2022 Monday Night Football Kickoff Party @ Sapphire Las Vegas

2022 Monday Night Football Kickoff Party @ Sapphire LV

Don’t miss the MNF 2022 kickoff Monday, Sept. 12th. Sapphire’s doors open for this massive event at 4pm with Broncos vs Seahawks kickoff at 5:15pm.

Buy your tickets below for hosted Open Bar and Food from 4pm – 7pm!



Monday, Sept. 12th: Open Bar from 4pm – 7pm, and tailgate style food. Main room access to watch the game on huge HD screens and digital surround sound.

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Monday, Sept. 12th: Nothing beats this deal. Sapphire’s VIP Showroom Access, First Half Buffet, Open Bar from 4pm – 7pm, HD picture & sound surrounded by Sapphire Cheerleaders. This is Mr. and Mrs. TVO’s favorite venue for MNF.

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2022 Monday Night Schedule

September 12: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

September 19: Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills

September 19: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

September 26: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

October 3: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

October 10: Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

October 17: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers

October 24: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots

October 31: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

November 7: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints

November 14: Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles

November 21: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

November 28: Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

December 5: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

December 12: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals

December 19: Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers

December 26: Los Angeles Chargers at Indianapolis Colts

January 2: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

Monday Night Season Pass at Sapphire’s


Sapphire VIP Showroom seating on MNF thru regular season.

Nothing beats this deal!

Entry into the MNF Kickoff Party Monday, Sept. 12th, $200 for 30 regular season games (MNF), plus 1 General Admission for Super Sunday party ticket valued @ $75 (VIP package extra).

Complimentary food, 2 drinks per game, HD picture and sound and the Sapphire cheerleaders. Single game purchase value of over $600+.

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7 Responses to “2022 Monday Night Football Kickoff Party @ Sapphire Las Vegas”

  1. Paolo

    Has the MNF halftime improved any since the start of the season? Any reports?

    • Scott

      The crowds have been good. The issue seems to be the lack of dancers. Typically, there are 5-6 “shy’ or reluctant dancers…. and a room full of shy and reluctant guys. The dancers aren’t looking for a few dollars… they are angling for a $20 half song transaction. The club rarely sends hosts around seeking to provide singles. The whole vibe is kinda weird to me. I go every week and halftime is only exciting for the 8-10 guys getting good dances from the 5-6 girls.

      Interested to hear if others have experienced the same.

      Any Sapphire dancers willing to add to this discussion?

      • Erik d

        Makes sense to me, there lies the problem with bringing in people for other things then the dancers. The dancers see so many people not interested and don’t see the value in even trying and the few who show up do it strategically. It’s a balancing act for the club imo

        • Scott

          I think you’re exactly right Erik. The club needs to go to a Brazilian Steakhouse system…..
          GREEN SIDE UP = “want a dance!”
          RED SIDE UP = “not right now baby doll”

  2. Nunya

    Nunya’s review of Sapphire’s MNF Kickoff Party (9/12):

    I booked this for myself and my buddy around 2:30 pm on the day of the kickoff party. Had to wait until the last minute because I didn’t know if he was going to go or not. Booked the Showroom for approximately $55 each with tax/fees. After booking, I called to request a pickup at our hotel at 4 pm. They did not have any drivers available so they sent an Uber for us, no charge.

    Uber was right on time and got us there quickly. There was a bit of a line and they were separating all the prepaid packages into a separate line to be verified. It was a bit chaotic and not as well organized so it took 10 minutes or so to get in. Host took us to our table in the showroom and we decided to grab some drinks.

    Open bar was good, bartenders and drink servers were hot, a few dancers walking around, and also the girls wearing the NFL jerseys to be given away in the raffle – one Broncos, one Seahawks, and one Raiders. The food in the showroom was just ok for me – wasn’t hot enough, kind of bland, didn’t eat that much. The place was full, lots of folks also in the main room, although it was set up with a bunch of tables kind of circled all around the outside edges with food, drinks, and so on.

    I was really waiting to see how the halftime $1 dance scene would be. As the second quarter was ticking down, hosts were walking around asking if people needed change for $1 bills for the halftime dances. This was gonna be good I thought. Nope, total letdown. During halftime a few dancers came into the room, kind of milled around, saw a few guys across the room get one. My friend had one and the girl did not even take off her top. I was not even approached. Not sure what was going on in the main room but I don’t think I saw anything much.

    So as far as the MNF party went, open bar was great, food ok, $1 dances lame to non-existent. I didn’t care that much about the game so the viewing experience didn’t really matter to me. In summary, the upgrade to the showroom wasn’t worth it to me.

