Dlseena at Palomino Club: A Goddess in Glasses

All my life, I’ve had a weakness for girls who wear glasses. Not many people wear glasses anymore. Contact lenses and Lasik surgery have almost made glasses obsolete, especially among the under-30 crowd.

But a few weeks ago I was in Palomino Club (club review / club website) with photographer Hew Burney when a statuesque vision of beauty hit the stage sporting specs and I was immediately entranced.

Hew managed to get a few shots of her stage performance, and I managed to get her name and permission to publish her pics, but not much else. Her name is Dlseens (and yes, that’s how she spells it), but the only other info I’ve got on her is that she’s got a body to die for and she’s breathtaking on the poles.

Maybe we’ll get a full set of pics of her next time we’re in the club. She’s definitely Dancer of the Month material. Here are a few pics to tide you over until then.

Palomino Club is the only fully-nude strip club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol. Cover charge is  $30, but get in free if you drive yourself or take the free club limo. One-on-one nude private dances are available in the clubs elegant theme rooms.  Call 1.702.327.7258 for the free club limo.

(Photos by Hew Burney.)

Click on pics to enlarge.


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