Another Big Tell We’ve Won

Siege on the White House Turned into a Jazz Fest

On August 3, Black Spot Collective, a Canadian Marxist group associated with the Soros color revolution in Serbia, started organizing a 50-day Siege on the White House to start this Thursday, September 17.  The plans were all laid out on their website,, which openly called for physically removing President Trump from the White House.

I’m not even going to start on the effrontery of Canadians planning a coup in the United States.  There is obviously something seriously wrong mentally with a country that could reelect Trudeau.  In any case, I wrote about their plans for an assault on the White House here.

The video below was taken during the Democrats’ first attempt at an assault on the White House at the end of May.  The People’s Liberation Army of China was directly involved in it and had multiple personnel on the ground there.  China’s been funding BLM from the start and using it to launder money to the Democrats.

The underlying goal of the Siege on the White House was to provoke an overreaction from Trump.  Democrats wanted a Kent State massacre to turn public opinion in favor of a coup.

They failed.  And now, suddenly, the Adbusters website is backing off talk of a siege. Instead, they are calling for a 50-day jazz festival.  Here is their most recent “Tactical Briefing”:

#WhiteHouseSiege has an ominous ring to it. But it could turn out to be the most beautiful, festive, and effective uprising that America has seen since the Revolution.

Their new poster calls for “50 days of non-violent improvisational jazz.”  We’re apparently all supposed to grab a clarinet and go to Lafayette Park and “improvise”.

Another poster shows rioters in front of a burning White House, with hands holding flowers in front, another obvious attempt to evoke Summer of Love sentiment.

They claim that attention by the “Far-Right”, including a One America News broadcast focused on the White House Siege, led to the decision to restate their intentions.

It’s worth noting that every “tactical briefing” from the group has included the phrase “non-violence”, as has virtually every poster I’ve seen calling for rioting in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Kenosha, etc.  For the left, rioting, looting, arson and assault are now considered “non-violence”.  Silence, being white, and private property are considered “violence”.

So Antifa-BLM may make another stab at setting up a CHAZ-style “occupied zone” in Lafayette Park, with the media using it to push peace and love propaganda collected during the day while riots reign at night.  Antifa-BLM rely on a huge crowd of normies to hide behind as they carry out their crimes.

But pretty much the entire Riot Kitchen group from Portland was rolled up in Kenosha.  Rose City Antifa’s favorite murderer, Michael Reinohle, died in a firefight with cops.  Other Antifa-BLM from Seattle, Portland and Chicago were just rolled up en masse in Lancaster and Pittsburgh.  In Lancaster, they’re being held on $1 million bail each.

So Antifa-BLM has to be lacking in thugs about now.  And after the attempted execution of two cops in L.A., I question whether Antifa-BLM can still turn normies out.

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  1. jj solari

    they actually didnt shoot cops. they shot LA County Sheriffs. Probably the most aggressively bad-ass armed contingent in America after the Marines. don’t just feel sorry for the SHOOTER when they get him: feel sorry for anyone he ever knew or talked to in his whole life. They are bad enough when they are jocular and devil-may-care. Now they are pissed..

  2. Bill

    Well this is good news, but is it just pr so the media can say now they are calling a jazz festival violent. But yeah the strategy is getting all the useful idiots they can to support them, which is why I don’t accept the statements about black lives matter and then them saying they aren’t talking the group.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Hakkasan has laid off 8 of its top people:

    Corporate Sales Manager, Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Operations Service Training Manager, Resident DJ and more.

    Biden was out telling Democrats not to get the vaccine today. And Deep State Redfield of the CDC was out telling people masks work better than a vaccine, when the vaccine is likely to be 90% effective and the CDC’s studies show masks don’t work at all.

    Lots of swamp yet to drain.

  4. Davehat

    So what’s the update on topless girls? Vegas is closed but what other cities have open stripclubs?

    • 808forever

      Dave, as far as I know, Utah, Wyoming and Florida have clubs open. I plan to go to Florida during Halloween, so I hope I have enough to do a proper report.

      As for here, the clubs remain closed, but the recent judgment in PA gives us some hope for reopening.

  5. Aaron

    So… in one of the other threads i mentioned that one of the strip clubs in des Moines IA managed to stay open though our recent lockdown (which is all but over cause Gov Kim opened everything but 1 county no one cares about) by labeling themselves as an entertainment venue and not a bar. I had a free night last night so i figured why the hell not and checked it out. This is Iowa so my expectations were super low. We’re not really known for having good clubs here. I had no idea what they required for masks, if we got to touch the girls or not and what social distancing rules were.

    Club Name: Beach Girls… located next to a goddamm cornfield and a river (hence the beach?)
    Nude club.
    BYOB – this was a nice feature as it let me pay gas station beer prices for my alchohol. They also had a kiosk at the entrance where you could buy booze and bring it into the club. (A 20 oz of Bud Light was 5$)
    Clothed private dance $30 1 song
    Mostly nude dance $40 1 song
    30 min VIP $300

    I go in and there is a bag of disposable masks at the front but literally no one on the place is wearing them not even the staff. The venue itself is nice. Size is about like the 1sr floor if the palomino. Not fancy/opulent but very clean. Polished wood decor, large center double stage that had about 10 different poles. In the back are 4 or 5 pool tables and a dart machine.

    There is zero social distancing going on with the girls and the customers. For some reason they wanted the groups of customers to stay marginally apart from each other. We are allowed to sit at the rail and toss $ at the girls while they dance and they come up and show appreciation by letting u cop a feel and put on a little mini show for you. (Boobies in your face or legs around your head type of thing). Its a Thursday night so around 8 ish theres only about 7 girls there. As it got later i think that grew to about 12 or 15. I found out later that due to COVID they can only have 20 girls max at a time. Quality of girls… think Deja vu or little darlings. Mostly 6s and 7s two 8s and one 9. The dancing quality varried greatly from girls that weren’t comfortable with stripper shoes and almost fell to pro level. Private dances were high milage. Girls touched you and You could touch them at the same level you could in Vegas a year ago at Treasures. As the night got on it was fairly busy (not packed). Music was good the DJ was pretty fun. At once point they started bringing girls from the crowd and letting them strip down while the dancers performed softcore lesbian moves on them (kinda hot).
    I did 2 of the 30 min dances. 1 was really good. The other i wish i had tried her out on a song dance 1st. As far as the $40 per son dance price goes, i think that is crazy high. However, given whats going on with the bat plague, and they are full contact, i had no problem paying it. Overall was very fun and ill probably go again some time.

    I dont know how they are getting around the social distancing regulations. One of the girls said they get calls from the state every day to ask if they’re masking and they tell them “well theres hand sanitizer on the stage.”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, thanks for the great report.

      Sounds like a good time. You know, the Vegas girls are all out there back in their home states where they can actually work. Sisolak never managed to get unemployment benefits for many of the self-employed people here.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if clubs in states like Iowa get very Vegas-like. Treasures-like mileage in Iowa is amazing.



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