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Vegas Strip Clubs Under Full Assault

Governor Reverses Decision to Allow Nevada Strip Clubs to Have Dancers on Stage The city of Reno had issued a decision on Thursday to allow local strip clubs to reopen with dancers on stage.  The dancers were to be allowed to appear ONLY on stage.  No lap dances or private shows were to be allowed… Read more »

Where to Find a Party in Vegas Right Now

The Vegas Locals’ Casinos are Packed and Fun Friend of TVO Jamie is reporting that Bellagio remains empty since reopening, including over the weekend, while Green Valley Ranch casino was a pleasant surprise.  Jamie reports GVR is back to its old self — a full-out, packed party and a lot of fun.  Pretty local girls… Read more »

Masks Now Required at Vegas Casino Gaming Tables

Punishment for Seeing Through the DNC Bat Plague Hoax People must be punished for figuring out that Bat Plague is a Democrat election-rigging hoax, Nevada Gaming Control ruled yesterday. Now everyone has to wear a mask at any gaming table in Las Vegas that doesn’t have a Plexiglas China Cootie Collector installed on it. That’s… Read more »

China Cootie Collectors Appear at Wynn Las Vegas

As Hospitalizations Decline, Bat Plague Hoax Cranks Up in Vegas Plexiglas China Cootie collectors have started to appear on gaming tables at Wynn.  You can click the photo to enlarge it and see the screens better. I’m not sure if this is due to the general low IQ level of Wynn customers or yet another… Read more »