Annual Palomino Houseboat Party!


Annual Palomino Houseboat Party!

The most coveted industry invitation in the Las Vegas men’s club world is the Annual Palomino Houseboat Party on Lake Mead. The lake was the place to party Monday afternoon and evening.

For several years Adam G has hosted the hotel and club concierges, and club promoters for a blow-out in a hidden cove. In the first-year word got out to followers of the dancers and an armada of private boats surrounded the Palomino Party Boat. Jeff and Keith have taken steps to keep the event more intimate for the exclusive enjoyment of the connectors in the city and for the enjoyment of the pampered Palomino performers.

There is a reason that “The World-Famous Palomino Club” has earned the top spot in TVO’s Annual Hot List. Being #1 requires the staff to be the best in town. I suspect events like the Houseboat Party keep the dancers coming back for more!

At the appointed hour the club’s luxury buses rolled from the parking lot on N. Las Vegas Blvd towards one of the larger marinas on the lake. TVO took a oath of secrecy not to divulge the time or place of the giant boats launch. When we arrived a conga line of beautiful girls strolled across the docks and gangplank. It seemed to brighten the world of the other boat owners puttering around with their dinghies in the harbor!

The giant party boat by @vegaspartyboat included a DJ booth, a band stage, room to dance and a enormous hot tub in front of the stage. The open bar was pumping out drinks and shots efficiently … with a risk of running out of Tequila as the only worry.

The boat’s captain gave us our mandatory safety briefing as the “law of the seas” requires. He did note that smoking weed in a National Park was against the law; so, if we saw a Park Ranger we should stop immediately. One dancer shouted that “she’d blow that Ranger!”

Several of us immediately told her we happen to be Park Rangers in case she meant what she said.

Palomino’s Private Cove

After a brief and refreshing cruise, the captain found a secluded cove and pulled right up the sandy bank. The large gangplank was lowered, and everyone was free to roam, wade into the lake or party on board. Several boats that were in on the secret party moored adjacent to the Houseboats and a small fleet of Jet Skis joined the action. The @vegaspartyboat has a recreation deck, a crazy fast slide, and large floating mats. About half of the partiers went into the water. It was cool, but not cold.

If you like friendly Rottweilers, you could play with Whiskey. He was the friendliest water dog I’ve ever seen. His owners brought him on a separate boat; and he desperately wanted to join the party when the food was served.

The extraordinary Shawn’s @puffy_tacos catered the party. Their unique take on taco’s, carne asada, chicken pork or vegan went over well. I’d say that most partiers taste buds and appetites were over stimulated by this point.

Another revelation was a party and boat sponsor called Alcohol Armor. God bless @alcoholarmor, a 2oz tasty shot has he combination of vitamins and minerals to ward off a hangover the morning after a Palomino’s style party!

Celebrities on Board

Adult Superstars Katie Morgan and Evan Stone

Among the celebrity guests I spotted adult stars Katie Morgan, and her steady guy, Evan Stone.

Katie looked great, as usual,, and Evan looked like he’s exhausted himself somehow. I can’t guess why for the life of me! Seriously, Evan and Katie are two of the friendliest and approachable people in Las Vegas. They seemed to have the art of partying down well. They were definitely helping  everyone trying to spot a Lake Mead National Park Ranger in the cove!

Party Like a Rockstar at Palomino

TVO is not here to kiss and tell. I’ll characterize it as a boat full of men who like girls … and girls who really like the way they look in bikinis. The DJ rocked the house until the sun went down, then an excellent four-piece band took over and had the crowd dancing on every flat spot on the big boat. The only break they took gave a chance for Adam to treat his guests and dancers to an impressive firework show.

Palomino Fireworks on Lake Mead


If you’d like to join this party next year … work on your pole skills and become a dancer at Palomino or get into the business of sending customers to the only club in Las Vegas that is full nude … and full bar!

Keith, Jeff and Adam … Thanks for the invitation!



The End

The End


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