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A Better Way to Choose a Vegas Strip Club


If you're looking for information on the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, you just hit the jackpot, Jack. You've found the ultimate Las Vegas guide to girls peeling off their underthings in public.

Las Vegas Topless Clubs, Nude Clubs and More

There are 16 topless gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas, seven clubs where the girls are on stage fully nude, ten casino shows that feature topless showgirls, bars and nightclubs that feature erotic entertainment, peep shows, swingers' clubs, 10 adults-only topless party pools, and a dozen male revues, including one where the guys dance nude.

We've got strip clubs with such an awesome number of drop-dead gorgeous dancers that the scene rivals the harem of the Sultan of Brunei. We've got strip clubs that offer private VIP rooms where you can close the door and get creative with the dancer of your choice.

We've got high-mileage lap dances, nude bed dances, shower shows, mud and oil wrestling, bikini bull-riding, pretty beaver contests, and Monday night football titty blizzards. We’ve got strip clubs that feature stacked dancers, others that feature big booty, and still others that feature 18-year-olds who can fly around the stripper poles.

We’ve even got high-end legal brothels an hour's drive from Vegas.

As a traveling man, I've been to strip clubs in just about every state in the U.S.—including Alaska and Hawaii—and a lot of other countries as well, and I've never seen another town like this one for strip clubs. The best strip clubs in Las Vegas are some of the best strip clubs in the world.

100% Honest Vegas Strip Club Reviews

At Topless Vegas Online, I cover it all. I give it to you straight and tell you exactly what you can expect. If I like a place, I tell you why. If I don't like a place, I tell you the problem. I list the prices for everything, and whether or not I think they're worth it.

Las Vegas Strip Club Costs, Etiquette, Slang and Local Laws

I also fill you in on how to avoid getting ripped off by the tourist traps, and provide tricks the locals use to have maximum fun at minimum cost. And if you're new to the Vegas strip club scene, you'll find guides to Las Vegas strip club etiquette, tipping advice, slang, and local laws.

How to Get the Most from Topless Vegas Online

If you're not familiar with Vegas strip clubs, start with the articles under "Strip Club Survival Guide" at the left. Once you know whether you're looking for a topless or nude club, or some other adult entertainment, check out the "Best Of's" at the top left.

Once you've narrowed down the clubs or shows that you're most interested in, check out their individual reviews for detailed information, hours, prices, and location. And don't forget to check out the free round-trip limo transport offered by many of the clubs. The clubs give free admission when you arrive at their club by their limo, no strings attached. That can save you $70+ to enjoy the pleasures of the establishment.

Let TVO Be Your Strip Club Caddy – PGA Tour Guide to “Our Clubs”

Click here to link to the Palomino Club

Shriner’s Open in Vegas: Strip Club Tips for Players & Fans

The PGA Tour’s Shriners Children’s Open is being played in Las Vegas, at the TPC Summerlin. The tournament starts at the Thursday, 6th of October and ends at the Sunday,  9th of October.
It’s great to have thousands of affluent sports fans in town yet again. With NASCAR coming the following week, Raiders games, the Golden Knights NHL season starting, the PBR and National Rodeo Finals … Las Vegas will be amped up with guys with cash!

In the spirit of golf pros like Paige Spiranac, TVO has compiled a set of tips that touring pros, caddies, PGA officials and golf fans can use to maximize their pleasure in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is open for business, we want your cash and we’re looking to see you in your brightest golf colors.

WARNING: Don’t Be Robert Allenby

PGA Golfer’s Story Challenged After Running $3,400 Strip Club Tab

Robert Allenby

On the night after missing the cut at the PGA Tour’s Sony Open in 2105, Australian golfer Robert Allenby claimed that he was drugged, robbed, beaten, thrown into the trunk of a car and dumped off at a park in Honolulu. However, new evidence reveals that Allenby’s narrative of the violent episode may not have actually happened.

The New York Post reported that Golf Channel investigated the January incident by retracing Allenby’s activities and interviewing multiple witnesses. According to their investigation, the PGA professional, along with “a group of friends,” dropped $3,400 at Club Femme Nu, a strip club.

