Alien Cathouse — Review

The Laid-Back, Friendly Brothel with a Sense of Fun

Alien Cathouse prostitute

Lita Crystalskull Works at Alien Cathouse

As Vegas-area brothels go, the Alien Cathouse (brothel website) is the laid-back, less-expensive option. There’s a crazy gift shop in front peddling flying saucer souvenirs, an upside-down Christmas tree in the front lobby for the holidays, and extraterrestrial figurines and artwork decorating the hallways and public areas.  The girls tend to be pretty neighborhood girl types you’d be proud to show off to a buddy.  They’re quick to smile and easy to connect with.

The ET-green “Area 51 Alien Center” is what you’ll see from the highway when you get there. Doesn’t look much like a brothel, does it?

That’s because the Area 51 Alien Center is a souvenir shop that stands in front of the Alien Cathouse. If you like weird flying saucer memorabilia — t-shirts, mugs, ray guns, etc — you’ll like the Area 51 Alien Center.

Connected to the Alien Center is a 1950s-style diner. This is a burger/fries/chili kind of place with small-town prices and food you can eat there or order in to the brothel. Behind the diner, you’ll find the Alien Cathouse brothel.

Area 51 Alien Center

The Alien Cathouse — What You’ll See from Hwy 95

A lot of Hwy 95 traffic stops here for gas (there’s also a gas station) and snacks, as this place is otherwise out in the middle of nowhere. Flying saucer territory.

Area 51 itself is located on US govt property across the highway from the Alien Center, sandwiched between the Nellis Air Force Range and the Nevada Test Site, where atom bomb tests were once conducted. You won’t be able to go into Area 51 without risking your life, as there are WARNING signs all over the place cautioning trespassers: “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.”

My advice would be to spend your time safely in the souvenir shop, the diner, and the brothel, which has a full bar and a pool table in addition to the ladies. Unless flying saucers are currently landing at the Nevada Test Site, there’s nothing to see there.

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

Alien Cathouse is a clean and comfortable place where the rooms are furnished with antique-style beds and the girls add their own personal touches to the decor, which I like.  It’s like visiting a sorority house or college dorm.

It’s located about 70 minutes north of the Las Vegas Strip via US-95 N.  It’s open 24/7/365.  ADA-approved.  Visa and Mastercard accepted (they use “discreet billing”). No reservation is necessary, but call (775) 372-5678 if you want to reserve a particular girl or arrange for free transport to the brothel.

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