Monthly Archives: October 2014

Sapphire Loses in NV Supreme Court – Court Rules Dancers Are Employees

In 2009, a lawsuit was filed in Las Vegas by six dancers at Sapphire, “The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club.” The dancers claimed they had not been treated as independent contractors but as employees of the club. Dancers who are employees of a club are entitled to the minimum wage, employer social security contributions, workman’s comp… Read more »

New York Nude Club Now Placing Paid Ads on Strippers’ Bodies

According to the New York Observer, the Show Palace Gentlemen’s Club has cut a deal with (an online porno site) to place advertisements using temporary tattoos on their dancers’ bodies. Called “SkinAds,” the tattoos can be placed on dancers’ backs, stomachs, arms, or legs, and the ad space can be rented for time periods… Read more »

Missouri Cops Use Flashbang Grenades in Strip Club Raid

According to the Springfield News-Leader (Springfield MO), local police raided After Dark, a Pulaski County strip club, setting off two flashbang grenades to accomplish the daring mission. The result of the raid was that club manager, Matthew Wagner, was charged with five counts of allowing dancers to be “nude or semi-nude,” three counts of being… Read more »