Allenby was later found at the park by several homeless people, one of whom alleges that he saw an inebriated Allenby stumbling and then falling, landing face-first on a lava rock. Toa Kaili said that he earlier observed Allenby passed out at a nearby footpath.

When Allenby came to, according to Kaili, he acted perturbed and accused Kaili and his friend Chris Khamis of stealing his phone and wallet. The Australian showing no appreciation for the Hawaiian’s good Samaritan efforts angered Kaili, so he walked away.

Khamis said that Allenby told him he was down about not making the cut at the Sony. But, according to Khamis, that didn’t keep Allenby from repeatedly  shouting that he was a millionaire while waving his platinum credit card in the air.


Vegas Strip Club Tips for Players & Fans


Pro Tip 1: Vegas Strip Clubs Come Alive Late at Night

Most Vegas strip clubs don’t really get going until after 11 pm. If you’re used to strip clubs in towns

Laycee Steele

where they roll up the sidewalks and stop selling booze at 2 am, that ain’t Vegas. We’ve got legal drinking 24/7 here, and most of the strip clubs don’t even get much of a crowd before 11 pm. While your city is closing down, ours is ramping up! At 2 am the best strip clubs are likely to be packed.

Start with a great meal at one of the clubs featuring a high quality kitchen, like Treasures. Lay down a good base before getting crazy in one of our clubs.

This is a town that likes to party late.

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the roosters in the yards behind the Peppermint Hippo crowing at the sunrise. If you’re walking without help, and enjoying the sound of the yardbirds … it’s going to be a great day in the desert.

Daytime Strip Club Action in Vegas

If you’re looking for the best strip club to visit in the afternoon, or you don’t have tickets to the golf, Peppermint Hippo and Crazy Horse III (club review) are open 24/7.

During the afternoon can have your own personal viewing party with their sexy dancers.


Pro Tip 2: Do Not Take a Cab to a Vegas Strip Club

All of the major Vegas strip clubs offer free limo service to the club from your hotel, and many of them provide free return transport as well. And all of the clubs that provide free limo service will give you free admission if you take the club limo instead of a cab. (For complete info, see Las Vegas Strip Club Free Limo Service. Phone numbers for free limo service are also provided below.)

Take a FREE Tesla to Sapphire’s!

Here’s the deal: The cabbies right now are getting $50 to $75+ a head from the strip clubs for dropping off customers, so the strip clubs charge at least a $33 admission fee to anyone who shows up in a cab. Take this seriously! Las Vegas once had what was called the Taxi Wars over rides to clubs.


If you take the club limos, you will not be charged that entry fee!

Plus, if you take the free club limo, you can drink as much as you want at a club without having to worry about DUI problems, and you don’t have to worry about a cabbie steering you to a rip-off joint that happens to be paying the highest bribe that night.

Pro Tip 3: You Can Forget About “No Touch” Laws in Vegas

Dancer at Palomino Club Las Vegas

Faith Dances at Palomino Club

The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that physical contact between strip club dancers and customers is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  That means you are allowed to use your hands during lap dances, providing the dancer allows it.

Be gentle and generous and you can have a lot of fun in our strip clubs.

For the Vegas strip clubs where the dancers are most likely to allow wandering hands, see Where to Get High Mileage in Vegas.

Pro Tip 4: Buy Your Weed Legally in Vegas

TVO provides a handy guide to the best dispensaries in southern Nevada. Click here for “Arnold’s Snyder’s Picks” in the valley.

If you’re going to be at the TPC for golf, you might as well enjoy the day more with some local THC.

I recommend one of the Sanctuary’s Vegas locations. The popular dispensary places a significant emphasis on educating its patients about medical marijuana and its benefits.

Sanctuary’s downtown location is located at 1324 3rd St. Las Vegas, Nev. 89104, and is open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The North Las Vegas location is located at 2113 Las Vegas Blvd N. North Las Vegas, Nev 89030, and is conveniently open 24/7.

