AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2018 Photodiary

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2018 photoThe AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2018 was held at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in January. Some 30,000 attendees paid $80 per day to hobnob with porn glitterati, pose for selfies with cam girls, check out the latest in bondage gear and try out a virtual reality sex scene.

There are no celebrities more generous about posing for photos with their fans than porn stars.  Here are some of the posing requests I witnessed:

“Can you sit on the table and lift your skirt and spread your legs?”

“Will you turn around so I can get a picture of me kissing your butt?”

“If I lay down will you sit on my face?”

There are thousands of guys out there with personal collections of pics of themselves in compromising positions with the world’s most famous porn stars.

Nikki Delano at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2018There were over 500 porn stars at the convention.  Every major and minor adult production studio had its own booth where its stars stood ready to sign autographs and meet and greet fans.

I interviewed some of the male porn stars to see if they had any tips for guys who want to break into the business (see So You Wanna Be a Porn Star).  I interviewed Nikki Delano (because why not?) about her degree in forensic psychology.  She said, “You use psychology a lot in this business.” She also said that, when she started, it took her a few months before she felt comfortable doing porn scenes.  I thought that was interesting, so I’m passing it on to you.

I also scoped out this year’s new achievements in sex toys and virtual reality.  Read on for this year’s discoveries and our 2018 AVN AEE photo gallery.  

Sex Dolls Are Getting More Realistic — and Extreme

Reya Sunshine Sex Doll

Reya Sunshine with Her Sex Doll

Sex dolls keep getting more and more realistic and fetishistic. That’s Reya Sunshine at the right posing with her sex doll.  They both looked good.

One noticeable update was that anime-inspired dolls — which is to say dolls that are four feet tall and look like young girls, except for their humongous breasts —are getting more popular. I even saw a full-size mermaid doll (with a working vagina) at the Crafty Fantasy Dolls booth.

There are sex dolls that are two feet tall.  You can buy just a head or a pair of titties or a bottom.  Some of the companies take care to mold the insides of the porn star’s mouth, vagina and anus for the ultimate in accuracy.

Virtual Reality is Getting Scary Real

Virtual reality has finally achieved interactivity, which is to say, you can reach out and “touch” the virtual images.  This is not easy to explain, but you put the VR headset on and find yourself looking at a naked girl on a bed in the middle of a room. If you walk up to her and reach your hand out, you will see your hand reaching for her in 3D. If you grab her breast, you will see your hand grabbing her breast and squeezing it. You can even fuck her and it will look to you like you’re fucking her.

The only thing missing is the sensation of touch.  Maybe next year.

It’s fun watching people who are trying out the headsets. They stand in the middle of the floor using their hands to touch and caress, sometimes getting down on their knees to position themselves for getting their faces into the act. While they’re acting weird in the middle of the floor, the VR demo actually has a monitor showing what the person in the headset sees.

Cam Sites Are Getting HUGE

The cam show booths were in full swing. The stars of CamSoda and Chaturbate and MyFreeCams all had enormous setups where you could watch the girls (and a few boys) interacting live with their online fans.

One thing you figure out pretty quickly from watching the cam performers is that everyone is someone’s fantasy. Many of the girls are just pretty young girls with nice bods— the type you might expect in this line of work. But you’ll also see MILFs and fat girls and flat girls and genderfuck crazies, and you realize every one of them is somebody’s erotic fantasy, because they’re all getting paid by fans on the spot to act naughty on cam.

The Lair

The fetish booths were moved to the second floor this year. If you wanted to get whipped or strung up on a rack, the leather-clad masters and mistresses were there to accommodate your desires. I saw people volunteering to be walked on leashes, have their bottoms paddled and even get hogtied.

My wife asked if the volunteers looked like they were having fun.  But how do you tell?

After a day of wandering through the exhibits and demos, you get this feeling that human beings are way weirder than you’d ever imagined, and they all seem so happy in their weirdness. You see grandmothers flaunting their wrinkles and BBWs in g-strings joyously flaunting their blubber.

And everybody’s taking pictures, trying to preserve the memories of this loony scene they walked into.

Check out the gallery below for a better feeling of what AVN/AEE 2018 was like. All photos by Hew Burney.

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