    Now as the game came to an end, more and more dancers were arriving. We moved out to the main room and things were much better. Quotes were all over the place. The first few to approach quoted the now standard opening bid of $40 per dance. Although I didn’t buy anything right away, I was discussing with a few girls and when scoffing at $40, some would immediately go to 3 for $100. I had gone to the men’s room and was doing a walkabout looking at all the girls when I saw 2 girls had sat down with my friend. I decided to go over and join although I could tell they weren’t my type and were working him hard. As soon as I sat down, they both said how about we go for two dances, one each and switch. I asked how much and they quoted 2 for $100, $50 each. I laughed and as respectfully as I could, told them they were nuts. They seemed surprised at that and asked how much I though it should be. When I said $20, one said nobody in here will do it for $20, let us know when you find one. I told them every time I’ve been there recently I’ve gotten 4 for $100 and sometimes better. Now keep in mind it’s only about 8:30 pm and these two were mid-level talent at best. They walked off in kind of a huff.

    Right after that we talked to another dancer and my friend got a 4 for $100. I was sitting by myself and was approached by a tall brunette from somewhere in Europe. I believe I was quoted the same $40, offered 4 for $100 and off we went. Good mileage but full on VIP room push. Was quoted $300 plus $55 for drinks for 15 minutes I think. Thanks but no thanks.

    My friend was pretty much done, having been drinking all day, so he left. Told him I was staying as it was around 9:15 or so. His dancer from earlier saw me and asked where he went. Told her he was gone and I asked if she was still doing 4 for $100, answer was yes so we found a spot. Good mileage, told me just to stay away from the kitty. Wandered around some more, got another 4 for $100 from a bubbly Filipino girl, still being quoted $300 plus $55 for VIP.

    Around 11 pm, I was out of money and as normal, had no credit card or ATM card. The hot girls just kept on coming, don’t know how many but they were everywhere so I made a decision to get more money. Went outside and asked security if they had a driver going to the strip to pick up anyone – told him I wanted a ride to my hotel to get cash. He said none scheduled but he would talk to the van driver. Came back and said we were a go, the driver would wait for me while I went up to my room. Make sure to take care of him, security said, and I told him I would. We rode to the hotel, ran up and got cash, and back to the club. I had grabbed a beer in the hotel room and asked the driver if I could bring it. He said sure, just don’t spill it. Tipped him well and also tipped the security guy when I got there. It was probably about 11:30 or so when we got back.

    Headed back in, showed my stamp from the game to the desk, and went to look around. I was standing at the bar watching the stage when a super hot dancer came up to chat. Latina, black hair, maybe 5’2 or 5’3, 22 years old, smoking body. We chatted a bit, talked about dances and I threw out 5 for $100 and she said let’s do it. Off we went to a secluded area. I think we did 3 sessions of 5 dances with super high mileage. We took a break as she said the DJ was calling her to the stage. She did not want to go on stage, said she just really did not like it. I asked if she could get out of it as I think they can pay a little extra to skip. She said she could get out of it if she was going to VIP. Told me she would do 20 minutes for $100, plus the $55 drink fee. Took me about 2 seconds to say Yes. So she told the DJ, we headed in, and it appeared they were looking at some list for her name, but she told the desk we had just decided. Went to our table, got our drinks, and nobody was in there. Nobody else ever came in and we were in there for at least 30 minutes until the waitress came back and said time was up.

    Back to the main floor for more high mileage dances at 5 for $100. She did tell me that she had worked the main room during the game as one of the Sapphire girls with the white tops on and that she was from LA and flew in to work. Needless to say I burned the rest of my second batch of money. By then it was 2:30 am and I had spent probably 2.5 hours with her. To sum it up, what started as a bit of a dud (outside the open bar) turned out pretty awesome. I meant to ask, just for information, how much the skybox was going for, but I totally forgot. Don’t know when yet but I’ll be back.

    • Scott

      Thanks Nunya! Outstanding write-up. I was there too. There weren’t enough dancers to go around at halftime. Many of the dancers tell me the Dollar dance isn’t worth the time it takes to get ready and go in early.

      The best food was the Asian buffet on the right side of the Showroom.

      I thought they did an excellent job with the open bar.

      What makes the Showroom worth the extra $30 is the quality of the two crowds, and the massive screens if you’re a fan of the game.

      Can I publish your game summary as a customer account?

      I don’t have your contact info. (the email always stays private)



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