Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples Looking to Get Turned On

I take my wife to Las Vegas strip clubs  because it’s one of our favorite forms of foreplay.  You get dressed up and head into this dark and elegant environment, where you’re treated like royalty.  You unwind with a couple of drinks as beautiful young women peel off their clothes on stage and come up close to flirt and tease you both.

And maybe you cap off the evening with a couple’s lap dance or private show, where you never really know what’s going to happen.  You’re adding a 3rd party into your physical relationship and that is always exciting.

If you’re looking for a Vegas-style adventure with your wife or girlfriend, here are our recommendations for the best Vegas strip clubs for couples.  Each is special in its own way.  

A Couples-Friendly Nightclub with the Most Erotic Stage Show in Town

Palomino Club Vegas Dancer

LaDonna on the Pole at
Palomino Club

The stage show at Palomino, a nude club,  goes way beyond the standard bump and grind you’re probably accustomed to in strip clubs at home.  It’s a great club for a couple heading to a strip club together for the first time because women immediately recognize that they’re seeing talented dancers and acrobats—not just pretty girls taking their clothes off.

This is a club where the dancers spend half their time in flight around the stripper poles, where dancers egg each other on, trying out new acts, like traditional striptease or girl on girl shows.  At peak hours there may be five dancers on the stages in the main room.

It’s hard for your wife or girlfriend to feel nervous about being at a strip club when she’s enjoying a breathtaking show.  And because there are often half a dozen or more couples in the audience, the dancers here are particularly charming and easy with entertaining couples.

If you go read the comments under Palomino Club’s review, you’ll find customer after customer praising the club and the fun they had with their wives and girlfriends. Here’s SDman:

“My wife loved the entire experience. She’ll definitely do it again w/me. Going in, she was strictly doing it for me, as she knew how much I would enjoy it, and she astutely knew it would spice things up for us in the bedroom throughout the weekend. Afterwards, she admitted she enjoyed the flirting, she loved how soft the dancer’s skin was, and she even enjoyed the GFE [girlfriend experience] of being made to feel special and desired by a stranger, even if it was fantasy – and yes, she enjoyed how worked up it got me.”

Palomino has some great package deals on their website for groups and couples.  We recommend a couple’s package if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night, because the club gets packed and a package includes not only free admission and round-trip transportation, but also gives you a reserved table for the night.

Couples can also get free admission to the club any time simply for arriving by the free club limo (at peak hours, there will be a $30 cover per person, which entitles you each to two drinks). Call 702-642-2984 to reserve your ride.

Las Vegas’ Wildest Topless Party

Girl Collection Dancer on Stage

Capri on the Pole at Girl Collection

Floyd Mayweather’s new ultra-luxe Girl Collection takes black Las Vegas strip clubs in an entirely new direction.  This isn’t a club where guys sneak in and lurk in the shadows watching dancers on stage.  This is a full-out crazy party where dancers don’t just dance on stage, but dance in the aisles and twerk between the tables, and the men, women and couples in the club get out of their seats to dance with them.

This is a club where women will not only feel comfortable, but will likely get into the wild celebration of the sexiness all around.

Mayweather hand-picked his international collection of gorgeous dancers and the man obviously loves curves. Blonde bombshells and big-booty beauties abound and they’re here to have fun. The guests shower dollars on the dancers.  The whole club is a show and you’re right in the middle of it.

If you’re hungry, Girl Collection is also a great dinner date, with an extensive menu from the club’s gourmet kitchen.

Mayweather designed this club as his own pleasure palace, where he wants to treat every guest as a VIP.

Is Your Wife Hinting She’d Like to Fool Around with a Topless Girl?

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer Bella

Bella is a Sapphire Gem

Women are discovering they love lap dances and really get off on feeling up sexy girls. If you don’t believe me, go read the comments under Sapphire’s review page. To quote a comment by a female reader, KJ: “Can I expect the ladies at Sapphire to offer me high mileage dances as well as my husband? Also, what can we expect to pay for private dances? Do private dances offer more contact? I love as much contact as possible and I would love it if some of the dancers wanted to play with my large breasts as well! Thanks so much!”

If your wife or girlfriend is having these kinds of fantasies, Sapphire is the club I recommend for you.  Sapphire is Las Vegas’ best lap dance orgy and there’s no sit-on-your-hands law in Vegas. That means in-your-hands, in-your-face, in-your-lap lap dances and private shows for both you and your wife or girlfriend.

