2023 Hot List – Best Vegas Strip Clubs List

What are the hottest strip clubs in Vegas?

“2023 TVO HOT Rankings™”

TVO Testing Laboratory Girl: A perfect 100% Erotic Score. Avert your eyes. Prolonged gawking can cause blindness!

The ToplessVegasOnline.com “HOT Rankings” is the official list of exactly how much a club will excite a healthy man, or woman.

It’s an “Erotic Score.”

The “HOT Rankings” are based on a ‘black box’ method that factors a dancers (& club’s*) beauty, mileage, contact levels, propensity to touch, linger, stray, flirt, and undress.

Other aspects of the “HOT” scoring includes the attire before undressing, proportions, environment*, generosity of time, manners, sexiness, willingness and ability to get close and please the customer. The feedback we get from TVO readers is an essential element in the scoring algorithms.

*Yes, the club environment matters. Sorry Dancers, to some level ‘you are where you work.’ The score does not count amenities like a club’s food, drink prices, parking. 

What is an “Erotic Score”?

The erotic score is the percentage given to a club for the “HOT Ranking™.” The club’s score is based on a perfect score of 100%. For the safety of our scientists, we did not even simulate a perfect scoring club. We thought it might cause a dangerous injury, or even blindness.

**All scores are final unless, and until, TVO reopens the erotic scoring black box for the HOT Rankings**

HOT Rankings™ of Las Vegas Strip Clubs – May 2023

1. Palomino — 94%    (Click Link for Club)

2 (tie). Sapphires — 91%   (Click Link for Club)

2. (tie) Treasures — 91%   (Click Link for Club)

4. Spearmint Rhino — 85%   (Click Link for Club)

5. (tie) Peppermint Hippo — 78%  (Click Link for Club)

5.(tie) Crazy Horse III — 78%   (Click Link for Club)

7. Sophia’s– 72%  (Click Link for Club)

8. Hustler Club — 70%    (Click Link for Club)

9. Centerfolds Caberet — 65%  (Click Link for Club)

9. DejaVu Showgirls — 65%    (Click Link for Club)

11. Little Darlings — 60%  (Click Link for Club)

12. The Library Club — 56%  (Click Link for Club)

13.(tie)El Infierno — 55%  (Click Link for Club)

13.(tie)Minks — 55%  (Click Link for Club)

13.(tie) Scores— 55%  (Click Link for Club)

16. Girl Collection — 50%  (Click Link for Club)

17. Play It Again Sam’s — 44%  (Click Link for Club)

18. Chicas Bonitas — 40%  (Click Link for Club)

19. (tie) Talk of the Town — 35%  (Click Link for Club)

19. (tie) Club Platinum — 35%    (Click Link for Club)

21. Diamond Cabaret — 25%    (Click Link for Club)


NEW CLUB: Honey’s – Not Yet Rated (Click Link for Club)

NEW CLUB: Wet – Not Yet Rated (Click Link for Club)

ToplessVegasOnline.com Readers … Please tell us how you score the clubs!

Definition of erotic

1of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire

2strongly marked or affected by sexual desire


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