A Vegas Strip Club Shower Show

At Talk of the Town (a Las Vegas nude club on the Strip a few blocks north of the Stratosphere Casino), after some of the dancers complete their stage sets, they come straight into the audience—naked—to sell lap dances. I was there a couple nights ago, specifically to review the club’s shower show, when a cute young blond dancer named Pinky came directly from the stage to my lap. I asked her if the shower show was still available.

She said, “We can do that. It’s a hundred bucks for three songs, or two hundred for thirty minutes.”





Talk of the Town is one of only two clubs in Vegas that currently offer a shower show, the other being Pussycat’s (a private-show club). The Library used to feature shower shows right out in the main room behind the bartender, but sadly, the Library closed a couple years ago. Deja Vu Showgirls also once had shower shows out in the main room back when it was a nude club. On oil wrestling night, the oiled-up dancers would take turns rinsing off in the shower after their match—the best part of the show in my opinion. Now, the shower shows have all but disappeared in Vegas.

Pinky led me to the cashier to pay for the show. I pushed a hundred-dollar bill across the counter.

“Is there any hot water?” Pinky asked the cashier.

“No,” she said. “No one ever uses it so they turned off the water heater. Maybe you should do an oil show.”

“I don’t mind,” Pinky said. “I can take a cold shower. I’ve done it before.”

“What’s an oil show?” I asked.

“It’s in the shower room,” the cashier said, “except she greases up her body with lube. It’s really sexy.” She was trying to save Pinky from the cold water.

I asked Pinky if she’d rather do the oil show and she said, “How about if I lube up for two songs, then for the third song, I’ll rinse off in the shower?”


“C’mon,” she said. “Let’s go get some lube.”

I left my hundred dollar bill on the counter and followed Pinky out to the retail store that you pass through on your way into the Talk of the Town showroom. Pinky, incidentally, was still butt-naked. She’d never even put her g-string back on. She just walked right into the brightly-lit store and up to the guy behind the counter and said, “We need some lube.”

He pulled a small clear plastic bottle from beneath the counter and said, “That’s four-thirty-one with tax.”

I paid for the lube, then followed Pinky back into the showroom.

Talk of the Town’s shower show is set up like a peepshow. There are two adjacent doors—one regular door for the customer, and a frosted glass door for the dancer. The customer’s door leads to a small room with an easy chair, facing a full-length transparent Plexiglas window that looks into the shower room.

I sat down and closed the door behind me. I’d never had a shower show in Talk of the Town before. The shower room was equipped with a stool and a straight-back chair for the dancer to sit on.

Pinky entered the shower room, said “Just a minute,” and walked back out.

It was very dark in both rooms—no windows, just a bit of ambient light coming through the frosted glass from the showroom.

????????????????????????????????????????Pinky returned to the shower room with a couple small flashlights that she turned on and set on a ledge in front of the chair, then left the room again and returned with two small lit votive candles, which she set on the same ledge.

I could see there was an overhead light fixture in the shower room. “Is there a problem with the light?” I asked.

“It’s burned out,” she said. “But the candles make it more romantic, don’t you think?”

I thought about it a moment and said, “Sure. Why not?”

“Get comfy,” she said.

Pinky spent two songs—abut six minutes—squirting glops of lube onto herself and rubbing it in, turning around, bending over, rubbing every inch of her naked body until she was glistening in the candlelight.

Ah, romance. There’s just not enough romance in this world.

When the second song ended, she looked at me expectantly and raised an eyebrow, pointing at the shower behind her.

I nodded.

She turned on the shower. She looked gorgeous with the water running in rivulets down her oiled body. She turned this way and that, soaping up to wash the lube from her skin.

When the song ended she turned off the water and stood there, very still, with her arms wrapped tightly around herself. I just sat there, mesmerized, until it struck me that she was shivering.

“Pinky, do you need a towel?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

I exited my cubicle and hurried to the drink counter. “Pinky needs a towel,” I said with a note of urgency.

The girl behind the counter laughed, went running into the dancers’ dressing room for a moment and came out with a roll of paper towels.

“Is that the best you can do?” I said.

It was.

When Pinky finally emerged from the shower room a few minutes later she looked radiant and refreshed. Now dressed in bra and g-string, she sat down beside me.

“How was the water?” I asked her.

“Not too bad,” she said. “Tap water in Vegas isn’t very cold in the summer.”

I tipped her an extra twenty. Best money I’d spent all week.

Talk of the Town is a great place to see some of the more unusual private shows in Vegas. In addition to the shower show, they offer a bed-dance room and two rooms with bean-bag dances. The light bulbs may occasionally burn out, and the water may be cold, but I’ve always found the dancers to be friendly and eager to meet customers’ desires. Talk of the Town does not serve alcohol, so customers are admitted at 18+.

[Update 7/16/14: A source inside Talk of the Town has informed me that since this article was posted the water heater has been turned on and the light fixture in the shower room has been fixed. I believe candlelight shower shows are still available by request. — A.S.]

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  1. j j solari

    that place sounds like whoever runs it is a fucking woman-hating sadist. someone needs to check his religion.

    • Don

      I understand.
      Felt mortified when I read that she’s shivering.
      Felt just a li’l better after reading that she said “not too bad, tap water in Vegas isn’t very cold in the summer.”
      Am still concerned – Pinky would have said so just to make him feel less awful about it, to make him feel a little relieved.

      Truly appreciate the fact that the management took care of these concerns later.

  2. mjpartise

    Pinky is the best entertainer I’ve ever met by far. I was lucky enough to have her dance for me last year and I just went to Vegas last week and went to TOTT hoping she’d be there and she was. She liked the fact I remembered her so much she sat on my lap for about a hour, naked of course, and we just shot the breeze. Then I got the half hour private dance.

  3. j j solari

    this is the only actually valuable blog on the internet. god bless you. every new entry is a gift to mankind that can never be adequately repaid.



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