Pro Tip 5: Hit the Best Club on the Best Night – A Vegas Strip Club Tour

If I was going to be in Vegas from out of town this weekend, this would be my “Hottest Clubs” weekend in Vegas  tour route:

Friday, October 7th

Best Gourmet Steakhouse is at Treasures

Treasures’ free round-trip limo is available from 8 pm.  The gourmet steakhouse opens at 8 pm as well.  This is a classic Vegas gourmet steakhouse like the one at Caesars, with all the great steaks grilled to perfection, from a 28 oz filet or sirloin, to a prime Delmonico or Porterhouse.  You can also get grilled salmon filet, Chilean sea bass or twin lobster tails.  You can find a review of The Steakhouse and the menu here.

Select a girl from the club and

100% Prime Beef at Treasures

invite her to dinner for the ultimate girlfriend experience.  She will dress up for your date, flirt with you over your meal and cocktails, then lead you upstairs to the VIP where you can undress her for dessert.

Palomino Club

If you want booze, plus you want nude dancers, then Palomino Club (club review / club website) is your

Elektra Rain Dances at Palomino Club

best option.

The stage show at Palomino Club is so good that I recommend it as the best erotic stage show in Las Vegas.  Think erotic acrobatics and pole dancing with multiple dancers on stage on multiple poles, girl-on-girl shows and Las Vegas’ hottest striptease.  Palomino Club is the place to go if you want to see dancers who can truly dance.

At Palomino you will see one knockout dancer after another on stage, beautiful women who can spin around upside down on poles naked and deliver high-mileage lap dances and private shows when they’re not on stage.

The nighttime beer prices here are among the lowest of the Vegas strip clubs. Call 1.702.327.7258 for the club’s free limo (and free entry).



Saturday, Mar 7


Prada, Sapphire dancer

No matter how many times I’ve gone into Sapphire in the two decades or so since it opened, I’m always amazed at the sheer number of gorgeous babes with big boobs walking the floor in platform heels and skimpy lingerie. If a selection of 300-400 slender, busty, beautiful dancers available for high mileage lap dances is enticing to you, buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

Sapphire markets itself as the “World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club,” and it may well be.  It’s definitely the world’s most over-the-top strip club party.  The main showroom is 10,000 square feet, and that doesn’t count the gourmet Mexican restaurant or the smaller showroom where the Monday Night Football and comedy shows are held.

Sapphire has a preferred type, and if you like big tits, you’ll be a happy man here.  Most of the dancers are on the high end of the spectrum for both beauty and body; calling them 9s and 10s doesn’t cut it, as at least half of them are 11s. Even when there’s a big crowd, there are plenty of dancers working the crowd.

The lap dances on the main floor are probably the highest-contact in Vegas. The Sapphire dancers  work the crowd relentlessly when they’re not on stage, but if you turn down a dancer, she’ll move on to the next guy gracefully.  If you’re the shy type who doesn’t know how to approach dancers, you don’t have to worry about that here. Just sit anywhere by yourself and you’ll be approached over and over again by knockout babes looking for a comfy lap to dance in.

Sunday Night, October 9th

The Shriner’s Open ends at about 3pm. That gives you time to grab a shower, catch up on the early NFL games, and head back to Palomino for the best Sunday Night Football party in town. If you’re like me, you are tired of some old fart in golf shorts telling you to ‘be quiet, Stuart Cink is putting!” Fuck that!

Blow of some steam at the club readers have named the Hottest Club in Las Vegas. Join Palomino for free food, drink specials, prizes and more. This Sunday’s matchup has Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. Las Vegas’ Rock Station KOMP 92.3 FM is hosting  …. and the “Taco Guy” is back!

Palomino opens early on Sundays, 5pm. Join them for a one-of-a-kind football experience.

On the other hand, if you’ve still got some money to blow, all of the above clubs are open every night, and Sunday’s just another night in Vegas.



