A Vegas Strip Club “GFE”

An American Twist on the Geisha

Treasures Las Vegas stripper

Emily Loves to Flirt at Treasures

In addition to selling lap dances, Vegas strip club dancers may also provide customers with what they call a “GFE” (girlfriend experience), though they won’t openly use this term while providing the service to you.

The GFE is about the high art of erotic pleasure through flirtation. You buy the dancer drinks and tip her for her time and she’ll sit and flirt with you.

Sometimes she’ll even sit on your lap and run her fingers through your hair while you make small talk. She’ll gaze fondly into your eyes like you’re on a real date and basically act like she’s hot for you. GFEs are great for men who feel shy about high-mileage lap dances or who want to relax and build up to a physical encounter with flirtation and drinks first.

They are also a great way to find the perfect dancer for a high-mileage lap dance or private show.

Sapphire Las Vegas Girlfriend Experience

Brittnay Is a Sapphire Gem
Perfect for a Strip Club GFE

I recently had a memorable GFE with a dancer at Sapphire  (club review / club website). I was there early in the evening, before the club starts getting packed at around 10 p.m.  I was sitting at a table when she sat down in my lap and I offered to buy her a drink. This is how a GFE always starts. If a dancer approaches and you offer her a drink, she’ll assume a GFE might be what you’re looking for. She’ll go into full flirt mode.

This dancer was knockout gorgeous.  She asked me where I was from.  I told her I had moved to Las Vegas to edit a magazine about professional gambling.

“Do you have a system?” she asked.

“I count cards at blackjack,” I said.

Her face lit up.  “We should go gambling together some time.”

We had a brief conversation about gambling that made it clear to me she knew nothing about it. But who cared?  Not me.  We could have been talking about bowling or dog training for all I cared.  She asked me about my favorite casino and whatnot.  She laughed at my jokes.  The conversation went on for two drinks, then into the VIP, and the longer it went on, the more I enjoyed it.

This is essentially the ancient art of the geisha, except the make-up is updated and the women aren’t pouring tea.

Great Vegas Strip Clubs for a GFE

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer

Charming Shelby Sparks of
Deja Vu Showgirls

Treasures (club review/club website) is an excellent place for a high-end GFE.   The club is the most opulent and luxurious in Vegas, with stacked 9s and 10s and deep sofas and easy chairs to sink into with a dancer.  It’s easy to get lost with a beautiful girl in this sumptuous scene.

You can even invite a dancer to dine with you at the club’s gourmet steakhouse.  She’ll dress up for your date and flirt with you over drinks and your meal. Then, when you’re ready to get physical, the club offers private-room dances starting at only $250 for 30 minutes, plus drinks for both of you.

Deja Vu (club review) is another club for unwinding with a pretty girl with flirtation and drinks before heading off to the VIP.  The atmosphere is relaxed, low hustle.

I’ve seen an elderly gentleman at Deja Vu so drawn to the dancer flirting with him (Savannah) that he leaned over and kissed her.  He wasn’t trying to be aggressive.  That was just how she made him feel.

Another dancer might have summoned a bouncer to throw the guy out.  But Savannah just smiled and kissed him back.  And then she laughed.  The guy was beaming.  A little while later they headed off hand-in-hand for a private-bedroom show.

A GFE is also how I met TVO correspondent Reagan Reilly, who dances at Palomino Club (club review / club website).  At Palomino Club, the girls don’t ask you for a dance—they court you until you can’t resist one.

How Much to Tip for a Girlfriend Experience

Palomino Club Vegas Dancer Renee GFE

Get to Know Renee at Palomino Club

As a general rule, if you’re buying a dancer a drink, tip her an additional $10 for every song or two that she entertains you, especially if you may not get a private dance.  I tipped my GFE at Sapphire twenty bucks for entertaining me so thoroughly—way beyond the usual lap dance experience—and then I got a VIP show too.

And if you go on to a lap dance or private show with a dancer you’ve been drinking and flirting with, you have already established a level of intimacy and trust.  The dancer tends to be more playful, and the experience tends to be warmer and more fun.

Why not spend some time with a dancer and let her charm you the next time you come to Vegas?  With the right dancer, a GFE can make your night.

Sapphire Now Offers a Girlfriend Experience with Porn Stars

Sapphire is now offering girlfriend experiences with some of the top female stars in adult films every Friday and Saturday night.

