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Las Vegas Returns to its Roots

The Vegas Casinos Rethink This Whole Tourist Destination Thing I’ve already written about how Nevada is a fake state and Las Vegas is a carny operation rather than a real city. And I’ve already speculated in the comments that the casinos are actually supportive of Sisolak’s shutdown of the Nevada economy because they’re sick of… Read more »

The Committee of 300

Beyond Conspiracy For your Independence Day reading pleasure, here is fringe conspiracy theory website with John Coleman’s remarkable analysis of the “Committee of 300,” an “upper level parallel secret government” that runs the country and the world:  Conspirators’ Hierarchy. The manuscript is in the ClA file of materials found in the Abbottabad Compound, a… Read more »

Yet Another Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Saves Covid Patients

How Many People Did Democrats and the Media Kill with Their Lies About Hydroxychloroquine? If you missed it, yet another major study has shown that hydroxychloroquine cuts the Bat Plague death rate by 66%.  The study was conducted by the Henry Ford Health System and published yesterday in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases…. Read more »