Bachelor Party Guide – Las Vegas 2022

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The TVO Bachelor Party Planning Guide – part 2

In Part 1 of this series TVO shared the results of a third-party survey on the Top 10 cities in North America for bachelor parties. To no one’s surprise, Las Vegas, Nevada earned the top spot on the list. The number two city surprised me, Montreal .. followed by a set of unsurprising places like Miami, New York, New Orleans, etc. To see the full list, as well as the article click here for The Best Cities for a Bachelor Party. Survey Says…

Part 2 is a definitive guide to partying at the strip clubs of the champion, Las Vegas!

A well-rounded bachelor party weekend consists of a variety of activities. There are pool parties, recreation, imbibing booze, cannabis … even filling your belly with some decent food. This guide is not about those choices. I started down that road and immediately went to Google for a list of ideas. I expected golf courses, gun ranges, sports car rentals and off-road excursions.

Oddly, the first option that was presented to me, as a potential best-man doing the planning was a balloon ride over the Nevada desert! That seems like a great choice if the groomsmen are as gay as a May Pole; but WTF? I’m not (not that there is anything wrong with that). But what are they thinking? Follow up the special flight with a round of Cosmos at the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden? Tickets to Barry Manilow at the Westgate?


Maybe I’m too old to be a planner for today’s generation. I’ll stick to what I know well … Vegas strip clubs. This guide is for the guys that are more interested in balloons like these…

So here goes. I realize there is a range of party sizes, spending budgets, tastes and tolerances. To keep it simple I’ll present what every club I follow puts forward as their basic offering for to partiers. I tried to make it comparable by showing a “2 Bottle Party.”  Most, but not all, include transportation, VIP seating, expedited and free admission. Some offer extras, a few are under 21 non-alcohol spots so “2 Bottles” is meaningless in those cases.


This club on Paradise Rd, near the airport, is a safe choice. The girls are hot, there’s hookah and a full bar. The 2-bottle package below includes transportation, admission, mixers and is priced in the sweet spot of the other clubs that are set up to host parties. You could do worse than Centerfolds …


More info about Centerfolds (click here)

Chicas Bonitas

So this place in North Las Vegas doesn’t have a website that give party information. It’s walking distance to Palomino’s. It’s tiny, lively, and has all of the security of a bordertown bar. If you want to test a Tijuana strip club excursion without your passport …this might be the way to do that. I’d only consider it if your want to pre-game party for Palomino’s. This picture was on their website … Good luck amigo!


More info about Chicas Bonitas (click here)

Club Platinum

Club Platinum didn’t offer specific party options. It’s not their sweet spot. Bless their heart, they were featured on Bar Rescue a few seasons ago. The staff is friendly and they are walking distance from the mid strip. They have video poker. I’d only recommend them as a pre-game party launch pad.

Yes… that is Jon Taffer!

More info on Club Platinum (click here)

Crazy Horse 3

Now we’re talking party headquarters! Crazy Horse 3 is a massive, active, safe and fun club. Plenty of beautiful dancers, sports viewing, a good kitchen, 24/7 …. Crazy Horse 3 is a top choice.


More info about Crazy Horse 3 (click here)


DejaVu is a solid choice in the middle of the pack. Terrific location, high mileage dances (See definition), good drink and bottle specials.


More info about DejaVu (click here)


Click here to link to the Palomino Club

Diamond Cabaret

My mother told me: “If you have nothing good to say about a club, don’t say anything.” I actually can say something good about this non-alcohol place for the 18+ age group. Here’s what I can say … if you need to get the groom to be ‘hooked up’ …. this could be your place (wink).

The groomsmen can cool their heels downstairs with hookah and $10 sodas.

They didn’t have a website; however some generous party promoter posted this alcohol-free package. The right is what passes for club marketing from the old club management.


More info about Diamond Cabaret (click here)

El Infierno Cabaret

The new Latin club in Las Vegas. High energy, good prices, Reggaeton and Banda music.


More info about El Infierno Cabaret (click here)

Girl Collection

The Money Team’s weekend headquarters. They don’t have VIP packages, but they do have VIP rooms that make for outrageous parties if you have a big group. Their bottle prices are pretty steep, but their food menu is outstanding.

Here’s a unique story from the annals of ToplessVegasOnline history. In 2017 the club was still under construction. TVO founder and strip club savant Arnold Snyder decided to duck into the unopened club through an open door in the back. He was innocently checking out a new club in town.

Out of the shadows came a small man in a hoody. The man yelled, “What the hell are you doing?”

Arnold, clutched his heart, steeled his spine, whirled around … and saw boxing legend Floyd Mayweather starring him down in the dark, empty nightclub.

Arnold explained TVO. The champ listened…. and was intrigued. He ended up committing to a marketing package on the spot. The stipulation was … “It’s gotta be cash.” Once the deal got into the hands of one of the champs minions, it fell apart. Can’t make this up friends.

Legend is that Floyd still hires every single dancer himself.


More info about Girl Collection (click here)

Hustler Club

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is another top choice for a full night of strip club fun. The package below seems high but it includes $200 of dance dollars, and a bottle of champagne on top of the 2 Bottles of liquor. Hustler has all of the bells and whistles, several levels of fun, an outdoor patio for late night partying, other entertainment options like Jennifer Romas’ new show, Exxcite.


More info about Hustler Club (click here)

The Library Club

The Library Club is a fully nude, no alcohol club. It is 18+ age for both customers and dancers. I got a kick out of their website notice announcing Bottle Service not available in the Las Vegas Location. Why show beautiful bottles of booze in that announcement? Not my type of club … too many under 21 guys, too little old Bourbon for me!


