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Palomino Club will Reopen Monday Night

Palomino Club, one of the very best strip clubs in Las Vegas, is reopening Monday night. For the first week or two, the club will be opening at 8 pm and closing at their normal time of 5 am Sundays through Thursdays and 7 am Friday and Saturday nights.  They plan to get back to… Read more »

What the Siege on the White House Turned Into

One Guy with an Animal Horn I’ve already written about how the climax of the Democrats’ Election Chaos strategy was supposed to be a 50-day Siege on the White House. The siege was supposed to start today. Then yesterday Attorney General Barr let it leak out that he was encouraging federal prosecutors to charge violent… Read more »

Democrat Officials Conspire to Keep Low Bat Plague Numbers from the Public (Updated)

Nashville Democrats Hide Data to Shut Down Bars and Restaurants Bat Plague cases coming from bars and restaurants were so low in Nashville that the Democrat mayor’s office conspired with city health department officials to hide it from the public. In fact, despite knowing these low numbers, Nashville Mayor John Cooper closed bars and restaurants… Read more »

Another Big Tell We’ve Won

Siege on the White House Turned into a Jazz Fest On August 3, Black Spot Collective, a Canadian Marxist group associated with the Soros color revolution in Serbia, started organizing a 50-day Siege on the White House to start this Thursday, September 17.  The plans were all laid out on their website,, which openly… Read more »