Sapphire also features topless dancers on three stages and the most elegant strip club private rooms in town, where a couple can get alone with a dancer and close the door behind you.

Sapphire offers both solo and couples packages on their website.  We recommend a package for this club, not only because they give you more for your money, but because they include a reserved table, and at peak hours a reserved table is the only way you’ll be able to sit down.

Female- and Couples-Friendly Years Before Any Other Vegas Strip Club

Little Darlings Vegas Private VIP Room

Vallerina Estrella in a Little Darlings Private Bedroom

Little Darlings, a nude club, is the first place I ever saw women fully participating in strip club fun—sitting on the rail and tipping dancers, celebrating bachelorette parties (sometimes on stage with the dancers), and heading off for lap dances and private shows.  Little Darlings is the club that brought female-friendly to Las Vegas.

Little Darlings is the only strip club on this page that admits guests at age 18+.  No alcohol is served, but there’s a smoothie bar, health drinks, and the usual soft drinks, plus the stage show is excellent.

And what really sets this club apart for couples thinking about private time with a dancer is that all lap dances, starting at $20, are fully nude and take place in private booths away from the main showroom.  That’s one of the best Vegas strip club deals in town.


36 Responses to “Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples Looking to Get Turned On”

  1. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, My wife and I (both in our mid 50’s) like to go the strip clubs early, between 7 and 9, partly because we like to avoid the cover charge (Ok we’re cheap) and mostly because we prefer it quieter when you can have a conversation with a few girls before choosing one for a private couples dance – the rowdy young testosterone studs haven’t arrived yet. The girls are very “friendly” with us in private. We like sitting on the rail at Palomino where the girls tease my attractive wife and then we go behind the curtain for the $100 – 3 song set where my wife gets to participate as well. Have we found the best club for us? Would Sapphire before 6pm give us the same opportunity although with an additional $40 bar tab? On fight night this Saturday, we’ll avoid any club with a viewing party of any kind.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Cancon, Palomino is still perfect for you. The club fills up earlier–used to be 10 pm, then 9 pm, now it’s 8:30ish pm, so a big crowd of dancers arrive then too.

    For what you’re looking for, I’d advise arriving by 7:30-8 pm. By the time you see all the girls in the club, dozens more will be arriving but you should have some quiet time with dancers before the club gets hectic.

    Plus, this Saturday Palomino won’t have a viewing party.

    Sapphire will have a huge viewing party on Saturday. It also tends to get going a little later than Palomino–after 9 pm and 10 pm is better.

  3. Jewelandscatch

    We are a couple and we are visiting vegas in Feb and looking to visit a strip club. We have visited clubs in U.K. And Amsterdam so are not first timers. Which club would you recommend out of palomino or sapphire for us. seen comments on palomino being ghetto is that just the area or the club itself.

  4. Frank

    Arnold you have answered a ton of questions for me thanks, one last one, let’s say we want a private dance and mileage in our room…we have done this on the east coast twice (btw mileage is touching and kissing it’s not full all out of you know what I mean) but if we want the comfort of our room with cool females or a male where do we look?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Frank, you’d now be in the world of escorts even though you want only striptease with touching.

      For a guy, see our Straight Male Escorts for Women page. I can recommend Cowboys4Angels based on friends’ experience. Some other male escorts have posted their information in the comments and I’ve had no complaints about any of them.

      I don’t have a female escort service to recommend at this time, but that may change. I’m talking to someone next week.

      At the moment, I’d recommend reading the Escorts section of our Vegas brothels and escorts page. Our undercover review of a Vegas escort will also help you through the pitfalls.

      Another thing you might consider is a trip to one of the Vegas area brothels (there are reviews below our Brothels button). It’s not in your hotel room but if you’re looking only for striptease and kissing and touching you can probably get the house minimum rate, and you get to meet the girls before selecting one. I think most of the girls would consider that a fun party.

