10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Strip Club

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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Strip Club

1.Bringing Your Wife Who Doesn’t Want to Be There

It’s the saddest thing to see in the strip club: the reluctant woman. She won’t make eye contact with the dancers, has her arms crossed, and is clearly uncomfortable in the club. Only bring a date if she’s been to strip clubs before or if she suggests it. Do you really want to be the one she associates with her first (only) traumatic visit? None of the strippers will talk to you and you’ll have a terrible time.

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2. Buying a Bachelor Package That’s Too Big

If you’re going with a party, the club might offer you some great VIP deal which is almost certainly not worth it. You’ll likely be whisked off somewhere where the hosts will just bring you “the best girls,” meaning the ones who kick back fat tips to the hosts. Then you’re missing out on much of the club’s talent. And don’t buy one of those dumb, expensive stage dances where strippers beat up the bachelor.

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3. Not Being Able to Say “No” and Instead Giving Excuses

It’s really sweet that guys in the club don’t want to make girls feel rejected. But “maybe later,” “I’m waiting on a friend,” “I’m married,” or “I’m just here to have a drink” as a way of turning down offers of private dances or company aren’t necessary. Think of them as waitresses-if you don’t need anything, a “No, thanks” will suffice. Their feelings won’t be hurt, and they won’t come back to bother you later.

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4. Not Asking for Prices First

For a while at one of my clubs, a certain group of dancers had issues with customers refusing to pay them. It wasn’t long before management caught on-they took customers back to VIP with no discussion of prices, then told the customers they owed wildly inflated amounts, and relied on the intimidation factor of the bouncers to get them to pay up. Avoid being targeted by shady businesswomen or going over budget by always asking what the cost is up-front.

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5. Using Your Phone Near the Stage

A couple of weeks ago, a friend saw a flash go off while she was on stage. She grabbed the offending customer’s phone and hurled it to its death. Serves him right for taking pictures in the club. Except wait: He had his iPhone set on flash alerts, which makes the phone emit bursts of light instead of a alert tones! Oops. To avoid misunderstandings like that, only use your phone when you’re far from stages or naked women.

6. Wearing Scratchy Clothing/Sharp Accessories

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7. Not Tipping the Stage

Stage tipping is a really regional activity: Guys might make it rain or they might approach the stage only rarely. But tipping at least a couple of bucks to each dancer guarantees that a steady flow will visit your table because they see that you’re engaged with what’s going on in the club. Toss a few bucks up there for each dancer and many will stop by to thank you or say hi.

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8. Using a Credit Card

Just don’t, unless you absolutely don’t care about money whatsoever. At best, you’ll pay an additional service charge. At worst, you’ll get jacked by an unscrupulous waitress or cashier who’ll add a “tip” onto the total. And often clubs don’t pay the full amount out to the dancers, holding another “service charge” from their end. Get cash before you come, in the amount you desire/can afford to spend. Most Las Vegas clubs are trustworthy now. Ten years ago that wasn’t always the case!

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9. Choosing Who You Buy a Lapdance From Based Solely on Looks

One time I was with a friend in Palomino and he bought a dance from an alt-looking brunette, totally his type. I bought one from a slightly chubby girl who wasn’t the hottest, but had a great smile. He got a lame lapdance and I got a super hot one. If you want a better experience than watching a distracted hot chick sway in front of you, choose your dancer based on body language and customer interaction in addition to looks. Here’s how to get a great dance in Las Vegas.

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10. Get Tough with a Las Vegas Bouncer

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2 Responses to “10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Strip Club”

  1. Erik d

    Great advice, the one rule that is still a little bit hard is the negotiate first,I’ve had a few times Vegas and elsewhere that you get done your negotiated rate and do everything that way and still the girl at the end will go for a few hundred more in extra tips, and yes I had pre-discussed tip and was quite clear on the total I had fo give.

  2. Nunya

    Great advice. My #1 rule is ‘Leave the credit card in the hotel room safe’. If you even have it with you, it’s too tempting to use it. Once you’ve had a bunch of drinks and dances and more and more hot girls keep streaming in, it’s almost impossible to resist.
    #2 – If a dancer won’t spend at least 3-5 minutes chatting before starting to sell, you are likely to get a lame dance. If I’m not interested I don’t waste their time, but if I am, I like to at least talk for a few minutes to see if they have a fun personality vs. robot. If the dancer seems bored or grumpy, your dance will be the same. This next point is obvious but if they first thing they say is ‘Wanna dance’ or ‘Buy me a drink’, run the other way.
    #3 – Negotiate and be nice. Assuming you’ve made it past rule #2, proceed to this one. Prices are all over the place these days. As I noted in my MNF kick off party report, some girls were asking $50 per dance. However, during my 4 trips over the last year, I don’t think any dancer said ‘No’ to my offer of $100 for 4. If you are nice and funny and charming (lol), you can do a whole lot better. I’ve found that if the dancer is having a good time with you, you tend to get bonus time and great mileage, and sometimes the ‘count’ becomes blurred and less important as long as you are spending. They would much rather have some fun and make some money than spend their night dealing with assholes.



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