Amateur Nights in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Little Darlings Vegas Wet T-shirt Contest

Little Darlings Contestant Getting Wetted Down

Vegas strip clubs use amateur contests to audition dancers.  You don’t have to want a job at the strip club to participate or win, but most contestants are girls who are hoping to land a job.

That’s what makes the contests fun to watch. The prize money and the possibility of landing a new career means the contestants really give it their all. In most cases, the only requirement for entrants is that they have valid photo ID showing their age.

There are three weekly amateur competitions in the Vegas strip clubs right now, and all have been running for years.

Little Darlings Vegas, Where the Amateurs Get Drenched

Little Darlings Vegas has its “Best Chest in the West” weekly amateur wet t-shirt contest every Wednesday night around midnight. (That’s tonight!) The contestants get one at a time into a child’s wading pool on stage and the emcee wets them down with a heavy duty water gun.  Most girls try to dance or pose while they’re getting wet, others just sit in the pool and laugh.

Though Little Darlings is a nude club, no nudity is required in this contest. Most contestants get topless and some (especially those who are hoping to land a job) get fully nude.

There’s up to $500 in prize money.


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I did see a dancer win at Little Darlings one night even though she never removed her bra or panties. She really was the best looking girl on stage and also the best dancer. Most amateur contests are judged by audience applause and the audience that night responded to talent and beauty over tits and ass.  It happens.

Little Darlings is a female- and couples-friendly Vegas strip club. All lap dances (starting at $20) are done fully nude in private booths away from the main floor. Locals $15. Out-of-state $35 (or $15 if you arrive by the free club limo). Call 702-366-1141 to reserve your ride. Check out upcoming Little Darlings events at the club’s website. Full nude, no alcohol, 18+  

Hustler’s Honey Search Amateur Contest

Hustler Club Vegas has a weekly Monday night “Hustler Honey Search” at 11 pm.  They advertise “$1000s in Cash & Prizes.” I was at the contest one night when the emcee felt the audience applause was tied between two contestants, so they had each girl give a lap dance to a customer on stage to determine the winner.  That was a hoot.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Gilley’s Amateur Bikini Bull-Riding Contest Pits the Strippers Against the Tourists

Finally, this isn’t a strip club, but on Sunday nights, Gilley’s country western bar (in Treasure Island) has an amateur bikini bull-riding contest around 10 pm. This one is not an audition for a job at Gilley’s — it’s just a crazy sexy contest and it’s fun to watch.

Some of the contestants are tourists who spontaneously sign up after they’ve had a few.  They strip down to their undies and try to stay on the bull despite the operator’s diabolical manipulations of the beast.  They’re cute when they go flying off.

Other contestants are Vegas strippers on their night off just going for the prize money.  They’re tough to beat, doing their stripper moves and leg spreads on the rocking bull.  The judges tend to score them highly.

No cover charge. Full bar, 21+


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9 Responses to “Amateur Nights in the Vegas Strip Clubs”

  1. Brian

    Hi Arnold, we are going to be in Vegas the first week in February. She has always wanted to strip to full nude for a room full of people.Is there any place you recommend? She has a great set of tits and loves to show them off.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian: None of the Vegas strip club amateur contests have returned since the pandemic fiasco. If I hear of any, I will post about it.

  2. Stephen

    Hey Arnold,

    We are planning to go to Vegas end of July. Are amateur nights back in action these days?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Stephen: I know of no amateur nights currently scheduled in the Vegas strip clubs. End of July is two months away. Check back later, or just keep reading this blog, as I will post info about new events I hear about.

  3. Kelly

    My wife and I are coming to Las Vegas in a few weeks. She has always wanted to enter an amateur strip contest (full nude). She’s gorgeous! Where do you recommend we go?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Kelly, there is just nothing like that right now. But I’ll tell you what, everyone would appreciate your wife showing up at a topless pool.

      I believe the crowd at Moorea Beach at Mandalay or Radius at Stratosphere would be very happy to see your wife in a teeny bikini bottom and nothing else, dancing on the pool deck. You could really get the party going.

      • Kelly

        Thanks Arnold,
        That sounds good! I think the crowd would love her!

  4. Wendi Turner

    I want to find an amateur strip night for big girls, for sorta a bucket list wish, is there such a thing?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Wendi, there are period contests at the Vegas strip clubs for big girls. I don’t know of any planned at the moment, but they usually happen every few months.

      I’ll post it when the next one is planned.



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