  5. DanP

    So my wife and I are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks for my 45(!) birthday, and were going to a strip club or clubs. We have been to a couple of clubs before, but not in Vegas. We have been to a club elsewhere with a great stage show and my wife enjoyed it a lot, and then was up for some private dances. She doesn’t mind good mileage dances, but what she really likes are girls who aren’t overly tatted, curvy bodied dances, and a club that has a classy fun vibe. But most of all, she’ll be more comfortable if the private dances are in a private room, not a shared VIP room where other guys are getting dances 5 feet away. When we had the private dances at the other club, it was in a curtained room and she liked it – they were just regular $20 dances. Looking at Sapphires and Palomino for this trip, maybe Little Darlings, but we’re not getting a Skybox or something wild. Does the 30 minute dance at Sapphires take place in a private room or are there other people around? If not, where do the private dances take place there? I was there years ago, and I remember dances were taking place on a couch around the back of the room, out in the open. What about Palomino – are there reasonably priced dances that are in private rooms? I’ve heard the girls aren’t as booby there, but what body types and ethnicities do they have there? Which club would you recommend?

  6. Arnold Snyder

    DanP, the 30 minutes at Sapphire is not in a private room, it’s in a group VIP. At Palomino, you can get a private booth or a full private room for 30 minutes. Both are completely private, with doorways covered with opaque curtains.

    At Palomino, 30 minutes in a private booth is $250, or you can get the room for $350 and that includes a $100 bottle. Either one is very comfortable for a couple.

    At Sapphire, you have to go for an hour to get either a Skybox or private booth.

    Palomino has an outstanding stage show and the dancers get fully nude both on stage and in private shows. It’s my wife’s favorite club. They’re great with couples.

    You can find plenty of beautiful girls with boobs at Palomino. The club looks like a Victoria’s Secret catalog. There are girls with tattoos, but also girls with very minimal or no tattoos–you’ll have lots of choices..

    To give you an example of the dancers at Palomino, see Valentina, Renee, Sunny, Reagan Reilly, and Into Palomino Club’s Dressing Room.

    Palomino has a great vibe, classy but warm and friendly.

    I think you’d have a great time.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a great 45th birthday.

    • DanP

      Wow, thanks for the quick reply. And I have to say, this site is absolutely amazing. There is more information here that I could have possibly imagined.

      At Palomino, are the 3 for $100 dances in private booths?

      From what it seems, the main advantage to Sapphires regarding dances is that it has more full contact dances on the floor, so you get a lot for $20, but that when you get dances off the main floor (3 for $100 or whatever) there is very good mileage at both Sapphires and Palomino. Is that right? Will the girls at Palomino play with my wife’s boobs or pull down her top in a private dance if she’s game, the way they will at Sapphires?

      • Cancon

        Sorry to butt in Arnold. When we did the curtained booths upstairs at Palomino, the girls would let my wife have her boobs showing (go braless, keep the top on but unbuttoned or low cut top pulled down) and her skirt could be hiked up around her waist with a little bit of playing around down there. Last time in the curtained booth off the main floor by the lap dance area, the dancer said that due to cameras, my wife had to keep covered up. Maybe because it was early (7pm) and she wasn’t into girls (can’t believe that). The lesson is, if you have a wife or girlfriend that likes to participate in the show you’re getting, don’t do a curtained booth (3 songs for $100 or longer) until the upstairs is open. Encourage her to wear a skirt a go braless at least until you leave. Best audience participation show in town.

      • Cancon

        You’re right on Saphires. Main floor lap dances, if you’re polite, all hands on. Don’t pinch anything! Remember, if they put their ass in your face, they want it slapped – not 50 Shades slapped, don’t leave a hand print – just a polite quicky on each cheek. If your wife wants a lap dance and you can find a dark corner early in the evening, OMG, what a show.

      • Arnold Snyder

        DanP, yes, they will feel up your wife at Palomino. See Cancon’s comments below for sure. Cancon and his wife have had the same adventure you’re looking for multiple times at Palomino. I would just say it doesn’t matter so much which VIP booth you’re in–things are always looser when the club is in full swing than very early, when you may be the only guest getting a private show. A young dancer may tighten up a bit then because she feels she’s the only thing for the security cams to watch.

        Yes, the 3 for $100 dances are in the private booths. A great deal.

        Yes, Sapphire’s lap dance scene has unsurpassed mileage for $20. When you get into private booths, the mileage is comparable. The difference then is nude vs topless, the stage show, and that you can get into a fully-private booth rather than the group VIP for less at Palomino.

