Alexis Monroe Hosts Sapphire’s MNF Kickoff Party — Free Food, Free Booze & Dollar Dances

Sapphire Vegas Returns the Love with this Blow-Out MNF Party

Alexis Monroe is hosting Sapphire's Monday Night Football Kickoff Party

Alexis Monroe will be Joining the Sapphire MNF Bash Today

In just three hours Monday Night Football is here. Today’s kickoff-day double header starts at 4 pm.  As soon as I post this, I’m heading off to get ready for the MNF parties in the Vegas strip clubs.

Sapphire just announced that their kickoff-day extravaganza will be hosted by porn star Alexis Monroe.  The club will also feature free food and a hosted open bar from 4 pm to 8 pm. This is the first time I can remember Sapphire having a 4-hour-long open bar and with the club’s terrific free buffet throughout both games.

Better yet, the club’s famous halftime dollar dance tsunami will be taking place as usual during both halftimes.  Pro tip:  You’d better get there early if you hope to find a place to park.

Entry fee is $20 for the main room (tailgate food) and $40 for the Showroom (sumptuous buffet). The Showroom will sell out fast so call 702-869-0003 to reserve right now if that’s where you want to be.

The differences between the two options are that the Showroom has larger HD viewing screens and a more lavish buffet. The main room will be rowdier. But the booze flows freely in both rooms and both rooms will be more than worth the money. This kickoff party is like an annual gift that Sapphire bestows on its loyal guests.

Click here for Sapphire’s MNF and Thursday night packages for the rest of the season.  All MNF & Thursday game parties for the rest of the season are $20 and in the Showroom. MNF packages after kickoff day include two drinks, tailgate food, and the halftime dollar-dance tsunami.  Thursday night football packages include an open hosted bar for the first half of the game and halftime dollar dances.

You can also get a Sapphire Monday Night Football season pass here for $150 that gets you the MNF package for 17 regular-season games plus a free ticket to Sapphire’s Super Bowl party (last year $75 all by itself).

More Monday Night Football in the Vegas Strip Clubs

There will be also be MNF parties with free food and great drink deals at Palomino, for guys who prefer nude clubs, and Deja Vu Showgirls (open bar, free food), Legends Room (free food, drink specials) and other Vegas strip clubs.  See our full post on Monday Night Football in the Vegas strip clubs.


3 Responses to “Alexis Monroe Hosts Sapphire’s MNF Kickoff Party — Free Food, Free Booze & Dollar Dances”

  1. Tred

    I’m sure both rooms feature Sapphire’s legendary mileage. And a bevy of attractive dancers, but from a lap dance perspective, is the $40 room worth it?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tred, if you sit in the right location in the Showroom, it’s worth it. There will be a higher per-capita number of dancers in the Showroom.

      The dancers start from the back wall of the Showroom. So if you’re near the back wall of the Showroom, it’s as good as it gets. If you’re in the main room, you will thrive near the aisles, especially near the entrance to the main room.



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