A Vegas Strip Club Dancer’s Diary

Reagan Reilly Answers Your Questions

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Reagan Reilly

I’m proud to present TVO’s first guest blogger, Las Vegas dancer (and TVO’s January 2015 Dancer of the Month) Reagan Reilly.  I’m hoping she’ll be a regular contributor to this website.

Got a question about the Vegas strip club scene from a dancer’s perspective?  Want to know what it’s like to be an exotic dancer? You can contact Reagan Reilly directly at reagan@reaganrising.com, and she may use your question as the basis of a future blog post.

Now, here’s Reagan:

* * *
Let me start by telling you a little about myself.  I’ve been working as an exotic dancer for seven years. I’ve worked in clubs all over the U.S., from upscale to dive. City to small town.

The question I get asked most often is:  Why do you do this?  The question I get asked next most often is:  What does your boyfriend think of it?

Sometimes I think guys ask the boyfriend question because they want to find out if I have a boyfriend without directly asking. So I tell them the truth, my boyfriend doesn’t mind my job. He works as a strip club promoter, so he understands the industry and that I’m doing a job.

I don’t think he’d mind if I did something else though either.

As to why I do it, I could probably write a book. I love getting dressed up in sexy outfits. I love wearing makeup and being on stage. I like when a customer comes in and we have a good conversation and they tell me they’re surprised at how grounded I am. I like to show people that I am an entertainer and a human. And I do really enjoy helping people have a good strip club experience. Which leads me to the topic for my first Dancer Diary entry…

A Dancer’s View of the Vegas Strip Club Hustle

It took me awhile to adjust to the Las Vegas strip club scene.

When I first started dancing on the East Coast I was taught to sit down with a customer, chat for a bit, then ask for a dance. When I moved to Vegas and starting working in one of the upscale clubs, it was very different. There were 100+ girls and they all just walked up to customers, asked if they wanted a dance, and then left if the answer was no. I find this to be very frustrating for the customer, and also for myself as a dancer. I don’t like to work like that.

I genuinely enjoy sitting and having conversations with customers. I like getting to know people.

I used to do the more aggressive pushy hustle, where I’d lead guys to believe that more would happen in the VIP than was going to happen. Now I’m pretty up front about what a dance is…a dance.

Trying to mislead a customer drains way too much energy anymore. Am I flirtatious, playful and teasing? Yes. I do enjoy dancing, being topless or nude. I’ll talk dirty and touch myself.  But I no longer pretend more will happen.  I like my customers too much to be dishonest with them or frustrate them.

My ideal customer is someone who likes to sit and chat and do a couple dances or VIP. Often it will be the older gentleman who comes in before it gets really busy in the club. I like gentlemen who are respectful. I’m willing to dance naked, I’m willing to give it my all, so it’s frustrating if a customer doesn’t appreciate that.

* * *
If you’d like to see Reagan perform on stage or in your lap, she is dancing these days at Palomino Club (club review / club website). See Reagan’s comments about getting a boob job here.


6 Responses to “A Vegas Strip Club Dancer’s Diary”

  1. Cancon

    I met Reagan in person at the Palomino last Saturday. I didn’t know I was her ideal client type at the time but it makes sense now. She sat and talked to my wife and me before suggesting a lap dance. We chatted about the business and her body enhancements. She was never pushy and we just went with the flow. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  2. jj solari

    the secret of good writing is when the reader continuously and hypnotically goes from one sentence to the next. you will be happy to know you are a good writer.

      • Cancon

        How about talking about your experiences with the Palomino private options – from the 10 minutes for $100 curtained room to the $250 half hour to the $350 half hour with booze. Do you have a preference? Do men have a preference, do couples have a preference? Is your performance different behind closed doors? Have you ever had to warn a customer to stop doing something? Have you ever had to call security?



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