AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2017 Diary

The Weirdos and Perverts Come Out to Play Again

Kissa Sins at AVN/AEE 2017

Kissa Sins in Her One-Piece

One of the most fun aspects of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expos is that everyone gets to be a photographer.

If you see a famous adult star or any hot babe who’s dressed to tease, you can pull out your camera or cell phone and take a picture. She’ll almost always stop and pose for you and even follow your instructions.

You can tell her to turn around and bend over, show a little more titty, take a selfie with you, whatever. Porn stars just love to be photographed. If you get off on posing with or just photographing nearly naked beautiful women, this is the convention for you.

AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo is an annual 4-day event held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This year’s Expo ran from January 18 – 21. For TVO’s coverage of prior Expos, see:  AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 Diary and  AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Photo Diary 2015.

Clips4Sale AVN/AEE 2017

Clips4Sale Demonstrated Face-Sitting for Fan Volunteers

There were more fan seminars at the 2017 Expo than ever before, including Jessica Drake’s popular “The Ins and Outs of Anal Sex.”

AVN’s Best New Starlets discussed how and why they decided to get into the porn biz (the answer: they like sex and money).

On Day 2, there was a primer on using cannabis to enhance your sex life. (Does anyone really need a primer on this topic?) Curiously, there was a cannabis convention at the Alexis Park Hotel right across the street from the Hard Rock during the AVN Expo. Coincidence?

Dillion Harper AVN/AEE 2017

Dillion Harper Came as Harley Quinn

A seminar titled “Secrets of the Pros” discussed the sex techniques porn stars use to enhance their bedroom activities both on the set and at home.

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear conducted a demonstration of cutting edge bedroom furniture and accessories.

So You Wanna Date a Porn Star?

The funniest seminar was titled “Dating a Porn Star” and featured four female porn stars talking about the problems they’ve had dating guys who aren’t in the business.  If you have an ambition to date a porn star, here are some tips from the seminar:

R18 Girls at AVN/AEE 2017

R18 Girls Relaxing at Their Booth

1. Just because you saw her do it in a movie, don’t assume it’s something she wants to do with you.

2. Don’t even assume she enjoys what she’s doing in films (unless she’s being paid a few thousand bucks). No, just like any other girl she doesn’t want to eat your ass on a first date.  She doesn’t want to do a gang bang with you and your buddies just because you saw her do those things on a video.

3. Warning:  Don’t ever spit in her mouth!

4. Don’t choke her (unless she asks you to).

5. What do female porn stars like most?  Sorry guys, it’s romance, just like all the other girls.

The general rule inside the exhibit areas was “no nudity,” meaning no exposed nipples and no bare pussy. But there were a lot of accidental exposures since so many of the exhibitors were wearing so little.

The Lair AVN/AEE 2017

Inhabitants of The Lair Out for a Stroll

The Chaturbate girls (and boys) were camming live throughout all four days of the Expo and it was fun to watch them teasing people who were logged in to their cam performances.

Also, many of the exhibitors did crazy sexy demonstrations and fan participation performances, especially in the Lair, but also throughout the main floor. The R18 girls were especially charming in their demos. (R18.com is a Japanese porn site that specializes in young girls with exceptionally large natural breasts.)

In prior years, all of the kinky fetish booths and demonstrations were located up a flight of stairs in an area called “The Lair.” This year, however, the Lair was moved down to the main floor for all to see.

Sex Toys Go Where Sex Toys Have Never Gone Before

The Cock Cam home video cameraThis year’s AVN AEE introduced the single most important advance in the history of human inventions (or at least sex toys).  I’m talking about the Cock Cam, which is essentially a James Bond type miniature video camera mounted on a cock ring.  This allows the wearer to get close-up home movies of wherever that cock dares to go.  See the pic at left and use your imagination.

The sales people assured me this excellent product would be available in stores near you soon.

There were also new competitors in the sexual virtual reality headset market (I reported on the pioneer devices I tested last year in the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 Diary), 10,000 new entries in the dildo market, and new bondage gear to spice up any dungeon.

But I was most struck by this year’s displays of life-size sex dolls, all with functional orifices. Many are modeled on famous porn stars, but you can also get custom models, or even just heads, butts or torsos.  Some even have skin that warms up to the touch.

Buy more than one and you can turn any room in your house into an orgy. All girls in the pics below are life-size and made of silicone. (Click the pics to enlarge.)

AVN AEE 2017 Photo Diary

To get a better idea of what the AVN Adult Entertainment Expos are like, check out our 2017 photo diary by Hew Burney.


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