Monthly Archives: June 2014

Strippers on Wheels

In Saskatoon, Canada, you won’t need to take a limo to a strip club anymore. According to Global News, the Living Skies limousine company recently got the green light from the city of Saskatoon to allow strippers to entertain customers inside its limos, perhaps yet another example of the journey being more fun than the… Read more »

House Ignites the Topless Club Stage Show

House Showclub has just changed its name to House Topless Showclub, but the change goes a lot deeper than the name. This place now has a legitimate shot at becoming a real competitor in the Vegas strip club scene—which it hasn’t been since Rick’s Cabaret abandoned the property three years ago. Read More…

Daizha Morgann at Diamond Cabaret

Here’s a quickie:  I just got a text from Diamond Cabaret announcing the appearance on their stage of porn star Daizha Morgann (see pic) tonight (Sat, June 21) at 11 pm. Daizha, for the uninitiated, is best known as the “anal ring toss girl” on the Howard Stern radio show. This is the first time I’ve… Read more »