Beautiful Black Strippers of Las Vegas

Girl Collection Las Vegas stripper photo

Vita Dances at Girl Collection

Las Vegas is an international city and this is reflected in our strip clubs. We have the top strip club dancers in the world, representing virtually every race and nationality.

This post is a photo gallery of a few of the gorgeous black strippers who are currently driving men crazy in Las Vegas.

If you’re specifically looking for an urban strip club, Club Lacy’s is a wild party featuring mostly beautiful, big-booty black dancers who get fully nude on stage, then come down into the audience, where they shake it for all they’re worth.  [Note:  The popular Club Lacy’s lost its location at the end of May, 2019 and will try to reopen elsewhere.  Will post if it reopens.]

And Floyd Mayweather’s ultra-luxe topless Girl Collection offers the same kind of hip-hop party but with an international collection of dancers hand-picked by the champ himself.  Mayweather’s taste runs to curves, and there is plenty of booty in the house.  Even the waitresses and bartenders are gorgeous.  There are always high rollers making it rain on the dancers.  And women guests in the crowd make it rain as well.

For more information, see our post on the black strip clubs of Las Vegas.

Pics of Bambi and Elektra from Palomino Club, as well as pics of Isis and Neveah from Club Lacy’s are by Michael Maze.

Pics of Majjor and Royal from Deja Vu Showgirls, as well as pics of Vita from Girl Collection are by Hew Burney.

Pics of Seduction from Club Lacy’s are by Miles Long.

Click on pics below the fold to enlarge.

8 Responses to “Beautiful Black Strippers of Las Vegas”

  1. A Will

    Looking for 5-10 strippers for a bachelor party, room at Bellagio

    • Arnold Snyder

      A Will, if you’re looking for strictly strippers I can give you a number to call. If you’re looking for stripping plus more, I’d do a search on “strippers to your hotel room las vegas.”

      • Kita


        • Arnold Snyder

          Kita, hard to bring strippers into Vegas hotels at the moment because of the governor’s Covid mandates.

          I’d google it and ask the websites you come to if they can send girls. If they can, they’ll all have pretty girls because the strip clubs here are closed.

    • richard oriji

      Looking for 4 black strippers for a bachelor party July 9th



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