A Classical Opera (with Pole Dancing)

NZ Opera2The pic at left of an upside-down babe hanging on a stripper pole is actually a photo of New Zealand dancer, Emily Scott, performing in the Auckland Opera’s newest production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

According to Stuff.co.nz, the New Zealand Opera decided to update the story by making Don Giovanni a strip club owner. Emily Scott plays a pole dancer in his club.

The actual story of Don Giovanni (in Mozart’s opera) is a retelling of the legend of Don Juan, the notorious seducer of women, a man who numbered his conquests in the thousands. Mozart’s Don Giovanni ends with the mythical lover refusing to repent for his sins and being sentenced to Hell.

I’m not sure how the New Zealand Opera’s version ends, possibly with the strip club owner refusing to repent, and being forced to pay back wages to all the independent contractors he’s been stiffing (in more ways than one) for many years.

As for her feelings about pole dancing in a classic opera, Emily Scott says: “’It’s kind of empowering. You’re above people and exciting them without them touching you. You’re in a position of power.”