Bonus: Hottest Clubs, Highest Mileage Clubs, Escorts Guide, Best Brothels, Massage Parlors ….  and TVO recommended Escorts Source


The End

The End


Click here for Palomino website


Click Here for Treasures website


Click to go to Sapphire website

Sapphire’s $10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout package


Sapphire’s $10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout package

Sapphire Las Vegas, the world’s largest gentlemen’s club is launching a $10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout package!

Click to link to Sapphire

The $10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout package is a special birthday edition of its legendary party packages featuring a cake presentation, magnum champagne, a Sapphire-branded money gun loaded up with dance dollars, and VIP seating in Sapphire’s infamous Rockstar Lounge – with a clear glass top view of hundreds of entertainers dancing above.


Eat (cake), rage, repeat! … at Sapphire


Sapphire’s new package allows guests celebrating their birthday in Vegas to experience true ‘rockstar’ status for their big day. The birthday guest of honor, and up to 14 guests, will be picked up in style in a Sapphire limo and greeted with their personal photographer upon arrival before walking the red carpet and commencing their unforgettable birthday evening.

The birthday entourage will be transported into Sapphire’s legendary Rockstar Lounge and presented with premium bottle service, dance dollars pre-loaded in a Sapphire money gun, while the DJ shouts out the birthday guest and entertainers pop out of a life-size cake.

Guests who pre-book the experience can feature their famed birthday friend on Sapphire’s 12 digital billboards around Las Vegas!

Available for $10,000 (plus tax & gratuity), the Birthday Blowout party package includes:

$10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout – $10,000 (up to 15 guests) (Click Here)

*12 Digital Billboards with Birthday Guest

*Rockstar Lounge for Birthday guest and their entourage

*$2K Entertainment Voucher (option to present in Sapphire-branded money gun)

*Birthday Shots for the party

*Video promotion on Sapphire Marquee and Social Media Promotion on @SapphireLV

*DJ Shoutout and Cake Presentation with entertainer

*Magnum bottle of champagne

*2 premium bottles w/ Red Bull & Mixers

*Personal photographer for the evening

*15 GA Entry Passes to the Sapphire Big Game Sunday Party

*Sapphire stadium bling ring & Sapphire Swag Bag


Thalia Paris at Sapphire Las Vegas

On Friday, October 7th, Instagram starlette and DJ Tahlia Paris will inaugurate the $10K Rockstar Birthday Blowout for her October birthday.


Tahlia Paris on Instagram: “Friday October 7th I’ll be at @sapphirelv702 from 12-2AM celebrating my BIRTHDAY. Everyone is welcome ❤️‍🔥 Join& take some shots with me! 🎉…”


All package options include no cover, complimentary transportation, and front of line admission. To book your reservation, please visit or call 702-869-0003.

Sapphire, located at 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. in Las Vegas, has 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment.


Click here to link to Sapphires


Weekend in Vegas Clubs – Sept 30 to Oct 2


Click here to link to the Palomino Club

This Weekend in Vegas  – Sept 3o to Oct 2

The Library Club

Big News – Full Bar!

♦  The Library is open 7 days a week from “7 pm till close.”

Big announcement as of Sept 29th! … Booze!

Welcome The Library Club back to the world of drinking this weekend!

Time for TVO to check them out again!

The Library Club features Hookah that is 100% digital! No smoke, no nicotine … just flavor.






Little Darlings

 Little Darlings … this weekend, adult film star Caitlin Bell

Little D’s features fully nude dancers and you only have to be 18+ to gain entry. Because there’s no alcohol served, the dancers also have to be 18+.

Sundays, check out features French Maid Sundays!

The club is open every day from 11 am till 6 am, except Sunday from 6 pm till 4 am.

Call the club at 702-366-1141 for reservations, limo, or more info. Hookah packages are available.

Explore their wild drink menu … ask for the “Blue Balls”

Nude, no alcohol, 18+




Sapphire is the Biggest Strip Club in the USA!

Monday Night Football @ Sapphire LV: Rams at 49ers

More Details and Reservations HERE for Sapphire Las Vegas Monday Night Football 





Hundreds of beautiful dancers and their Skyboxes are arguably the plushest VIP rooms anywhere.