  7. Cancon

    Arnold, You’re right of course. It was early, only a few people there and we were the only ones getting a private dance so the dancer may have been worried that the bouncer/host might be paying attention. Also, we had asked her why she chose to work the early shift and she explained that she was fairly new and had been “asked” to be there early as she had forgotten to pay her stage fee the night before. She was already in the “penalty box” (to use a hockey analogy) and didn’t want to get a misconduct penalty. Her dance (more of a bump and grind in the curtained booths) was still top notch even without my wife getting to show off a bit.

  8. Some Guy

    My wife has never had any sexual contact with a woman but recently confessed she has always wanted to. We will be in Vegas soon and she would like to go to a strip club for an all nude private lap dance.

    My wife would like a lot of mileage including being able to take at least some of her clothes off. Her only requirement is large natural breasts but pierced nipples or clit is a huge plus.

    What place would you recommend? Neither of us drink so not having to buy unused drinks would be nice but not important. Is there much of a chance of my wife getting any mileage below the waist?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Some Guy, for an all-nude private dance with that level of mileage, I recommend Palomino. There are plenty of beautiful dancers with large natural breasts. Some have pierced nipples. Scarlett has smaller breasts, but she’s stunning, wild, has pierced nipples and she meets the other piercing preference. If you sit close to the stage, you’ll be able to easily identify all the girls with piercings in the pussy area.

      There’s no bar tab requirement in the club’s private booths. The doorways are covered with an opaque curtain for complete privacy. Private booth dances start at 3 songs for $100 (a deal in Vegas).

      Cancon has reported multiple experiences at Palomino with the mileage levels you’re looking for, with his wife removing or opening her top. Dancers have kissed my wife in the lap area from the stage, so mileage below the waist is well within the realm of possibility.

      Little Darlings is also an option since you don’t drink. But the girls tend to be younger there so the level of mileage you’re looking for is more iffy. You’d have to scout carefully.

  9. J C.

    My wife wants to go to a strip club where she can get on the pole and dance. She loves going out with no bra or panties. She enjoys twerking raising her dress up and showing her beautiful ass and shaved vagina. What club do you recommend that we go to that we don’t get kicked out of?

    • Arnold Snyder

      JC, she won’t be allowed to lift her skirt if she’s not wearing a g-string. And she won’t be able to get on the pole at most clubs unless it’s amateur night, in which case she will be required to wear two g-strings on stage. Hustler has a weekly amateur contest Monday nights at 11 pm. You should call and confirm that they’re holding it the night you go if this is the option you choose.

      Another option would be Girl Collection. There’s a second low stage with a pole in the main room where I think your wife would be allowed to dance and encourage other dancers to join her if she likes. A g-string would still be required. But at Girl Collection it’s not unusual for the dancers to dance at tables and in the aisles and everywhere else and for people in the audience to join them. It’s very loose.

      The crowd at Girl Collection is about half white, half black–a friendly, partying crowd. The party gets underway after midnight–after 1 am especially.

  10. Tony

    Hi Arnold,
    Me and my wife are travelling from England in June, could you tell which is the best strip club for couples with dancers that are slightly mature. Dancers that over the age of 30 yrs than rather it seems than the ones still in their teens.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tony, the topless clubs are better than the nude clubs for slightly mature dancers. They won’t be the majority of the dancers, but you’ll find a good selection. I’d go to Sapphire or Deja Vu.

  11. CoupleFL

    Hi, First I wanted to thank you for all the great information on this site. My wife and I visited a couple of weeks ago, and based on all the detailed info, we chose Palimino’s for my wife’s first strip club experience. (and WHAT an experience it was!).
    My wife had such a great time, she’s been talking about her experience ever since. We’re actually planning to head back to Vegas in a few weeks.
    I think she wants to try Sapphires and I may see about bringing her to Dejavu as well.
    One question I did have was about the use of “club money” (or whatever it may be called). I thought I read that some clubs require you use their “money” to pay for dances? If that’s true at all, why would that be, and how does one change their US dollars for the club cash?

    In any case, thanks again for the great info, it definitely helped to make my wife’s fist experience a great one!

    • Arnold Snyder

      CoupleFL, glad you and your wife had a good time at Palomino. I think you’ll have a great time at the other clubs as well.

      No, you are definitely not required to use “club money” to pay for dancers. “Club money” is coupons or vouchers you receive if you use credit cards to buy lap dances or private shows. But the clubs add a huge surcharge when you use a credit card to buy club money. The surcharge is typically 20%.

      You get a much better deal simply paying for dances with cash. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to pay for drinks or admission, however.

