Ask Reagan – A Las Vegas Dancer Answers Your Questions

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Ask Reagan – A Las Vegas Dancer Answer Your Questions

Reagan Reilly does feature dancing all over the U.S. and has won many awards including the Audience

Reagan Reilly at Palomino Vegas

Reagan Reilly in Palomino’s Red Room

Favorite Award at the Miss Nude Midwest Pageant and Miss Nude Wisconsin 2014. Luckily for us Las Vegans, Reagan’s home club is Palomino (club review / club website), where you’ll often find her dancing when she’s not on tour.

Reagan is a regular contributor at TVO as well as a Dancer of the MonthIf you have a question for Reagan, you can post it in the comments below, or contact Reagan on Facebook here or her website,, or email her directly at reagan(a)

Here are some of the questions Reagan received recently with her answers:

What do you think dancers look for in a man? What would make a guy stand out to you, or other dancers?

I think dancers date the same as other people. We want someone honest and committed. We have to find someone who is okay with our job, and doesn’t get jealous. Trust is probably the biggest thing for both people in a relationship with a dancer.

What blessings, barriers, & stigmas has the strip club industry added to your life?

Reagan Reilly Palomino Club VegasI feel like I’ve experienced more blessings than barriers as a dancer. I feel like it’s a blessing to have the freedom to work a job I love. I love being a performer. I love making my own schedule. I’m able to travel anywhere and work. It’s a blessing to make good money, it allows me the freedom to do things in life I really want to do. I personally don’t feel like I experience too many barriers.

I’m 100% into my stripping career, so I don’t have to worry about hiding what I do because of future employment or any other circumstance. As far as stigmas, I personally don’t feel like I encounter too many obstacles or judgment either. I feel confident and strong in what I do, so I don’t really care what other people think. Once in awhile I get negative vibes from people and I remember it’s their issue, not mine, and I continue living my happy stripper life.

When are you visiting PA/Ohio?

Right now I’m not sure when I’ll be visiting the East Coast. Stay tuned on my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for updates.

How come the stripper is always vilified as a vile, immoral strumpet but the guy with his elbows on the stage, his tongue being stepped on half the time because its out so far, and leaking clear glycerine from every opening he’s got, it’s all just “boys will be boys” with him?

I guess it has to do with the stereotypes.

Seeing a female at a strip club … Does it make you feel any different?

I like when women come to the club. I always approach couples, and I always talk to the lady first. It doesn’t make me feel any different.

I know you need to be strong physically and train … do you do your own choreography?

Reagan Reilly Palomino ClubMost of the time yes, but I’ve learned most of what I know from training with other dancers. And I will definitely work with other dancers again!

How does one dance sober?

I dance sober the same way I stay sober in day-to-day life … remembering I am an addict/alcoholic and I just simply cannot drink/use. As far as the specific environment, I remember I’m there to do a job, I’m not there to drink. Now that I’ve been dancing sober for a couple years, I don’t even think about it anymore.

How do you deal with women who are jealous of said dancer (general rudeness and acting out) because they went to a club with their significant other?

I personally deal with it by avoiding that customer. If she acts out too much, they will probably ask her to leave. Most of the time women customers are okay, but I’ve seen them get upset.

How does a dancer decide which establishment is safe to work at or finding a place with reputable security? For instance, being walked to your car if someone was bothering you/scaring you/creepy/etc.?

I think a dancer usually picks a club to check out based on that club’s reputation, or word of mouth from other dancers. Then we go to audition and if you feel comfortable and get hired you can start working there. Usually security is a top priority in clubs.

Why do strippers hate me?

Lol. Well what did you do? We usually get annoyed at customers who don’t tip, or are disrespectful.

Is it really awkward giving lap dances to people you know?

Yes. For me it’s usually uncomfortable. Sometimes I won’t do the dance, or if I do, I remember I’m doing my job and that’s that.

What really happens in the VIP?

I hate to ruin any fantasies, but VIPs are usually just dances. The amount of “mileage” or physical touching is at the dancers discretion or based on the club’s contact rules. It’s usually not more than that, unless you’re at a club with illegal activities. Prostitution/sex, I would say, is pretty rare … that has been my experience anyway.


Click here to link to the Palomino Club

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Photos above by Michael Maze.

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    Is it possible by any means to get Sex or GFE in VIP rooms of strip clubs?

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    Well put I love honesty keep up the good work Reagan you’re a true inspiration



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