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If you're looking for information on the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, you just hit the jackpot, Jack. You've found the ultimate Las Vegas guide to girls peeling off their underthings in public.

Las Vegas Topless Clubs, Nude Clubs and More

There are 16 topless gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas, seven clubs where the girls are on stage fully nude, ten casino shows that feature topless showgirls, bars and nightclubs that feature erotic entertainment, peep shows, swingers' clubs, 10 adults-only topless party pools, and a dozen male revues, including one where the guys dance nude.

We've got strip clubs with such an awesome number of drop-dead gorgeous dancers that the scene rivals the harem of the Sultan of Brunei. We've got strip clubs that offer private VIP rooms where you can close the door and get creative with the dancer of your choice.

We've got high-mileage lap dances, nude bed dances, shower shows, mud and oil wrestling, bikini bull-riding, pretty beaver contests, and Monday night football titty blizzards. We’ve got strip clubs that feature stacked dancers, others that feature big booty, and still others that feature 18-year-olds who can fly around the stripper poles.

We’ve even got high-end legal brothels an hour's drive from Vegas.

As a traveling man, I've been to strip clubs in just about every state in the U.S.—including Alaska and Hawaii—and a lot of other countries as well, and I've never seen another town like this one for strip clubs. The best strip clubs in Las Vegas are some of the best strip clubs in the world.

100% Honest Vegas Strip Club Reviews

At Topless Vegas Online, I cover it all. I give it to you straight and tell you exactly what you can expect. If I like a place, I tell you why. If I don't like a place, I tell you the problem. I list the prices for everything, and whether or not I think they're worth it.

Las Vegas Strip Club Costs, Etiquette, Slang and Local Laws

I also fill you in on how to avoid getting ripped off by the tourist traps, and provide tricks the locals use to have maximum fun at minimum cost. And if you're new to the Vegas strip club scene, you'll find guides to Las Vegas strip club etiquette, tipping advice, slang, and local laws.

How to Get the Most from Topless Vegas Online

If you're not familiar with Vegas strip clubs, start with the articles under "Strip Club Survival Guide" at the left. Once you know whether you're looking for a topless or nude club, or some other adult entertainment, check out the "Best Of's" at the top left.

Once you've narrowed down the clubs or shows that you're most interested in, check out their individual reviews for detailed information, hours, prices, and location. And don't forget to check out the free round-trip limo transport offered by many of the clubs. The clubs give free admission when you arrive at their club by their limo, no strings attached. That can save you $70+ to enjoy the pleasures of the establishment.

Las Vegas Burlesque Festival Starts This Week

Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week, October 8, 9 and 10, the Annual Las Vegas Burlesque Festival will be held at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

Kalani Kokonuts

Kalani Kokonuts, a Regular Performer at the Sapphire Comedy Hour, will be Performing at the Burlesque Festival

Each night at 9 pm there will be showcase performances with up to 20 different acts. Thursday’s Showcase will concentrate on local Las Vegas burlesque performers. Friday’s Showcase will be the big competition, with audience participation in the judging. Saturday’s “Spectacular Showcase” will feature the stars.

If your entire experience with striptease is what’s happening in the gentlemen’s clubs today, you ought to check out the burlesque scene these days. This is the art form from which today’s gentlemen’s clubs evolved.

Old-style burlesque tends to be funnier (on purpose) than modern gentlemen’s club performances, but it’s definitely sexy. The performances are more about a slow striptease out of elaborate costumes, and the great burlesque dancers are masters of timing, eye contact, gesture, and building up erotic suspense en route to getting naked.

Other Festival events include cocktail parties, an “Underground Swap Meet” where you can buy, sell, or trade burlesque memorabilia, a “Burlexercise” class, Burly School, Performers’ Brunch, etc. To view the full schedule, see the list of all showcase performers and purchase tickets, go to the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival website.

TVO’s Dancer of the Month:
Meet Roxi from Little Darlings

little-darlings-vegas-dancer-roxi-2-medbRoxi dances nightly at Little Darlings (club review / club website).

On stage, she has a smile that doesn’t quit and an energy level to go with it. She looks like she’s having an incredible amount of fun getting her audience riled up. She has a playful kittenish quality, like a cheerleader who likes raising hell.

Sit on the rail and tip her and you won’t be disappointed. That sweet little girl look is a pretty good disguise for a dancer who’s as wild and crazy as they come.

She describes herself as “just a nice girl from Indiana.”

I interviewed Roxi immediately after Hew Burney’s photo shoot.

Q: How old are you?

I just turned twenty-one.

Q: How long have you been in Vegas?

I’ve been here almost eight years.

Q: So you moved here with your family?

No, I hitchhiked here all by myself when I was fourteen.

Q: Really?

No, silly! I moved here with my family.

Q: What attracted you to dancing?

I love getting naked and dancing around, and I can come in whenever I want. Oh, and the money!

Q: Do you have any kind of formal dance or gymnastics training?