  12. Dave

    What would you suggest for a couple’s first time strip club experience in Vegas? My wife has never been to one and I have only been to a couple in my life. So, any help for a “newbie” (so we don’t get taken) would be greatly appreciated! We visit Vegas often, so we are familiar with the games. Thanks again.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dave, for a couple’s first strip club experience in Vegas I recommend Palomino Club. The stage show there is so entertaining and sexy that it’s like an erotic nightclub experience. The dancers in this club are not only beautiful, they can really dance. The pole dancing is spectacular.

      If your wife gets into it and wants to try a private couple’s dance, the privacy is first-rate in the private VIP booths. The dancers are very experienced with couples and making the woman in the couple feel comfortable and well cared for.

      And there’s no way the guy in a couple doesn’t have a great time at this club.

      In addition, the club is a great deal. As a couple, you can get free round-trip limo transport just by calling for it (be sure to reserve your ride well in advance of your visit, especially if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night). A draft is $6 and a domestic is $8 when most clubs are charging twice that or more for out-of-state visitors, and other drink prices are a similar good deal. Plus, the hustle factor is low.

      I think you’d both have a great time.

      • Dave

        Thanks so much for your quick response! This site has a ton of excellent information. We won’t be returning until Halloween but I will definitely try Palomino Club.

  13. Abby


    You seem to be the google or yelp of Vegas strip clubs, so thanks! I’ll be there in Nov. I’m hoping my BF will be joining me, and we’re looking at hitting a strip club, among other things 😉

    It’ll be a first for both of us. From reading, can you really get a good vibe off what a dancer will do in private based on watching her on stage and with others in the $20 room? Being total newbies I don’t wanna have a less than top notch time.

    Also you seem pretty knowledgeable, I’ll just be blunt, suggestions on the best way to find a girl cool with doing a double BJ that ends with me “cleaning up” her tits? From reading the places outside of Vegas seem to require a condom for the BJ and that defeats the ending we’re going for.

    I’m actually a former “local” and a UNLV alum. So visiting Vegas for me isn’t the same as others. I turned 21 rocking the nickel slots at the station casinos, so looking to make Vegas less “home” and more “sin city”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Abby, yes, you can tell a lot about how a dancer will be with you by how she relates to you from the stage and approaches you at your table. If you have chemistry there, it’s likely to go well in the VIP.

      Very difficult to find someone safe to do what you’re going for with the double BJ who will actually do it without a condom. Impossible in the brothels. Maybe someone on the street, but I wouldn’t take a chance on that kind of escort.

  14. Nyccouple

    Hi this is a great site…thanks!

    My question is this…my wife and I are going to Vegas in January. We’ve been to a handful of female strip joints in the past and always had fun, although not really a lot of high mileage.

    For this trip, we would like to both enjoy a high mileage female and I’d love to also watch her with a high mileage male stripper.

    On some level, it would seem on average to be easier to find a male stripper willing to go far with her (she’s a total milf and in great shape).

    But what club or clubs are best for that? Would a particular club able to offer a male and female dancer during the same room rental?

    How much would you expect it to cost to find a male stripper for her? (I have a pretty good sense for the cost for the females…)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nyccouple, there would not be a male stripper available except at the male strip shows like Men of Sapphire. The male strippers in that show sell high-mileage lap dances for $20.

  15. LA Couple

    My husband and I are interested in going to a Male strip club this weekend. What strip clubs allow men?

    This is my first time going to a strip club and my husband wants me to be well taken care of. What are the private lap dances like? Are they out in the open? Or curtained-off?

    • Arnold Snyder

      LA Couple, Men of Sapphire allows men to accompany female guests. The private lap dances the guys sell are very high contact. They take you off to a semi-private nook in the Showroom for the dance.

  16. LA couple

    Thank you so much for suggesting Men of Sapphire. My husbsnd and I were there a couple of hours ago and had a great time. I got 3 lap dances as the show was ongoing. The 2nd round with one of the guys quickly escalated. He invited my husband to join us so he could see him finger my clit as he sucked on my tits.

  17. Coral

    My boyfriend and I went to Sapphire and had a hot night last night. The dancer we went to VIP with allowed lots of touching and even kissed me which I loved. I liked this level of GFE and reading your site that seems out of the norm. When we go back would I would rather have a sensual GFE experience, more intimate in style than bump and grind. Is there a better club for this or is Sapphire our best bet.



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