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In addition to selling lap dances, Vegas strip club dancers may also provide customers with what they call a “GFE” (girlfriend experience), though they won’t openly use this term while providing the service to you.

The GFE is about the high art of erotic pleasure through flirtation. You buy the dancer drinks and tip her for her time and she’ll sit and flirt with you.

Sometimes she’ll even sit on your lap and run her fingers through your hair while you make small talk. She’ll gaze fondly into your eyes like you’re on a real date and basically act like she’s hot for you. GFEs are great for men who are too shy to get high-mileage lap dances or who simply want a more romantic fantasy with a beautiful woman.

They are also a great way to find the perfect dancer to get a lap dance with.

I recently had a memorable GFE with a dancer at Sapphire  (club review / club website). I was there early in the evening, before the club starts getting packed at around 11 p.m.  I was sitting at the bar when she sat down next to me and I offered to buy her a drink. This is how a GFE always starts. If a dancer approaches and you offer her a drink, she’ll assume a GFE might be what you’re looking for. She’ll go into full flirt mode.

This dancer was knockout gorgeous (a consistent feature of the Sapphire dancers).  She asked me where I was from.  I told her I had moved to Las Vegas because I had been editing a magazine about gambling.  She leaned toward me in apparent interest.

“Do you have a system?” she asked.

“I count cards at blackjack,” I said.

Her face lit up.  “I count cards too.  I got kicked out of MGM because I won seven thousand dollars.”

For the record, in my “other” life, I’m a blackjack expert. I’ve been playing professionally and writing about the game for more than thirty years. So now, I really was intrigued. “What system were you using?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how do you count the cards?”

“Oh, I just keep track. The dealer knew I was a card counter when I kept telling him what hand he was going to get.”  She shrugged and smiled, and put her hand on mine.  “We should go gambling together some time.”

Immediately, I thought of Sharon Stone (Ginger) in Casino (one of my all-time favorite flicks). Was this dancer trying to lure me into a gambling adventure? I was enthralled.

Was I tempted to go on a real date with her? No, I’m a happily married man. Was I tempted to go play blackjack with her? Ha! Don’t be absurd.

In that brief conversation, it was already clear to me that she didn’t know anything about card counting. But who cared?  Not me.  We could have been talking about bowling or dog training for all I cared.  She asked me about my favorite casino and whatnot.  She laughed at my jokes.  The conversation went on for two drinks and the longer it went on, the more I enjoyed it.  This is essentially the ancient art of the geisha, except the make-up is updated and the women aren’t pouring tea.

How Much to Tip for a Girlfriend Experience

As a general rule, if you’re buying a dancer a drink, tip her an additional $10 for every song or two that she entertains you.  I tipped my card-counting GFE forty bucks for entertaining me so thoroughly—way beyond the usual lap dance experience.

And if you go on to a lap dance or private show or whatever with a dancer you’ve been drinking and flirting with, you have already established a level of intimacy and trust.  The dancer tends to be more playful, and the experience tends to be warmer and more fun.

Why not spend some time with a dancer and let her charm you the next time you come to Vegas?  With the right dancer, a GFE can make your night.

Sapphire Now Offers a Girlfriend Experience with Porn Stars

Sapphire is now offering girlfriend experiences with some of the top female stars in adult films every Friday and Saturday night.

After the adult actress appears on stage, you can retire with her to one of Sapphire’s private Skyboxes for a steak and lobster dinner and/or a VIP show for dessert.

Click on the link for details.

Vegas Brothel and Escort Girlfriend Experiences

Las Vegas escorts and nearby brothels also offer girlfriend experiences that start with dinner or gambling or a show and end with actual sex, complete with kissing.  For more information, see our page on Vegas-area escorts and brothels.

3 Responses to “A Vegas Strip Club “GFE””

  1. tony

    can i get that gfe at any club ? cause i never get lap dances , just dont like em…was thinking of going to hustler club when i get there for the 4 to 8 happy hr that you talked about, which sounds good, and i will get the guy at the door to let me in for 10 or 20.. when they ask me if i wana a dance ill just say no but gfe would be ok.. is that good

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tony, you don’t have to ask for a gfe. Just ask if she’d like a drink. Or tell her you just want to talk while handing her a twenty.



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