A Las Vegas Escort from Eros – An Undercover Review

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Line-Up

The Line-Up at Sheri’s Ranch

If you’re looking to get laid in Las Vegas, should you hire an escort or visit a legal brothel?

I’ve discussed the pros and cons of both in my post on Las Vegas brothels and escorts.

Now, to add to the discussion, here’s “Juan,” a TVO commenter who recently posted about his experience with a Las Vegas escort he engaged through Eros.com.  (You can find his original comment here).

My Eros Escort Experience 

I look through the authenticated girls and purposely don’t choose any VIP ones. I figure those will be too expensive.

I find a petite, fit 22-year-old who has both a telephone number and an email address.  Her pictures look nice and her description of the “girlfriend experience” sounds like exactly what I want.

I email her and she is enthusiastic about meeting me and giving me the GFE I am looking for. She mentions she charges $500 for one hour of her time for companionship only and anything else we can discuss in person. She also says I should make provisions for extra time over the hour. All seems fine to me. I told her I might call her two nights in a row. I figured if I enjoyed it one night, I might enjoy an encore. Plus, I am setting the tone for future business and letting her know I am not just a one-timer.

So now I’m in my hotel room in Las Vegas and I call her to come over. While waiting, I order champagne and some finger foods. I was going to enjoy the GFE and make it last.  

She calls me back to verify I’m in the room and to see if she needs me to show a key to get her upstairs (she doesn’t). She shows up and could care less that I had food and drink. She is also 10-15 years older than her pictures and profile on Eros, but it is her.

She doesn’t really want my face anywhere near her face (so much for GFE). She asked me if I know how “this works.” I tell her yes and hand her $500. She then asks me for $1000 more. At this point I should have said “No, not until we’re done and I’d be happy to tip you …,” but I didn’t want to negotiate, I wanted her to relax and entertain me.

So I said okay and handed her another $1000. Immediately she asked me for another $1000. I was too agreeable apparently, but now I say no. I told her I would be happy to tip her more if I am happy with the service. She asks me if another $1000 is possible. I tell her no. She asks about $500. I tell her yes.

Okay, now I’m ready. She clearly doesn’t want any touching or foreplay. She immediately takes off all my clothes. She grabs a warm towel and cleans me off and tells me to lie down. She states clearly, “No fingers and no mouth. You haven’t paid me enough.” Really?!

She jacks my dick to get it hard, throws on a condom, and sits on me and rides me up and down while talking dirty. I lasted all of about 4 minutes. She got off me, went to the bathroom to clean off. I tried for a little caressing and touching, but she was indifferent. She wanted the last $500 and got out of there fast.

So this was my first time and I have learned. Sheri’s Ranch [editor’s note: or Love Ranch Vegas or Alien Cathouse, all TVO-recommended legal Las Vegas area brothels] would be a better option if I didn’t have to worry about location services on my cell phone. I should have negotiated better. I can also see the value of a membership in TER and will consider that next time. Hope this helps others. 

Arnold’s Comments on the Las Vegas Escort

Lydia Faithfull at Alien Cathouse

Lydia Faithfull at Alien Cathouse

To get verified on Eros, an escort has to submit a government-issued photo ID or “other photographic evidence” to Eros to prove the photos in her ad are really her.   But Eros doesn’t guarantee that the woman in the ad is the woman who will show up for your appointment.  And Eros also doesn’t guarantee that the photos are recent or a good likeness.

A good photographer can make a chubby girl look thin, a flat-chested girl look voluptuous, and a haggard woman look vibrant with youth.

A membership at TER would have allowed Juan to check for recent reviews.   TER reviews are explicit.  If a woman looks 35 instead of 22, or if her tits are saggy, or if she’s put on 20 pounds since her photos, you’ll hear about it.  You’ll also hear about whether an escort gives a good experience or just goes through the bare minimum to get you to cum so she can escape.  

An escort or brothel experience ends with your orgasm (unless you have specifically negotiated in advance for multiple orgasms).  A good escort or brothel courtesan will spend time with you before getting to that point, if you’re looking for that.  She’ll share a drink with you.  She’ll do a striptease for you.  She’ll dance with you.  She’ll give you a massage or let you massage her.

For an idea of what a good experience with a prostitute is like, see our undercover review of Sheri’s Ranch brothel.

