$2 Lap Dances and $2 Admission at Little Darlings This Friday

Plus $2 Red Bulls and Hookahs if You Pay with $2 Bills

Little Darlings Las Vegas stripper photo

Chanel Dances at Little Darlings

This Friday (April 13) is the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, a Founding Father whose birthday we never celebrate. On Presidents’ Day, we celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, but Jefferson? Nothing. Here he is the author of the Declaration of Independence and our country has been ignoring him ever since.

We see Washington’s and Lincoln’s mugs constantly because they grace our $1 and $5 bills, respectively. But where is Jefferson’s mug? On the $2 bill, a bill that is 100% legal tender, but almost totally out of circulation.  Until now.

Little Darling, a Vegas nude club, will be celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s birthday this year by getting $2 bills back into circulation. Here’s the deal: Friday the 13th of April is your lucky day. Admission to Little Darlings is just one $2 bill (it’s usually $35 for out of state or $15 for locals). Hookah price: Just one $2 bill per hour (the regular price is $30/hour). Red Bull: Just one $2 bill (normally $6). Lap dances? Every half-hour until midnight there will be lap dances on the floor priced at one $2 bill each.

Note that you must pay for all of these things with $2 bills only, so don’t show up at the club without $2 bills or you will pay the regular prices. Where do you get $2 bills? Any bank should be able to sell them to you at cost.  Be sure to request them in advance, as banks normally don’t keep many on hand.

In the past, the $1 or $2 floor dances at Little Darlings were about 30 seconds long.  The dancers would snuggle in your lap and flash some titty and pussy.  Usually the girls would circulate around the club for about five minutes every half hour, so you could get multiple girls in your lap.  It was always a crowd favorite. I imagine these will be similar.  

There’s no alcohol served at Little Darlings, so the dancers get nude not only on stage but in private dances in the club’s VIP booths and private bedrooms. Even $20 lap dances are performed fully nude in private booths (not out on the main floor). And private bedroom dances here start at only $125 for 15 minutes (best price in Vegas). Check TVO’s Vegas VIP room price and privacy guide to see how good this deal is.  Think of all the positions you can get into with a beautiful naked girl on a full-sized bed.

Do not take a cab (or Uber, etc) to Little Darlings or you will pay the regular $35 admission. If you don’t have a ride, the free club limo will pick you up. Call the club at 702-366-1141 or text LDLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your free ride. You can also find a good package deal with a 2-for-1 lap dance coupon at the club website. Nude, no alcohol, 18+


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