Monthly Archives: February 2014

EDM at Little Darlings

If you’re into the club scene in Vegas (or anywhere else in the free world) you probably know what techno-dubstep-house-trance-electro-hardstyle-UK-garage music is. If not, forget about it. I wouldn’t know a dubstep if I tripped over one. I finally made it to Little D’s on a couple recent Mondays to see what EDM (Electronic Dance… Read more »

Spanking Beavers

Strip Club Needs New Ad Slogan The Advertising Standards Authority has spanked Beavers Strip Club by publicly admonishing the club for an ad that appeared in the Watford Observer (somewhere in the UK) with the line, “Sorry baby, the car broke down,”  which the ASA ruled to be “demeaning to women.” Beavers must now adopt… Read more »