I’ve been into gymnastics almost my whole life.

Q: What was it like the first time you danced in a strip club?

I didn’t even get naked the first time. I was so nervous!

Q: What’s your favorite kind of music for dancing?

Slow fuck music.

Q: What other jobs have you worked?

Before I started dancing I worked at Hooters and before that I was a carhop at Sonic. My first job was at Long John Silvers.

Q: What do you do on your time off?

I like to explore, just get in my car and go anywhere.

Q: What would you most like your audience to know about you?

I’m not a robot and I actually like doing this. I get into it.

Hew Burney’s photos of Roxi on stage and in one of Little Darlings’s private rooms are below. To see and read about TVO’s other Dancers of the Month, see our Gallery of Las Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month.

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This Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Friday, October 2

Palomino Club – Vegas’ Only Full Nude/Full Bar Strip Club

Palomino Club (club review / club website) is the only strip club in town that serves alcohol and has a fully nude stage show (the best stage show in town). This club is popular with locals, and the out-of-towners who have discovered it keep coming back.

If you haven’t been in the club recently, the new VIP room located upstairs–the Lipstick Lounge–is furnished with comfy booths, each one curtained for privacy. Nude private shows in the Lipstick Lounge start at 3 songs/100 with no extra bar tab or bottle fee.

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Scarlett

Scarlett Dances at Palomino Club
(Photo by Hew Burney)

On weekend nights, you’ll usually see Scarlett, our September Dancer of the Month. Scarlett’s worth the price of admission all by herself.

Palomino’s drinks are the same good value for locals and out-of-towners alike (domestics $8, drafts $6) all night long.

Groups of two or more can get free admission to Palomino (a $30 savings for each member of your party) by calling 1.702.327.7258 for the club’s free limo. Locals who arrive in their own cars are always free, but if you arrive late on a busy night, you may be hit with a tab to cover two drinks up front.

Pro Tip: If you’re a solo guy going to the club, save $20 on the admission charge either by driving yourself or taking a cab to Jerry’s Nugget casino and then walking across the street to Palomino.

If you take a cab to Palomino, the cabbie will hit the club with a high head fee and you’ll have to pay the full $30 cover. If you drive yourself or walk over from Jerry’s Nugget, you’ll only pay $10.

While you’re at Jerry’s, get a piece of pie at the best diner-style coffee shop in town.

Note: This club gets packed on the weekends, so arrange for limo pick-up by 10-10:30 pm–or buy a package at the club website–to make sure both a limo and a good table will be available.

Last Two Days for “Showgirls the Musical”

“Showgirls the Musical” (show review) is performing its last shows on Friday and Saturday this weekend at the Onyx Theatre. The show starts at 8 pm and general admission is $20. VIP admission (sitting in the front two rows) is $25.

The show is a parody of the critically-panned 1995 film that starred Elizabeth Berkeley as a Vegas stripper/showgirl. This is the unauthorized musical version. It’s a funny, sexy show that amounts to a party for fans of the cult film. You’ll have fun and Kady Heard (who gets topless in the lead role) is a joy to watch.

The acoustics in the theater are not ideal. Either get the $25 ticket or get there early to grab one of the general admission seats as close to the stage as you can, so you can hear the jokes and the revised lyrics to the Prince songs they mock.

The Onyx Theatre is located at: 953-16B E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, 702.732.7225  (It’s inside a strip mall on Sahara a few blocks east of the Strip.) Click for Tickets.

Saturday, October 3

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club – A Babe Bacchanal

Addison Is a Sapphire Gem

Addison Is a Sapphire Gem

With 400+ topless dancers, Sapphire (club review / club website) is a lap dance aficionado’s paradise. If you’ve never been in the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club, and especially if you’re a fan of large breasts, both real and enhanced, do yourself a favor and see this place before you leave town.

Sapphire’s package deals (buy online) are good deals. You get a break on the drink prices, plus free limo transport and admission, and also a line pass and a reserved VIP table. At this club, if you don’t have a reserved table, you may not get a table–or any other seat–at all (and it’s hard to get a lap dance if you can’t get a seat). So go take a look at their deals and decide.

If you’re alone, the VIP60 package gets you a reserved table and provides twice the bang for your buck (see my $ analysis in the club review –link above), all expenses considered.

Call 1.702.869.0003 to reserve the club limo. Sapphire will waive the $15 reservations fee if you purchase a 2-for-1 drink ticket–a no brainer.

Sapphire Comedy Hour – Every Saturday Night at 8 PM

The Sapphire Comedy Hour starts promptly at 8 pm. There’s a separate $20 admission, but compared to most of the comedy shows in casino showrooms–where prices range from $50-$100–this is a cheap date. This is a couples-friendly show, so if you’re on a date, you can also order dinner (gourmet Mexican–organic, non-GMO–from the El Dorado Cantina) before or during the show (Showroom doors open at 7 pm).