Las Vegas Escorts vs Legal Brothels

Mandi Love

Mandi Love in Her Room at Love Ranch South

Juan did a lot of things right in trying to get laid in Vegas.  He chose a verified escort.  The woman he chose was the woman who showed up. And technically, his escort did nothing wrong. She quoted him her price, he paid for her services, and she fucked him. Yet, he felt ripped off.

But look at how much different his experience would have been in a legal brothel. First, he had to pay his Eros escort $500 up front just to talk with her about what he wanted. In a legal brothel, no money exchanges hands when you go to a girl’s room to discuss what you want. You pay nothing until you’ve come to an agreement.

Juan says she looked 10-15 years older than her picture on the Eros site (and her stated age of 22). In a brothel, the available girls are standing right in front of you. You don’t choose a girl based on a photo and a written description. What you see is what you get, and you can spend time with a girl at the brothel bar to see whether you have chemistry with her before you even start to negotiate.

Juan gives his Eros escort another $1000, assuming that’s for the GFE he talked to her about on the phone. But no, she immediately asks for another $1000 on top of that, and when he says he doesn’t have another $1000, she gives him a handjob and a 4-minute quickie.

Okay, Juan’s negotiating skills leave something to be desired. He was too generous too fast and let her take charge of the whole experience. (See our Sheri’s review and Las Vegas brothels article for tips on negotiating for sex.)  But in a legal brothel, if you’re dissatisfied in any way with what a girl says she’ll do or won’t do and how much it costs, you have the option to go back to the lobby and choose another girl to negotiate with, and you’re not out a penny if you do that.

All the girls working at a legal brothel know that, so they try to be honest and they try very hard to please you.  A legal brothel gives a customer equal power in negotiations.

Because you can negotiate openly and in advance for exactly what you want in a legal brothel, and because you have more power in the negotiations, I tend to advise friends to head to the brothels rather than call an escort.  Plus in a brothel you know the girls are tested regularly for STDs, condoms are required by law, and you cannot be busted or ripped off by a scam artist.

32 Responses to “A Las Vegas Escort from Eros – An Undercover Review”

  1. Erksmirk

    My husband and I paid 300 up front for a chick named Daphne in LA and she took off with our money!! Don’t use Eros! Don’t use Daphne!

  2. Bobby

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use any of the cards that the crack heads on the strip hand out it is a TOTAL RIPOFF l, trust me I got screwed first hand

  3. Lee Armstrong

    The best brothel in Nevada is the Stardust Ranch Brothel. It’s just a small little place in Ely Nevada but the people that work there are awesome people. Extremely friendly. Their beer garden is absolutely beautiful. They only had four girls working but they were all beautiful and down to earth. There was absolutely no pressure for me to spend money in the back. I hung out most of the day drinking with the locals in the Stardust beer garden. It was definitely a great experience and I will definitely be back.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Lee Armstrong: Thanks for your report. Unfortunately Ely is about 250 miles from Vegas and it can take up to 4 hours to drive there. It’s even farther from Reno, about a 5 hour drive.

      • Lee Armstrong

        I know. I go there to hunt and fish. Cave lake is beautiful and its a great historic town. Definitely worth the drive. The chicken ranch is gross. Sheri’s ranch is absolutely beautiful but all the girls there are very expensive. The only girl there that would see me for 500 looked like a street walker on crack. The rest looked great but wanted over a grand for 30 mins of sex. I like the alien cat house but it’s in the middle of nowhere and the girls there are hit and miss. Sometimes they have some very hot girls and sometimes not so much. Monas in Elko usually has a good selection at a reasonable price but that’s a six hour drive. I love touring all the brothels on my harley. Me and a group of friends do it every few years.

  4. John

    This girl charged 250 an hour but then said that was just to come out then said if I wanted to get “naughty’ it would cost another 400.
    From what I read from brothel blogs the price didn’t seem that bad. She was actually a knock out even though not the girl in the pictures.
    She put on something sexy but then only wanted to jerk me off with oil.
    When I said I wanted more than that she told me she doesn’t have sex.
    I stopped her, put my pants back on and told her I’d let her keep the 250 for coming out but I wanted the 400 back.
    She refused and tried to act like she never said we’d have sex just get naughty.
    Unfortunately short of beating the shit out of her there is nothing that can be done about that and if they have your information you will go to jail.
    Not only did I get ripped off to 650 dollars but the hotel ended up kicking me out (170$)
    Because of the ensuing argument that broke out and her calling the police because she thought I stole her cell phone.
    I told the police she stole 400 dollars from me but they didn’t care.
    They just acted as if Her phone was more important than me having my money stolen (since they assumed something illegal had taken place )
    You are really at these women’s mercy if you do not go to a brothel were it is legal.
    If I ever do something like this again it will be in a brothel or Columbia

