Another Hot Summer at Sea Mountain

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Another “Hot Summer” at Sea Mountain in Las Vegas


Dewee and the lovely Lelani welcomed us with these words again … “You’re home now. This is home!” The second paradise they’ve designed in Las Vegas is flourishing in the desert.

While he and Julie were developing this location, they were also running the original Sea Mountain Inn near Palm Springs. Over the last ten years they have been featured in Playboy (Top Things to Do Before You Die), New York Times (Best Nudist Resort in the World), and in other popular media outlets including VH1, MTV, NPR, Esquire, GQ, Village Voice, LA Magazine and dozens of other publications.

New Sea Mountain Las Vegas Location – Minutes from The Strip

On this hot Saturday we got to experience their oasis in Nevada. To gain entry, you must either be a single woman or a couple. The resort is run exclusively by women, to add another layer of security and comfort for all visitors. Although we’re not a “lifestyles couple” (swingers), my wife and I have both had our fair share of adventurous fun over the years. Sea Mountain in Las Vegas was our favorite exotic treat.

The previous Sea Mountain Temple was located about a mile away from this convenient spot. Consistent with the first location is the Hindu art collection from 24 countries, the incredible music system, the chill vibe of gathered pleasure seekers, a Super Model staff, and, in Dewee’s own words, “the fuckin’ fried chicken!”

Dewee and the stunning Manager, Mika, walked us from the office through a series of connected single story buildings that were commercial zoned offices before this impressive renovation.

The first room is the 24/7 “dance club.” The dark room includes a small dance floor, disco lighting, a high-quality stripper pole, a centered fixed ottoman suitable for several couples (the infamous Round Bed) big throw pillows and several couches. We were early arrivals on this sunny Saturday. No one was using this first party room yet. Where else can you dance at 8am in Las Vegas?


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One door away was the main pool area. As is custom, all new guests are welcomed anonymously to all of the guests already in party mode. You are introduced as “new friends” and dozens of naked people wave back at you. You’re slightly self-conscious because you are clothed. It makes you want to disrobe immediately, but there is more to see at the resort.

Before you move on you notice immediately that the comfortable designer lounge chairs, the round daybeds, and the curtained cabanas are grouped much closely together that the last property. Since most readers didn’t experience the last location, I won’t do much of a compare and contrast. I will say that the previous property was more open and garden like. The new location places the pools, shower, hot tubs in a more concentrated pattern. In this new location it’s hard to feel remote or detached from the other guests. I grew to like this layout better because of the proximity to other naked adults. For a review of the previous property, see this article from 2018 by TVO Reader Frank. K

Moving from the pool, into a second building is an open glass windowed food and beverage service room. You’ll find a spread of snacks, crudité, and fried chicken. Water, soft drinks and iced tea are always available as part of your admission fee. There is an ice maker and a large glass door refrigerator to store your BYOB choices.

Sea Mountain:  Las Vegas’ Nudist Resort and Lifestyle Retreat

Towels are included. Additionally, on request they offer robes, hats and sunglasses are available. They have a comfortable changing room with secure individual lockers. Sea Mountain has one TV ‘sports’ lounge for catching a game if your team is playing on the same day you are playing at Sea Mountain. Before you make it out to the enormous hot tub there is one more sumptuous playroom. It is a series of well cushioned floor mats and a variety of throw pillows. Sexy theatrical lighting makes it a cool retreat for a romp, even on a blazing Vegas day.

French doors lead out to the newly constructed “play tub,” I’m told it can fit 80 people! We saw as many as 18 in it at one time, and there was room to spare. It’s the largest lifestyle hot tub I’ve ever seen. It features 45 jets and teared seating. With the summer in full swing the staff had mercifully turned the heat off. We would see some kinky action around the pools but boiling naked people in a cauldron of scalding water was not on the agenda. This hot tub is surrounded by two clusters of handmade day beds, in a secluded side garden. I suspect this is the hub of activity at night and in the winter months. It’s cozy and welcomes the friskier pool partiers.