Call 702-869-0003 for reservations, complimentary limo pickup, more info, etc.

Click here for Sapphire’s website.

Topless, full bar, 21+

Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of Sapphire’s here

Where is Sapphire on the “Hot List”?


Click here to link to Sapphires




Treasures Weekend Ad

 Treasures Las Vegas – Beautiful Women & The Steakhouse

Treasures is the only gentlemen’s club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse. The Steakhouse is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pm to midnight. The Steakhouse at Treasures always serves 100% US Prime beef, Australian cold-water lobster tails, fresh seafood and has a well curated wine list. The service and ambience are unmatched! The Steakhouse is the best place to start a memorable evening if you’re a bachelor party, business group or a couple out for a sexy night on the town.

Best of Vegas – The Steakhouse

Read the NEW TVO Review of The Steakhouse (click)

Read the New TVO Review of the Late Night Menu (click)


Here’s the plan: Meet a few beautiful women in the club. Enjoy their charm and gorgeous bodies. Select your favorites girl (or girls) for an elegant and romantic dinner, and then finish by having her for dessert in the upstairs VIP. Local couples enjoy the luxurious decor, fine food and remarkable service. Make The Steakhouse part of your trip to Las Vegas.




Does your restaurant crowd look like this? Eat here!

The Steakhouse has dinner companions for you!


The Best Bachelor Parties start with a steak dinner!

Treasures will provide complimentary limo service and free admission if you simply call and ask.

The club stays open till 5 am, except Friday and Saturday nights when they stay open till 7 am. Check out their package deals here.  Or call: (702) 257-3030.

Topless, full bar, 21+

Where is Treasures on the “Hot List”?

Click Ad to link to club






Palomino Club — Full Nude Dancers … Full Bar!

NFL Sunday Night Football – Chiefs at the Buccaneers

Maui … at the Palomino Club

  Palomino Club is a nude party in the desert!  They have among the lowest drink prices of all the major Vegas strip clubs — and out-of-staters get the same prices as locals. Palomino is the only Vegas strip club with a full bar and fully nude dancers, both on stage and in the private VIP shows.

That’s why Palomino gets the highest rating in the TVO “Most Erotic Club Poll”

So, if you’re a drinker and you believe dancers should ditch their G-strings when you’re partying, this is the place. We think it’s the best value in the Valley. It’s always a friendly, relaxing, sexy party at Palomino’s.

Read about the Palomino “Record VIP Session” … 5 Hours!

Nude Dancers, great booze, cold beer and NFL Football!

Palomino Hosts NFL Sunday Night Football – 5pm

Las Vegas’ Rock Station KOMP 92.3 FM is hosting  …. and the “Taco Guy” is back!

Palomino opens early on Sundays, 5pm. Join them for a one-of-a-kind football experience.

Sunday Night Football Details here



Great Packages at Palomino

You’ll find Palomino’s package deals here, or call the club at 702-642-2984 for reservations, transportation, or more info.

10% Discount if you pre-pay your party reservations! Couples comfortably enjoy the spectacular stage shows and private dances.

Nude, full bar, 21+

Guys… the story here is the dancers. Like no place else in town!

Where is Palomino on the “Hot List”?


Click here to link to Palomino deals!



Peppermint Hippo – Open 24/7


The Peppermint Hippo AFTERHOURS parties on Friday and Saturday ‘Nights.’ Starting at 3am featured Top DJ every weekend.


Peppermint Hippo is Open 24 hours/ 7 days a week

This clubs rocks until the sun comes up; and never stops. Check out their luxurious OG Room

Satisfy your hunger at Peppermint Hippo


Great drinks in a premium lounge … hidden behind their glass liquor “case.” A must see! loves the Hippo’s Day Shift specials … rock the days at Peppermint Hippo! Especially if Rocket, Nicole or Emily are tending bar.


Get an inside look at a VIP Suite experience:

Great drink specials all night and all morning! $200 Bottle service after 3am at the Afterhours Party. VIP Packages with transportation start at $40. See their VIP deals here

Call (702) 473-9977.   For the Peppermint Hippo click here.

