that said “Our website is under construction,” with a countdown clock below.  The countdown clock said four days.

Now the countdown clock is at roughly 20 hours.

Just as Lin Wood promised, kracken-wood arrives tomorrow, with the thunder and fury of the Lord.

Read more…

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