After the adult actress appears on stage, you can retire with her to one of Sapphire’s private Skyboxes for a steak and lobster dinner and/or a VIP show for dessert.

Click on the link for details.

Vegas Brothel and Escort Girlfriend Experiences

Las Vegas escorts and nearby brothels also offer girlfriend experiences that start with dinner and gambling or a show and end with actual sex, complete with kissing.  For more information, see our page on Vegas-area escorts and brothels.

23 Responses to “A Vegas Strip Club “GFE””

  1. Nunya

    Hey Arnold,
    Do you find that the girls will negotiate a rate for one or two hours of dances/hanging out, etc? Basically pay for the time with dances included – I’ve found through experience (and it makes sense) that a dancer who hangs out with you for an extended period of time would not be doing lap dances the whole time (physically doesn’t work for either side). Most will take breaks with you and hang out if it is clear you will buy more. I guess I’m asking if you can negotiate what would be GFE time with dances as opposed to keeping count of all dances for 2 hours? Maybe it would work for the dancers since they would know they are making ‘x’ dollars for the next couple hours instead of having to go sell.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, you can negotiate pretty much anything with the right dancer, especially if you offer a generous amount. If you do it, I’d love to hear about it.

      The way it usually works though is you pay for each dance and buy the girl drinks or tip her in between dances while you encourage her to stay.

  2. Jimmy Steel

    So I’m thinking of a GFE experience, and my dilemma is between Treasures and little darlings…

    Since Little darlings have that bedroom VIP thing… yet as you say, Treasures has the potential of having dinner together, etc.

    What is the VIP experience in treasures? are the rooms private enough, roomy enough to really get hot and sexy?

    Also, while we’re at it, say I buy the dancer a few drinks, and have her sit with me say for an hour, then we’d have dinner at Treasures and a 60 minute VIP session… what would you assume would be the ballpark cost for that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy Steel, in my opinion Treasures is the best GFE experience in Vegas right now.

      First, the girls will spend time with you. If you’re giving a girl signals that you’re enjoying her company, she’ll flirt with you for hours.

      As for how hot and sexy a VIP dance is, I’ve routinely had girls place my hand in the forbidden zone, brush their nipples across my mouth, ask me to spank them, ask me to suck their nipples, and *more.* I don’t think a dancer survives long at Treasures unless she gets genuine enjoyment from a dance like this.

      The steakhouse is a typical high-end Vegas steakhouse, very luxurious setting and great service, with everything a la carte and entrees in the $35 to $65 range. Salad $12, shrimp cocktail $15.

      If you do the whole appetizer through dessert thing with a drink, figure $100 per person. The dancer may not eat an entire meal. She may have a drink and an appetizer or dessert with you.

      Every dancer sets her own rates at Treasures, so I can’t say for sure what a specific girl will charge, but they are basically in line with other clubs. High-end dancers in Vegas probably make around $400 on average for a 60-minute VIP dance. The club generally requires an additional bar tab, figure another $300-$350.

      Figure on tipping the dancer another $100 for her time with you at dinner, as that is time she can’t be selling lap dances, etc. to cover her stage fee and required tip-outs.

      And if you start with buying her a couple of drinks, and she’s sitting with you for an hour before dinner and the VIP dance, figure another $100 for the drinks and tips for her time.

      Put it all together with a package for your drinks, limo and table while you’re scouting for the right girl, you could do it for $1200ish. I’d have some extra money for lap dances while you’re scouting for the right girl, limo driver tips, a tip for the VIP host, cocktail waitress tips, maybe some tips for cute dancers on stage if you want to lure them to your table, etc.

      At the end of the evening, I think you’d have the feeling you’d had a great time on a sexy, romantic date with a memorable, beautiful woman in an elegant place with great food and high standards of service.

      I’m not recommending LD’s at this time for a GFE because even the bedroom dances are air dances there right now.

      • Jimmy Steel

        Wow, Arnold, thanks for the super detailed reply. I will take it all under consideration. Thanks!

      • Jimmy Steel

        Hey Arnold, I think tomorrow I’ll be heading too Treasures per your advice. One last question – you mentioned to tip the girl for her time with me at the table – and you said you think 100$ should cover both the drinks and her tip… how much of that should be her tip? do you have a rule or ballpark for that?


        • Arnold Snyder

          Jimmy, most dancers will have a bottle of water or juice or a soft drink, something like that. I’d give them the rest as a tip.

