Alien Cathouse — Review

The Laid-Back, Friendly Brothel with a Sense of Fun

Alien Cathouse prostitute

Lita Crystalskull Works at Alien Cathouse

As Vegas-area brothels go, the Alien Cathouse is the laid-back, less-expensive option. There’s a crazy gift shop in front peddling flying saucer souvenirs, an upside-down Christmas tree in the front lobby for the holidays, and extraterrestrial figurines and artwork decorating the hallways and public areas.  The girls tend to be pretty neighborhood girl types you’d be proud to show off to a buddy.  They’re quick to smile and easy to connect with.

The ET-green “Area 51 Alien Center” is what you’ll see from the highway when you get there. Doesn’t look much like a brothel, does it?

That’s because the Area 51 Alien Center is a souvenir shop that stands in front of the Alien Cathouse. If you like weird flying saucer memorabilia — t-shirts, mugs, ray guns, etc — you’ll like the Area 51 Alien Center.

Connected to the Alien Center is a 1950s-style diner. This is a burger/fries/chili kind of place with small-town prices and food you can eat there or order in to the brothel. Behind the diner, you’ll find the Alien Cathouse brothel.

Area 51 Alien Center

The Alien Cathouse — What You’ll See from Hwy 95

A lot of Hwy 95 traffic stops here for gas (there’s also a gas station) and snacks, as this place is otherwise out in the middle of nowhere. Flying saucer territory.

Area 51 itself is located on US govt property across the highway from the Alien Center, sandwiched between the Nellis Air Force Range and the Nevada Test Site, where atom bomb tests were once conducted. You won’t be able to go into Area 51 without risking your life, as there are WARNING signs all over the place cautioning trespassers: “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.”

My advice would be to spend your time safely in the souvenir shop, the diner, and the brothel, which has a full bar and a pool table in addition to the ladies. Unless flying saucers are currently landing at the Nevada Test Site, there’s nothing to see there.

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

The Girls at Alien Cathouse Add Their Personal Touches to the Decor

Alien Cathouse is a clean and comfortable place where the rooms are furnished with antique-style beds and the girls add their own personal touches to the decor, which I like.  It’s like visiting a sorority house or college dorm.

It’s located about 70 minutes north of the Las Vegas Strip via US-95 N.  It’s open 24/7/365.  ADA-approved.  Visa and Mastercard accepted (they use “discreet billing”). No reservation is necessary, but call (775) 372-5678 if you want to reserve a particular girl or arrange for free transport to the brothel.

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7 Responses to “Alien Cathouse — Review”

  1. Brian

    Tried this place in Aug 2019. Only one lady working at 2 pm. Very nice but only average looks. Wanted $1,000 for a one hour Nuru massage. Told her all I wanted was a massage and BJ. Wanted $888. Yes that’s exactly what she said. It was clear she wasn’t willing to negotiate so needless to say I left. Completely absurd.

  2. Brandon

    Hi Arnold,
    I made a trip to the Alien Cathouse about two weeks ago. I arrived on a regular ole Monday morning around 10:00 A.M.I rented a car in Vegas and made the drive out there. I spoke to two different ladies working and only wanted a very simple “party”. No more than one hour with regular sex. No anal, oral, or any kind of odd fetishes. Very basic and simple. Neither of the two ladies I spoke with would take less than 900 dollars.I told them my budget was 500 dollars in cash and I would even do 30 minutes of basic sex, but they flat out refused to budge. I was shocked to say the least. I am not sure if it is because the Alien Cathouse has started a new thing in which porn stars work there for a while (both of the ladies that I spoke with were porn stars) or what the deal was. I then drove to the Chicken Ranch and made a deal with a very nice lady for 500 in cash and we had a very simple but fun “party”. I just wanted to report this for anyone thinking the Alien Cathouse would be cheaper than the Chicken Ranch or Sheri’s Ranch. Maybe you could also provide some insight as to why I was given such a high price for a regular ole Monday morning in the middle of May (and no I do not stink or have bad hygiene lol). Thanks.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brandon, thanks for the report, especially the price you got at Chicken Ranch. The problem at Alien Cathouse was definitely that the two girls were porn stars. Porn stars are always more expensive. Each of the brothels has some.

      If you had talked to a non-porn star (it could be there were none available when you got there), you could have gotten the same price you got at Chicken Ranch. This is a good reason to have your own wheels.

  3. jerry

    Hi Arnold,

    Not sure if its appropriate to ask but I like Anal kind of guy. So in Sheri’s or Chicken or Alien’s is that service provided? If not all the ladies provide it, the only way to find out is once you have them in the room and talk about the services? Is this service higher in price compared to other service? what if the lady you choose does not provide this? Do you come back and pick again and try or are you to make your likes known while in the bar or pick up itself?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jerry, you have to pick a girl and go to the room with her and tell her there. If she’s not into anal, she’ll take you back out to the bar and steer girls to you who are. You take it from there.

      This service will be a higher price than normal intercourse and/or a blowjob. I would budget for twice as much.

      Sheri’s might be the best place for this, since they generally have a larger selection of girls.

  4. jerry

    The Limo service also drop you back right?
    Is there uber/rideshare nearby?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jerry, yes, the limo service at Alien Cathouse will also return you to your Las Vegas hotel. There’s rideshare available nearby in Pahrump as well.



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