A Dancer’s Diary: Reagan Reilly on Strip Club Private Dances

Las Vegas Dancer Reagan Reilly

Reagan Reilly



The Dancer’s Life

This diary will be about what it’s like to do strip club private dances.  I dance at Palomino Club (club review / club website), and I do a lot of private shows there.

I’ll start out by saying I absolutely LOVE working at Palomino. In the year and a half I’ve been in Vegas I’ve worked at ten different clubs. And Palomino is my favorite for many reasons. The list might take up another diary entry, so for now I’ll focus on the private dance experiences and a couple of questions asked by a recent customer here on TVO.

I don’t necessarily have a dance preference as far as doing topless lap dances vs. nude shows in the VIP. Of course, I dance to make a living, so the more a customer wants to spend, the happier I’ll be.

Still, the most important thing is that I want the customer to be happy with the dance experience.  That means I want to make sure they are comfortable with what they’re spending. I’m genuinely happy doing twenty dollar dances, and doing VIPs is fun too. I get paid for the amount of work I’m doing, so they’re all fun and worth it to me.

What Do Guys Want?

As far as men’s preferences… I think we all know what men would truly prefer. So besides that, when it comes to dances, it really depends on the customer. Some guys like to come in and do a lot of twenty dollar dances and try out every girl in the club. Some guys like to come knowing they’ll spend a lot in the VIP–they prefer to wait until they find their favorite or favorites. Some pick a girl based on conversation and interaction. Some pick based strictly on appearance and taste. Same goes for couples.

In the VIP Suite

Is my performance different behind closed doors? I’ll leave that one to the imagination or for someone who wants to come in and find out. 🙂

Have I ever had to tell a customer to stop doing something? Or call a bouncer? Yes, I’ve had to tell a customer to stop doing something. However, throughout my seven-year dance career, I don’t recall ever having to call a bouncer to a dance.

Maybe it’s happened and I can’t remember right now, but if so, it can’t have been a big deal. I’ve had to have bouncers say something to customers who were getting too handsy on the floor–that was at other clubs I’ve worked at. But most men are respectful.  Most men, I’m happy to say, are nice guys.

See you next time!

Reagan Reilly Launches Singing Career

Note from Arnold Snyder: You’ve got to hear Reagan’s just-released cover of The Logical Song here. This girl is going places.

I’m going to get a VIP dance from Reagan just so I can ask her to sing to me.

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Reagan is a regular contributor at TVO as well as a Dancer of the Month.

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