More info about The Library Club (click here)

Little Darlings

LitttleDarlings is a fully nude, no alcohol club. It is 18+ age for both customers and dancers. It’s not my type of club … too many under 21 guys, too little old Scotch for me!


More info about Little Darlings (click here)


Minks is a club in Henderson. Great deals for locals. They don’t show any bachelor party packages on their website … however, if you have no friends that do feature this private experience! Seriously, Minks has terrific dancers, good prices, billiards and good music. Some guys and gals can make a party with that.


More info on Minks (click here)


Palomino’s is a top choice! Relaxed atmosphere, hundreds of beautiful dancers, fully nude stage shows that could be the best in town, and great deals on VIP private dances. This combination package of booze and beers goes a long way. It’s hard to get a table on the weekends in Palomino so this is a really strong deal. Additionally, if you book in advance online they give you a 10% discount!


Palomino website (click here)


Click here to link to the Palomino Club

Peppermint Hippo

Peppermint Hippo is directly on the strip and the party goes well into the morning. There’s nothing in town to compare with the sound of the crowing cock in the neighborhood behind the club when the sun is coming up. That’s an iconic Vegas moment for guys in the know! They have hundreds of dancers, great hosts and staff, and they bring in the best DJ’s on Fridays and Saturdays. Word is a kitchen is coming soon to Peppermint Hippo!


More info about Peppermint Hippo (click here)

Play It Again Sam’s

We realize not every wedding party has a royal flush type budget. Hundred-dollar bills don’t grow on trees in every back yard. Play It Again Sam’s on the near west side, in Chinatown checks several boxes. It has gaming …one of only two in Vegas that has video poker and other games at the bar. It is a relative bargain, as the beer prices below indicate. The dancers are willing to learn English, and teach you about Thailand, Russia, Belarus, Italy or whatever land they have come to America from. Finally, the VIP prices are low and negotiable.

Play It Again Sam’s is a place to land, or a place to pregame from in style.



More info about Play It Again Sam’s (click here)


Another one of the best clubs in Las Vegas. The largest strip club in the world is known for big tits, beautiful girls, high mileage (see definition) and raucous parties. One giant difference maker is Sapphire’s Pool & Day Club. Their cabanas fill up in the summer with bachelor parties from all over the world. Friday, Saturday and Sunday is when you can start day drinking in a luxury topless pool … then move the party indoors after some great drink and food.

Sapphire’s is not inexpensive for the solo partier, but they create great values for parties of 5 or more. Check out a video of the club!


Sapphire’s website  (click here)


Click to go to Sapphire website


Scores is a mid-sized club with big ambitions. They’ve recently remodeled and added an outdoor patio for cigar smoking, hookah and thrilling views of the strip. The entertainment is top notch, as is the service.


More info about Scores (click here)

Sophia’s Gentlemens Club

This is a premium club close to the central Strip near Aria, Cosmopolitan and Vdara. Sophia’s has a high value VIP program featuring luxury suites. They have a full kitchen and very competitive party pricing. The dancers are high mileage in an opulent setting.



More info on Sophia’s (click here)

Spearmint Rhino

Another one of the mega clubs that make Las Vegas the #1 Bachelor Party City. Spearmint Rhino is a luxury club with prices to reflect the trappings, including some of the best-looking dancers in town.


More info about Spearmint Rhino (click here)

Question for the Groom to Be: Do you want to fund this man’s lifestyle?


Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is another club without a web site or findable packages for Bachelor Parties. The simple story of this place is …. No Booze, Fully Nude, $10 Dances, Fun Girls …. across the strip from Peppermint Hippo. If your Best Man takes you here… reconsider your friendship, or at least learn something about that dude!


More info on Talk of the Town (click here)


Last, but certainly not the least… Treasures is a top choice with a big difference!

The Steakhouse at Treasures (review of The Steakhouse) is one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s the perfect way to start on evening without herding the cats onto a bus to another club. Meet the dancers while you enjoy dinner. Here you can make a party of the meal and get things rolling in style. Treasures has both Dinner Packages and VIP packages.

The highest mileage dances in Las Vegas are in the most luxurious settings. If you are one of those new age parties with male and female participants… this is a top choice because Treasures is very female friendly.

See a video of Treasures


Treasures website (click here)

Click to go to website

Party Concierge Services in Las Vegas

If you are too busy to put a night of debauchery together by yourself, there are dozens of concierge services, escort services, party promotors and other aggregators who will do it for a cut of your budget, and a commission from the clubs. TVO is not recommending anyone to you …. however here are a few of the packages and itineraries available in Las Vegas.


… And, if you must bed down a paid partner as part of the party experience; please opt for the short trip out to one of the legal brothels like The Chicken Ranch, Alien Cathouse or Sherri’s Ranch. If you take the chance on a local escort in your hotel room. it might not end up well.


Have fun in Las Vegas.

Be a generous tipper, don’t pee in public, don’t break our laws, … and come back soon!

TVO would love to hear your best bachelor party stories … and help you with the next big weekend.


The End

The End


Click to go to Palomino website

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Treasures Weekend Ad

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  1. Paul

    I can’t stand the pricks at Spearmint Rhino. They are a bunch of mafia wanna bees in tight suits. The girls are hot … but too many hustling thieves for me.

    CH3 has the right groove…

  2. Larry B

    Club Platinum is just fine for me. I live on the east side… we need more titty bars on the east side.

    Lynn is great!!

  3. Bill

    Lol at talk of the town, I guess I could say the positive is if you want a more 1 on 1 experience but don’t want to pay top price. I know I’m stretching it

    • Scott

      I’ve only been there twice. It’s pretty damn basic. But the girls do have a unique charm. At those prices you sure don’t feel hustled. I’d go more often if they sold booze.



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