          If a dancer is sitting there with you and she has two really expensive drinks, she’s gotten most of her tip as expensive booze, in my view. Give her the balance of the $100 as a tip.

          So it may vary by dancer.

          If she’s sitting with you guzzling expensive drinks (I ran into this once at a different club), I’d get rid of her.

          I think you’ll have a great time.

          • Jimmy Steel

            Ok great, last question.

            Should I do a lap dance, to be sure later I’d get what I want in the VIP, prior to offering her to have a drink with me?

          • Arnold Snyder

            Jimmy, I usually do if it’s a girl I don’t already know. But a lot of the time at Treasures, the girls make it so obvious that mileage will be super that you don’t really have to.

            Even a lap dance is a great time here, though, so you won’t be wasting your money.

  3. Lenora

    My boyfriend and I are headed to Sapphire to get me some dances with a girl. I’m from Detroit and we usually end up making out here. In Vegas that seems hard to find. Would we be better looking for an independent escort to go on a date? Just looking to kiss and make out not going all the way.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Lenora, you can get a lot of making out in Vegas, especially at Sapphire, except for the lips to lips contact. That will be rare. Think in terms of a light kiss at the end of your dance. But you can get plenty of nuzzling face to face, breasts to breasts, hands-on everywhere but between the legs, mouth everywhere but on the lips and between the legs. I’ve even been asked by dancers to suck on their nipples. I think you’ll have a good time.

      Independent escorts will generally be much worse about kissing than the average Sapphire dancer.

    • Arnold Snyder

      mavrik, usually no mouth-to-mouth kissing, although kissing elsewhere would be yes. Assume your genitals have to stay covered.

  4. Al

    So at Sapphire you can get private room like u described and if you tip well can you get extras besides just lap dance grinds? Like HJ or Bj or a quickly to completion? I assume LV clubs offer a lot more than say a average Miami strip club like pure platinum right? In other words can a guy get off at any of these clubs and what do u recommend? Rather than ordering a escort to my room. Clubs have more energy and in and music etc. any recommendations? Flirting is fun but every guy wants to get a release at these clubs and most you can’t so this is why I’m asking which most guys would like to ask but don’t. I ask cause I’m honest and straight forward. Thanks and great site btw.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Tim, yes, Deja Vu is a more laid-back place, with more locals early.

    The quality of dancers is better at Palomino, but I’ve never had trouble finding a girl I liked at Deja Vu when I was there for the kind of experience you’re looking for. At Deja Vu you’ll see more cute neighborhood girl types but better than you’ll see in actual locals’ clubs in Vegas.

    Deja Vu has real doors you can close. There’s a gap in the walls at the top and bottom, above and below eye level, for sound to pass through. (Legal requirement to protect the girls.)

    Palomino has rooms with floor to ceiling walls but the doorway is covered with an opaque curtain rather than a door.

    Both have lighting control in the rooms. Palomino has sound control and video in some rooms, not all. At Deja Vu you just have the club sound in the private rooms–you get whatever the DJ is playing but a little softer (there are no speakers in the private room area).

    Palomino and Deja Vu are roughly comparable in how upscale their private rooms are. Sapphire is the only club that beats them for decor, size of room, sound control, and overall upscale-ness, though Sapphire doesn’t offer full-size beds in their private rooms, while Palomino and Deja Vu do.

  6. Tim

    What are you tops clubs for GFE on Sunday evenings? I was thinking in order:
    Deja Vue
    Girl Collection
    Little Darlings

    Your thoughts?

      • Tim

        Thanks for the confirmation..I am leaning towards deja vue. Seems like maybe a smaller selection of girls early evening, but more laid back locals place.
        Is the quality of the girl better at one or the other?
        Do both places have VIP with doors you close? Lighting, sound control, video? I suspect Palimino will be a little more upscale?

        Thanks a bunch. Truly a first rate site and well managed.

  7. tony

    can i get that gfe at any club ? cause i never get lap dances , just dont like em…was thinking of going to hustler club when i get there for the 4 to 8 happy hr that you talked about, which sounds good, and i will get the guy at the door to let me in for 10 or 20.. when they ask me if i wana a dance ill just say no but gfe would be ok.. is that good

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tony, you don’t have to ask for a gfe. Just ask if she’d like a drink. Or tell her you just want to talk while handing her a twenty.



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