21+ Full Bar



Minks in Henderson

♦  Every Thursday night, Minks features “Beat the Clock Thursday” which means that all drinks & drafts from 8-9 pm are just $1; 9-10 pm $2; 10-11 pm $3; and 11-12 pm $4. Call (702) 435-7545 for more info. Hookah lounge. The only club in Las Vegas with a pool table!

Gameday Kitchen Specials- Best deals in Vegas

  • $1 Beers
  • $1 Wings
  • $5 Off Philly’s

Free Admission for Las Vegas locals.

Free limo available if you purchase bottle service.

Monday Special!  Great deal on a VIP dance…

Topless, full bar, 21+





Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club — Happy 12th Anniversary 

TVO salutes Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas! The mega-club is celebrating being a staple in Las Vegas’ adult nightlife scene for over 12 years with a month’s worth of anniversary festivities. During the entire month of September, patrons can expect weekly adult star feature performances, anniversary-themed decor and photo ops, as well as guest DJ performances nightly. Guest acts will include:

  • Karma RX (2.4 million Instagram followers) Sept. 29 – Oct. 1

Aside from the club’s feature entertainers, guests are invited to enjoy the newly launched Exxcite The Show by Jennifer Romas which takes place Thursday through Saturday at 9:30 p.m. Pop-up go-go acts, over-the-top bottle service presentations and a live set by DJ Cammi will keep the party going well into the night. Kings of Hustler takes place on the rooftop Friday through Sunday at 9 p.m., and Terrace Afterhours takes place Friday and Saturday at 2 a.m. and rolls into the wee hours of the morning. Food and hookah are available 24/7 courtesy of Terrace Mediterranean.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas is hosting a weekly topless tailgate located steps away from the stadium. Every Monday, Thursday and Sunday, guests will enjoy free parking, open bar during the game and a complimentary shuttle service to and from the stadium with paid admission.

Fans can also expect a hot dog cart, food for purchase from Terrace Mediterranean, specialty football-themed cocktails from Glacier 45, 35+ high-definition screens, 100’s of beautiful Hustler Honeys and $1,000’s in giveaways including a 75” TV, PlayStation 5, deep fryer, mini fridge, gift cards, jerseys and home game premium tickets with access to the owner’s box.

Check out Hustler’s party package deals here, or call the club for reservations or free transport at (702) 795-3131.

Topless, full bar, 21+



Crazy Horse 3 – Open 24/7

Crazy Horse III is committed to sports viewing on all of their TVs. The club with more than 50 HD screens is has early openings for full enjoyment of MLB, NASCAR racing, boxing, UFC and more!

Watch the Raider Here – Party near Allegiant Stadium

Black & Silver Watch Party

See CH3’s package deals here or call 702-673-1700 for the free club limo or more info.

Watch a very sexy Crazy Horse 3 video here.

Crazy Horse III is the only strip club in Vegas that accepts Bitcoin for all goods and services, including VIP packages and even lap dances.

Plus, if you purchase a VIP package online, you’ll get up to a 30% discount. loves the Crazy Horse III cheese pizza and street tacos. Share it with your favorite dancer!


Topless, full bar, 21+



Spearmint Rhino

♦  Spearmint Rhino says they has been playing on a different level since 1999!

One of Las Vegas’ most opulent clubs, Spearmint Rhino doesn’t change their weekly deals … but they sure produce hot Pictures to use!This weekend Spearmint Rhino is sticking to a fundamental strategy … good drinks and a ‘shit-ton of pretty girls.’ See how that works out for you.Watch a brief video of their beautiful dancers here.  You won’t get this tune out of your head!

Watch this sexy Spearmint Rhino video!

For reservations, complimentary limo transport or more info, call (702) 796-3600.


Topless, full bar, 21+






Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club

Opened for business on August 12, 2022. Welcome to Las Vegas!

Euphoric is managed by Las Vegas veteran Danny Calderin.

Auditions are Wednesday evenings 11pm – 1am. $2 Casa Amigo shots during auditions.   Audition viewing open to the public!

