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The Con Men of Las Vegas

Nevada Governor Sisolak:  Boiler Room Operator Yesterday I posted that Nevada Governor Sisolak had ordered a step backward in Las Vegas’ reopening after the Bat Plague shutdown.  Specifically, I noted that Sisolak had mandated face masks in public based on a hoax.  I opined that Sisolak would use the hoax to crush Nevada’s economy for… Read more »

Mad King Sisolak Just Mandated Masks Everywhere

Sisolak Returns to Busting Out the Joint Mad King Sisolak, governor of Nevada, just held a news conference where he announced face coverings would be mandatory in Nevada everywhere starting Friday. Sisolak:  “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.” Reporter: “What percentage of the new cases recently are attributable to doing much more testing?”… Read more »

Las Vegas Escort Trap at TI

Escorts Getting Stopped at Strip Hotel Elevators Las Vegas legal brothels are still closed for ScaryVirus, but Las Vegas escorts are back in operation, maybe not in full numbers, but in sufficient numbers that you won’t have trouble finding a girl. However, with the Vegas Strip hotels still at low occupancy levels, TVO readers are… Read more »