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ACRecognize this man? Sure, you’ve seen him a hundred times on the Travel Channel, not to mention A&E, Discovery, E! Entertainment, BBC, and on and on. And you read his comments all the time in the national press.

Anthony Curtis is the most recognized and quoted Las Vegas expert in the world. He’s served as a consultant and gambling authority for Disney Studios, ABC’s “20/20,” and NBC’s “Crime Story.” Articles about or by Curtis have appeared in USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, Casino Player, Chicago Sun-Times, L.A. Times, Newsday, Wall Street Journal, Discover Magazine, the London Times, and other high-profile publications. He’s also been featured on “48 HOURS” and “DATELINE NBC.”

snyder2Recognize this man? Probably not. As a professional gambler, Arnold Snyder has spent the better part of his adult years keeping his mug away from cameras. So why is he blowing his cover now?

Snyder says:

For 30 years, I’ve been providing advice to gamblers on how to get by in this world without doing anything so drastic as actually getting a job. With this site, I’m charting new territory. It’s not easy to become an expert at watching women disrobe, but I’ve really put my heart into it.

It was important to Anthony Curtis, my esteemed publisher and partner in things that are not quite crime, that Topless Vegas Online provide the whole truth on the Vegas strip club scene; so he paid my way into the joints, bought my drinks, provided me with tip money for the dancers, and requires me to visit every club in town on his dime, so that I can get the story from the customers’ perspective. Because this scene is constantly in flux, I now have an expense account that allows me to continue spending a hell of a lot of my free time watching women dance around naked. So long, Blackjack. Adios, Poker. I’ve found my true calling.

All of the reviews and articles on this site allow user comments, and those comments will come to me and I guarantee they will get the attention they deserve. You can also contact me personally and privately via email at:  snyder(at)toplessvegasonline.com

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