Victory Lap Sundays: Wear a Raiders Jersey for FREE ENTRY on Sunday Nights … $5 Cocktails-$2 Beer – Hibachi Food Truck

6370 Windy Road (Town Square area – South of Mandalay Bay)


10pm-6am – 7 days a week

Locals always free



El Infierno Cabaret

♦  EInfierno Cabaret, Las Vegas’ newest Latin-inspired erotic nightlife destination.

New …. 2 for 1 beer during televised soccer matches!

EInfierno Cabaret, translated to hell in Spanish. It’s a multi-tiered entertainment facility located on the corner of Arville St. and Tropicana Ave. The club features an impressive lineup of local DJ’s spinning a variety of music nightly including salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and bachata.

Toxic Reggaeton is red hot. Experience it at El Infierno!

Call (702)330-0640

Topless, full bar,21+




Deja Vu

Weekend at Deja Vu is full of sizzling girls and great bottle deals.

Every Sunday Deja Vu Showgirls features   select bottles for just $99.

Deja Vu is open from 6 pm till 4 am.

Call (702) 894-4167 for the club’s free limo.


Topless, full bar, 21+




Centerfolds Cabaret

Centerfolds Cabaret features Touch of Burlesque Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.  (Shows are all week) Hookah also available all night long. Winner of Best of Vegas.

Locals get half priced drinks always!

Dionne and Deana are two of the best bartenders in Las Vegas!

See the TVO REVIEW of a Touch of Burlesque. 

The show is a great date night!

Call Centerfolds Cabaret at (702) 767-8757 for free limo, reservations, more info, etc.

Topless, full bar, 21+ 




Scores Las Vegas

 Scores is offering FREE CIGARS with Scotch, whisky and Cognac bottle packages!


Scores recently expanded … check out the new 2-story pole dancing! Scores is open from 8 pm – 7 am daily.

The boss, Leo, is turning this club into a real contender in the Vegas strip club scene. Hookah available.

TVO loved Scores outdoor patio with a spectacular view of the “Strip”!

Too many new and exciting shows to detail. Check out the latest…

Topless, full bar, 21+ 


Watch this sexy SCORES video


For free limo ride and free admission, call: (702) 916-1499. Topless, full bar, 21+





 Sophia’s, with a new and improved late night food menu and local discounts. Elote Fries seem like a hangover killer!

Sophia’s has some of the best VIP rooms and packages in town.

Sophia’s is open 7 nights a week with a very upscale experience.

Read TVO’s story about Sophia’s House Mother.

Find out why some of the best dancers in town call Sophia’s home!

Music by DJ Needles.

Hookah and limo rides are available.

Opens at 8pm.

Call them for a Free Limo ride to the club at 702-982-6777.

Topless, full bar, 21+




Floyd Mayweathers’s Girl Collection

This is a great weekend to check out Floyd Mayweather’s new Girl CollectionGirl Collection open on weekends. Best hip-hop DJ’s in Las Vegas. Valet parking is $40 with a $50 admission charge.

Blac Chyna in Lingerie

Blac Chyna

All of the dancers here have been hand-picked by Floyd himself, who likes beautiful women with lots of curves. Floyd’s place is the wildest hip-hop party in town. Private-room dances start at $150 for 10 minutes—a deal for a club of this caliber.

Ladies welcome, with or without a male companion. Great food menu if you’re hungry.

Call for reservations and more info at 702-410-9999 or 1- (844) 447-5758.

Topless, full bar, 21+





Other Vegas Strip Clubs

♦  Diamond Cabaret Diamond Cabaret Call (702)463.4127 for more info. 18+ No alcohol.

 Talk of the Town. The club is open every day from 4 pm till 2 am. Call the club at (702) 385-1800 for more info. Don’t bother asking for a free limo ride, as this place has no limos. Nude, no alcohol, 18+

Play It Again Sam’s (Video Poker), Chicas Bonitas and Club Platinum (Video Poker) are all open and are local favorites!


Click here to link to the Palomino Club


Click Here for Treasures website


The End