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Rout of the Traitors Monday

Monday, What a Monday Summary (Pinned) What a Monday.  The Arizona legislature held its hearing on election fraud in the state today and it was a doozy.  Even worse than PA, with evidence it’s been going on for decades at a rapidly increasing rate.  See the highlights below. Plus a source says to expect a… Read more »

Start Packing for Gitmo, Coup Plotters Sunday

Trump will Give a Presidential Address to the Nation Before the Electoral College Convenes Trump and Surrogates Start Prepping the Public for Emergency Measures like Lincoln’s Biden Turns Himself In? Sunday Summary:  Today was like a novel.  You will see throughout this post that Trump and his surrogates have now reached the point of making… Read more »

Swamp Fought the Law and the Law Won Saturday

Trump Signals at Thanksgiving Press Conference (Pinned) Trump Won in a Landslide, Caught the Crooks and will Never Turn This Country Over to the Puppet of our Enemies Friends have been telling me to listen to the entirety of Trump’s Thanksgiving press conference.  They’ve been telling me, “it’s all there.” So I finally had time… Read more »