Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel Forced to Go “Underground”

Lumi Dolls sex doll

A Lumi Dolls Silicone Sex Worker

Three weeks ago, I reported that a brothel had opened in Barcelona with no prostitutes — just life-size sex dolls with working orifices. (See Spanish Brothel Sells Sex with Dolls.)

Now, we learn from the Express (UK) that this brothel, Lumi Dolls, has been forced to move to an undisclosed location after complaints from real-life Spanish prostitutes prompted the landlord to shut it down. (Prostitution is legal in Spain, though brothels are not legal.)

The prostitutes’ association, Aprosex, apparently worried about doll competition, said: “The sex-affection of a person can not be provided by a doll . . . They do not communicate. They do not listen to you or caress you, they do not comfort you or look at you. They do not give you their opinion or drink a glass of champagne with you.”

So, in essence, prostitutes in Spain are complaining that men should only be allowed to treat real women as sex objects, because treating objects as sex objects is sexist. Will men in Spain now campaign to have dildos taken off the market because dildos can’t drink a glass of champagne with a girl?

The Lumi Dolls brothel has since moved to a secret location with an address that is given out only to customers.

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