Monthly Archives: June 2014

M Resorts’ Daydream Pool Club

A New Addition to the Topless-with-Pasties Vegas Pool Scene, Or Is It? Daydream Pool Club is M Resort’s adult pool/party pool.  I went to check it out on a hot Saturday afternoon because I got the word that, like Sapphire’s Pool, Daydream allowed female guests to wear pasties instead of swimsuit tops. After visiting Sapphire,… Read more »

Tao Beach Report – One Weird Thursday

I took my wife to Tao Beach at the Venetian yesterday afternoon around 3:30. The temp was in the neighborhood of 100ºF, so we got a couple cold drinks and found a place to sit in the shade. There was a pretty good crowd. People were dancing, the beach balls were flying, the pool itself was… Read more »

Stripping for Higher Education (continued)

According to a story on (ABC News in Indiana), a college student identified only as “Maggie” will graduate debt-free because she’s earning $180,000/year working part time as a stripper. Maggie attends the University of Maryland in College Park, majoring in political science and Spanish.  Every weekend she takes a 3-hour train ride to Manhattan… Read more »