Best Las Vegas Topless Pools from a Guy’s Perspective

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Las Vegas is Redefining the Meaning of Pool Party

As the only city in the U.S. with ten public pools where women are free to sunbathe topless, Las Vegas is redefining the meaning of “pool party.” Many of the Vegas topless pools are catering to a young clientele who are looking for adults-only environments with drinking, dancing, top DJs keeping the beats going at max volume, bikini-clad cocktail servers running around the decks with shots and shooters, everyone getting wet occasionally, the sun beating down relentlessly, and here we are in Vegas so let’s PARTY.


This is the type of Vegas topless pool I identify in my reviews as “American-style.”

But there is another type of Vegas topless pool—the kind where the music is mellow and no one’s dancing because everyone just wants to bake in the sun, then take a cool dip, then bake some more, maybe read a trashy novel, then another cool dip. This is the type of topless pool I identify as “European-style.”

Determining which of the Vegas topless pools is “best” within both of these categories is not an easy task. Consider all the things a topless pool might offer to its guests. First, there’s the pool itself.  How big is it?  Does it have any special features like a fountain or waterfall? Are “toys” like beach balls or floatation devices provided?

How comfortable is the pool area for guests when they’re not in the water? Are lounges or daybeds provided? Are there shady areas where guests can get out of the sun? Is the pool environment attractive?  Can I rent a cabana?  Get a massage?

What’s the food menu like? How about the drink menu? And how about the prices on all of it? Is it a good value?

What Makes a Vegas Topless Pool Outstanding?

All of these factors are important, to be sure—for a woman.  But when I interviewed 25 men to find out exactly what they were looking for when they went to a topless pool, the number one answer was:


So, fellas, I think we’re all on the same page here. I’m giving you the lowdown from a guy’s perspective. If you’re going to a topless pool in Las Vegas, you’re hoping to see tits, and I’m going to steer you to the best titties-in-the-sunshine shows in town.

If you’re new to the Vegas topless pool scene, I suggest that before you pick which venue to go to, you read my Overview of the Topless Pools, where I explain the SGNC, the RNC, the CPN, the NIM, and the all-important ANEI. Plus, there’s a full explanation of the official rules, procedures, and scoring of “titty ball.”

The chart below displays the best topless pools based on specific criteria you may be interested in, but before going to a pool, be sure to read the individual pools’ reviews.

Welcome to Vegas, where we have not only 24/7 casino action, 24/7 strip clubs, and 24/7 bars, but also public pools where young women walk around wearing only their bikini bottoms and flip-flops. Think you don’t like the heat? Think again.

Snyder’s Picks for Best Vegas Topless Pools


Most Topless Women – American Style

Sapphire Pool and Day Club
Moorea Beach (Mandalay Bay)
Radius Pool (Stratosphere)

Most Topless Women – European Style

Bare Pool (Mirage)
European Pool (Wynn)

Snyder’s Favorite

Sapphire Pool & Day Club

Free Admission

European Pool (Artisan) – Free, but non-hotel guests have a 2-drink minimum
Bare Pool (Mirage) – Ladies free Mon & Thurs
Sapphire Pool – Always free if you arrive by the free club limo or your own wheels

Best Food Menu

European Pool (Artisan)
Sapphire Pool
Tao Beach (Venetian)

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5 Responses to “Best Las Vegas Topless Pools from a Guy’s Perspective”

  1. Bob Gray

    I haven’t seen anything yet about the new Radius pool at the Strat that used to be Beach Club 25. The hotel did confirm to me it’s topless. Also the Cosmo Marquee club is now in on the topless action according to LVA. Can we get some more info please? Thanks in advance!!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bob, I’ll get in there this weekend and check them out.

      The problem with the hotel topless pools is always starters. Often, there’s just no girl bold enough to be the first to take off her top.

      • Bob Gray

        Thanks Arnold. I usually manage to have a good time either way. I like trying all the different pools and I can count on one hand the times there have been no starters. Caesars on weekend and Bare on Mondays are absolute blasts. Beach club 25 used to my favorite because it was laid back and there were always starters. Keep up the great work my friend!!

    • Anonymous

      Been here on business 4 days music to loud cheap sound system
      Food great service greatl
      But if your looking for topless girls saw only one. I’m



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