Top working comics (Jeremy Flores and Paul Brumbaugh tonight), hosted by Phil Peredo, plus a burlesque dancer (Kalani Kokonuts) and a magician (Mon Dre–an illusionist in the style of Lance Burton) make this show a great way to start the evening. Call 1.702.869.0003 for the club limo–the $15 reservations fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon.

After the comedy show (around 9:30), you walk right into Sapphire (the gentlemen’s club) for no extra charge. The Saturday night dancers will be swarming the aisles.

UFC 192 Viewing Parties in the Strip Clubs

Three Vegas strip clubs will be screening the pay-per-view UFC 192 fights. Deja Vu Showgirls (club review / club website), Crazy Horse III (club review), and Hustler Club (club review) generally screen all UFC events and serve complimentary pizza.

HempFest After Party at Hustler

Tommy Chong, who is hosting the Las Vegas HempFest on Saturday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be moving his act to Hustler Club (club review) in the evening for the HempFest After Party. Be there or be square.

Live Burlesque in Las Vegas Presents Showghouls!

Vi Vacious

Vi Vacious

This month the all new Live Burlesque in Las Vegas (show review) features SHOWGHOULS, with LaRosa Muerta, Vi Vacious, Kitschy Koo, Aya Fontaine, Lily Starr, Molly Boom Boom, stage maid Chastity Badcock, Sweetie Bird from Brazil, plus a special guest male performer from a Las Vegas Strip male review.

The doors open at 8:45 pm, show at 9:00 in the Boom-Boom Room, inside Boomer’s Bar, 3200 W Sirius, Las Vegas, 21+ only.  The room gets packed, so get there early for a good seat.

Sunday, October 4

Mob Dinner Club at Hustler

This weekly event takes place in the Fuso Lounge, upstairs at the Hustler Club (club review).

Sal Polisi, one-time mobster, tells personal stories during a 5-hr dinner experience.  Sal also performs a one-man play depicting his life inside the 1970s New York mob, with characters such as John Gotti, Tommy DeSimone, Jimmy Burke, and Foxy Jerothe.

A buffet-style pasta dinner is included with NY cheesecake for dessert.

Tickets are $58.74 for “soldiers,” and $132.87 for “capos.” A capo ticket gets you private access to Sal, a personal QA sessions, cigar time and green room access before and after the show.

For full details and to purchase tickets, go to

Bikini Bull-Riding at Gilley’s

If you like cheap beer, shit-kickin’ country music, and girls in their underwear, Sunday night is always fun at Gilley’s (inside Treasure Island). The 11 pm Bikini Bull-Riding contest is actually pretty sexy–amateurs, mostly in their skivvies, trying to stay on that mechanical bull to win money. No cover charge. You must be 21+.

See “VarieTease” Tonight (Wednesday) at House of Blues FREE

suicide-sirens8Topless Vegas readers can get FREE entry (tonight only) at House of Blues (in Mandalay Bay Casino) to see the Suicide Sirens in their new “VarieTease” show.

The show starts at 9 pm. Doors open at 8 pm.  To claim your free seats, go early and tell the House of Blues box office cashier “Topless Vegas sent me.”

The Suicide Sirens are the best neo-burlesque troupe in Vegas–hot dancers in g-strings who know all the old burlesque moves in addition to all the modern dirty dancing moves that we see in gentlemen’s clubs today, plus sword swallowing, snake charming, fire breathing, erotic circus acts, and more.

I’ll be there tonight for sure. They’re the only burlesque show likely to satisfy a strip club aficionado. They take sexy and fun to a new level.

MCd by Miss Karla Joy with stage kitten Kitschy Koo, the performers include Tali De’Mar, Chelsea La Vone, Valerie Stunning,  Jenevieve Zanasiotes, Audrey Deluxe, Penny Poison, and Miz Charlamay.

I reviewed the Sirens performance at Brooklyn Bowl in May (review here). I reviewed their show last year at Backstreet Bar & Billiards here.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club Gets a New Address

sammy-davis-jr-drive2Almost two miles of South Industrial Road in Las Vegas have been renamed Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. The name change party for the unveiling of the new street sign (at right) was sponsored by Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club along with the Clark County commissioners and the Sammy Davis Jr. family.

The new street signs will be in place from Sahara Avenue to the intersection of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Drive behind the Mirage Hotel and Casino. The standing gentleman in the gray coat, sixth from the right, is Peter Feinstein, the owner of Sapphire.

Up until today, Sapphire was located on South Industrial Road. The new address is a much better fit for Las Vegas’s largest and glitziest strip club (Sapphire review / Sapphire website).

I searched this afternoon on Mapquest for Sammy Davis Jr Drive in Las Vegas and Mapquest couldn’t find it. Until Mapquest fixes that, we’ll continuing using Industrial Road in our club listings.

Google Maps, however, already recognizes the new street name. [Thanks to Shai Cohen for posting about this on Facebook.]