After the hot tub, you circle back into the main pool area. Here there appears to be about 60+ lounge chairs, several sexy VIP round beds and another half dozen cabanas with discrete linen curtains. The main pool is a rectangle with a deep end for underwater lovers. The pool is sized perfectly to join couples into natural conversations, flirting and the sex play enjoyed in the water. The pool makes us all feel weightless and nimble!

The pools area brings the lounge chairs together in a way that you’ll meet your neighbors. We enjoyed meeting a sexy couple from the East Coast. It only took a tilt of the eye to watch her stroke his cock, and for him to return her attention with his fingers in her shaved pussy.

The rest of the pool complex includes several round brunch tables, a dazzling gold in laid tiled outdoor shower, and a “weed tent.” Sea Mountain is very 420 friendly. The weed smoking and vaping takes place all over the outdoor areas; however, it never overwhelms the guests. By nightfall the snacks offered become more salty, savory and sweet. Chips, popcorn and cookies are “pitch perfect munchies” when the highs reach their highs!

Day and Evening Naked Las Vegas Fun – 24/7/365

By 2pm most folks are comfortable enough to start playing openly with their partners. Hand jobs beget blow jobs. Guys going down on their partner becomes every sex position imaginable on the plush lounge chairs. A few couples got together for group sex, but most of that takes place in the playrooms. Outside, it’s much more of a couple’s oasis. People who enjoy fucking, enjoy watching … and enjoy being watched. No one presses themselves on others. It is a very comfortable environment.

We planned to stay a couple of hours; we ended up staying for nine hours! One of the wonderful features at Sea Mountain, is the ability to go off site to buy some beer or wine, some edibles or weed … or even go out for a great Las Vegas meal or show…and then return ‘home’ to the naked party. Sea Mountain is less than two minutes to the Strip (5 minutes from the airport). I was close enough to go home a bring back some wine and weed to Sea Mountain. We were completely chilled out by 5pm. We were thrilled when the hot sun went in … and the elegant night lights lit up the pools. Dewee’s famous music mixes float you through the day. His soundtrack never allows the crowd’s mood to get off track.

Rolling Stone Magazine said there is no better DJ than Dewee! His California spa guests have included Johnny Depp and Eminem.

To see the larger set of celebrity guests who visit Sea Mountain … pay a visit and see who has sent a ‘thank you Dewee’ autograph to the famous spa.


The ethos at Sea Mountain is ‘militant acceptance.’ There is a wide variety of ages and shapes. One older gentleman was content to lash the bottom of his female partner. The couple next to them was engaging in oral sex. The female asked the older fellow to include her in the lashes. She adjusted herself so that her ass was facing him. He obediently complied with her request and starting to alternate the strikes between his date, and the 2nd woman. The interplay among the guests is relaxed and pressure free.

The hosts are famous for their welcome and the ongoing spirit of  entertainment…that’s ‘entertainment’ in the hosting sense. Dewee and his team of 100% female employees are always circulating, asking about your comfort, toting bottles of ‘energy drinks’ ( SMI does NOT SELL alcohol of any kind. It’s BYOB). The staff will skillfully pour their energy drink into your open mouth.


Sea Mountain – Minutes from The Strip

Sea Mountain Las Vegas is located about one mile east of the south Las Vegas Strip.  The resort is open 365 days a year.  A day retreat pass (10:30 am to 5:00 pm) is $159 -$299 per couple (only $39-$99 for a solo women).  A day and evening pass (10:30 am to 2:00 am) is $179-$599 per couple.

These packages include full access to all nude pools and spas, the wood sauna, plus all cabanas, gardens and the club house, including the nightclub and party rooms. Also included is lunch for two, unlimited iced teas, soft drinks, coffees and spring waters. Robes and towels, private lockers, and day beds are included.  This is not a hotel and no spa services are offered in this location. They do offer a complimentary limo service to one of the most awarded Thai Spas in Las Vegas. They’ll whisk you round trip to and from paradise if you’d like get a massage at a separate price.

We can’t wait to get back ‘home again’ to Sea Mountain!

For Reservation Call: 702-859-9460

Website: or



40 person hot tub!


Tranquil nude pool


Lovely all female staff


24/7 club … sexy play rooms and dance club



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