Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bombshell McGee Will Be Detonating at Little Darlings This Week

If you want to see the woman who broke up actress Sandra Bullock’s marriage, Bombshell McGee will be appearing this week at Little Darlings. Bombshell’s affairs have been required reading in trailer parks all over America for years now as she breaks up marriages, poses in Nazi garb, and discusses Charlie Sheen’s cocaine stash. No, I’m not… Read more »

Former Vegas Strip Club Mogul Mike Galardi Gets off the Hook

Mike Galardi, former owner of Cheetahs in both Las Vegas and San Diego, did time in a federal prison (2007-8) for bribing city officials in both towns.  But now he has finally caught a break. One of the San Diego officials, Mike Zucchet, had filed a lawsuit against Galardi in 2012, alleging that Galardi had… Read more »

Last Kiss Comics

After 25 years of writing comics for Disney of all places, Seattle writer John Lustig created Last Kiss Inc. after buying the rights to a romance comics series from the 1950s and 60s.  Essentially he as rewritten the comics’ dialog to update 1950s ideas of the relations between men and women to reflect 21st-century mores. His website,… Read more »