  5. Mark

    When this girl showed up almost 1 hour late, she was a different person from the one on the profile: Asian with dirty blond hair and 34dd measurements. She was not an asian, she had dark hair and she was 32a measurements. She asked for a donation upfront right after she came. She kept saying she wanted to entertain me, but somehow she kept telling me to do what she wanted me to do … When I asked her to do something, she said I don’t do this, I don’t do that, etc … She made me nervous, and I could not be relaxed or entertained. After she demanded for a donation and told me to do things for her including to play music?? (she did not bring her music but she told me to play music on my device), I got tired and very uncomfortable. I told her to leave after 15min she arrived there. I just donated 700 for the most awkward and uncomfortable experience. It was a scam. Be aware of this profile: https://www.eros.com/nevada/las_vegas/files/2856800.htm?cat=1

  6. Don

    Arnold, now that Ter is gone are there any way to check reviews? And if Eros isn’t trustworthy can you recommend a site that is?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Don, everyone is scared by what happened at Backpage. Have you considered going to a brothel? You’ll likely have a better experience with a girl you can meet in person before you start negotiations.

  7. Don

    I’d consider it but I think I’d have a better chance of my wife not chickening out if this experience happened in our room!

    Is there any other somewhat reputable site or contact for a safe incall? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Don: I’ll have to get back to you on this sometime in the next day or two. I’ll see if I can find an escort review site that seems reliable.

      • Don

        Just circling back to see if you were able to find anything out Arnold…


        • Arnold Snyder

          Don, nothing. The big sites that allowed honest reviews by Americans now either have shut down or ban Americans because of what happened to Backpage.

          What I would do is look at the girls at Eros, then google their names. You’ll often find an Instagram account with photos (sometimes quite different from the ones posted on Eros), comments by fans/customers, or their personal websites with more information about them, including rates, ID reqirements, etc. You can often get a better idea of their personalities from their personal websites. Sometimes you can find youtube channels for them. Sometimes you’ll even find customer reviews at one of the lesser-known escort review sites. At the very least, a little online search can help you rule some girls out.

          • Don

            Okay, thanks. If you stumble upon any more helpful information please let me know!

    • Jeff

      There are no reliable review sites anymore. After sesta/fosta law nobody can take the chance of traffickers posting on their site. Makes the hobby more of a risk and flat out dangerous. I know a few girls in Vegas who are legit and don’t upsell if anyone is interested.

    • Arnold Snyder

      xing wang, it’s probably real in the sense that backpage was real. By that I mean most of these ads are probably for girls willing to show up at your hotel and sell sex.

      However, I doubt that’s the real price for actual sexual services. That’s probably the price to show up and do a quick striptease, and they’ll probably force you to pay that price up front before discussing the price for what you actually want.

      Also, you don’t know if any of these girls are cops seeking to entrap you or whether they are con artists planning to drug your drink and rob you. This actually happens in Las Vegas. It happened to a good friend of mine.

      You might want to stay at a decent casino hotel and ask the concierge or your host to set you up with a girl instead. Or go to a brothel.

  8. Jeff

    I’ll just post some info of girls I’ve seen and who won’t rip you off:

    Monique – love, love love her. She’s thin but with nice curves. Kind of wild looking in a way, but pretty and total GFE. Doesn’t charge a lot and absolutely doesn’t upsell. Somewhere around 250 for the hour.

    Lorena – a little more mature but stunning. She got out of her car at valet and I almost fell over. 500 for the hour – no upsell:

    Bella – Hot AF and about 300

    Andrea – Smoking hot Latina. Not much English but who cares? Not GFE though – no kissing. But really hot with a perfect body and only 300:


    That’s a few anyway for anyone interested…

  9. Kj

    Linda ripped me (if that’s her name) obviously she came over seem interested for her job of course. $200 fee eventhough her site said 150 but I agreed. Extra tips for extra things I agreed.. but we had did things for like 20mins or so, then said she returning the money to her employer I guess then will come back. I called 45-1hour she said she coming. 5mins later she blocked me



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