Barber Babes Give Topless Haircuts in Brisbane


Barber Babes is a Topless Barbershop

Barber Babes is a topless barbershop in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is also a U.S. Navy Port, which makes it an excellent location for a topless barber to ply her trade.


American Sailors Go Topless

According to the NavyTimes ScoopDeck, when the US Navy aircraft carrier George Washington pulled into port recently, Barber Babes was unprepared for the onslaught of swabbies.

The salon owner, Jasmine Robson, is quoted:

“… We just got inundated with U.S Navy wanting haircuts. We didn’t have enough staff, alcohol or food initially. We soon got it, but those first few hours were HECTIC!”

I guess barbers are constantly running out of alcohol and food when the US Navy arrives.

While the boys were in town, Barber Babes had to hire two more hair choppers and they stayed open on what would normally have been their two days off.

Topless Menu

On the Barber Babes web page, there’s a full menu of services available, most involving hair, such as:

Our gorgeous topless hairdresser will stand over you whilst you relax in our top of the range leather massage chair. She will give you a relaxing scalp massage whilst shampooing your hair with high-end products, your hair will then be blow dried & styled using top of the range products.

Another great idea I hope will spread.

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  1. Anonymous

    I guess the trend is trying to expand – to Las Vegas, of course. A placed called “Boob Cuts” was supposedly opening in late 2014 (Boob Cuts website) but it doesn’t look like that actually happened. The website still says “coming soon”…



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