Monthly Archives: July 2019

50 Years of Beautiful Strippers at Palomino Club

Happy Anniversary to Palomino! I first went to Palomino Club in the early 1980s.  It was running classic burlesque shows, with dancers who started out in gowns and gloves and stripped down to their bare skin all over, and I hadn’t been in a classic burlesque club since Detroit in the 1960s when I used… Read more »

Titty Ball Season Gets into High Gear at the Vegas Topless Pools

You think you don’t want to go outside this weekend because it’s 105 or 107 degrees.  Here’s where you’re misguided in your thinking: When it’s 80-90 degrees in Las Vegas, girls at the topless pools tend to spend the afternoon lying on their stomachs on their lounge chairs, falling asleep and getting a back tan… Read more »

Las Vegas Strip Club Package Deals 2019

Vegas Strip Club Package Deals That Offer Real Value (Skip straight to the packages.) More Vegas strip clubs are offering package deals than ever before. Unfortunately, some of the package deals offer a lot more value to the club than the customer. There is a separate page at TVO on Vegas strip club package deals… Read more »