Best Time to Go to a Vegas Strip Club

Prime Time in the Vegas Strip Clubs is Later than in Other Cities

Las Vegas strip clubs are on a late schedule compared to strip clubs in most other cities. Prime time in the Vegas clubs—by which I mean the hours when you’ll find the greatest number of lap dancers working the floor and generally the best performances on stage—is from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am.

This isn’t because the dancers who show up early aren’t good performers.  It’s just that a big crowd tends to bring out the best in any performer, and the crowds start getting serious around midnight in Vegas.  The clubs get packed between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am, and stay crowded even later than that. If you’re around at those hours, you’ll find that a significant number of dancers at the Vegas strip clubs start arriving at 2-2:30 a.m.

If you show up at pretty much any Vegas strip club at 8 to 9 pm, don’t be surprised if the audience doesn’t fill the club and you see a smaller number of dancers than the TVO club review told you to expect.  That’s because half the club’s dancers are still in the dressing room chatting and putting their make-up on.

You might deem this club a waste of time and never return, when in fact the club is only starting to wake up.  Come back in a couple of hours, and you’ll likely find the joint is jumping.

Dancer at Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Features 400+ Sweet & Stacked Dancers at Peak Hours but the Lap Dance Scene is Lively
by 9 pm

Las Vegas is a town that comes alive in the wee hours, more so than any other city in the country.  There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost, Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that allows the on-premises sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages 24/7/365. There’s no “last call for alcohol” in any bar or nightclub in Nevada unless an establishment elects to shut down its bar service voluntarily.

Nevada is also one of few jurisdictions anywhere in the world where public drunkenness is 100% legal and where state law prohibits local jurisdictions from making public inebriation a crime.

In most cities, the majority of the work force gets off between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm–rush hour–a time when the local bars see a slew of customers coming in to unwind with a drink or two (or 3 or 4).  But in Vegas a huge chunk of the work force is employed on swing shift in casinos or hospitality-related businesses like restaurants.

Little Darlings Vegas Private VIP Room

A Private-Bedroom Dance at Little Darlings is Great Anytime (Starting at $125 for 15 Minutes)

The Vegas swing shift ends between midnight and 3:00 am. So, that’s when the night clubs and bars (including strip clubs) really come alive.

Vegas strip clubs that have special events like feature dancers often advertise these events as starting at 10 pm, 11 pm, or midnight, but you shouldn’t be surprised if the event doesn’t actually get going until closer to 1 am.

So, if you’re looking for the biggest crowds, best stage shows and greatest selection of top-end dancers in the Vegas strip clubs, the wee hours of the morning are your best bet.

But, late night isn’t always the best time strategy for everyone.

The Benefits of Coming Early to the Vegas Strip Clubs

Palomino Club Pole Dancers

Palomino Club’s Erotic Stage Show is Terrific from the Moment the Club Opens at 4 pm

I am usually one of the customers you will find at 9 or 10 pm–or even earlier–in my favorite Vegas strip clubs, large or small. Here’s why.

Showing up before the big crowds arrive puts you in an excellent position for getting the best selection of available lap dancers in the major Vegas strip clubs. What good is it to spot that dancer across the room who is exactly your type, if there’s virtually no chance she’ll make it to your side of the packed club before she’s snapped up by someone else?

And dancers who come to work earlier at the clubs usually pay a lower stage fee to the club.  That means they don’t have to sell so hard just to get in the black for the evening, and that tends to make the hustle factor a lot lower earlier in the evening.

Earlier in the evening, the dancers are relaxed.  Their feet aren’t hurting yet from those awful shoes.  They haven’t been turned down a dozen times for lap dances yet, or had rude customers insult their looks.  They’re fresh and charming and natural.

They can take the time to have a drink with you and chitchat (always tip for their time regardless!), without feeling that they are wasting time they should be spending in the VIP with someone else.

The lower-stage-fee enticement also tends to eliminate the first-string/second-string effect in Vegas.  Dancers who start early tend to stay on into the peak hours, and dancers who start late tend to stay on until the early morning hours.  Both sets of dancers are peak-hour worthy.  They just have different starting-time and stage-fee preferences.

And even if you see fewer dancers in the room than at peak hours when you arrive, you can be sure you will see a lot more dancers in the room and on stage before you leave.

Also, stage performances tend to get better if there are customers showing appreciation, whether the crowd is huge yet or not.  To me a stage performance is as erotic as a lap dance, and so I’m prepared to pay as much for a stage performance as I would for a lap dance.  So even though I often go to the Vegas strip clubs early, I tend to see great stage performances because I tip the stage dancers a lot.

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vefas Dancer Shelby Sparks

Shelby Sparks Dances at
Deja Vu Showgirls

In addition, you will often find exceptional drink and private dance deals in the afternoon and early evening, plus other amenities like free or discounted food.  For example, Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website) offers an open bar (domestics and wells) from 6 pm to 10 pm seven nights a week.  What’s the catch?  There isn’t one.  They’re trying to get guys to come earlier to the club.

So there’s no reason not to come to a Vegas strip club early if that’s what  you prefer.  Just understand that the party will just be getting underway, and don’t read anything into it.

12 Responses to “Best Time to Go to a Vegas Strip Club”

  1. UK-FirstTimer

    Hi there,

    Got a short trip at the end of September arrange, and staying at the Aria Hotel. Looking for a strip club to hang out. I’m a little shy, and nervous, so don’t won’t to be taken for a ride.

    Appreciate there are a lot of guys/ girls on here that this is all old hat to, so I’d be most great fun for recommendations.

    I’ll be travelling alone, also.


  2. Jimmy

    My advise is to start by reading everything on this site. There are nude clubs (but they don’t serve booze with one exception). There are large mega clubs, smaller locals clubs, tourist traps (Glitter Gulch). It all depends on what you’re looking for. IMHO I like Little Darlings, Sapphire and Palomino

  3. Jimmy

    Sorry for the typos above, I hate it when I type on my phone 🙂 Go through the left side of this site and click on each thing, all have good info. If you’re just looking for a good stage show so you can sit at the rail and tip you’ll get some good advice. If you want lappers or want VIP, etc… it’s all there.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jimmy. I will read all information available. Thanks for you responses.

  4. Ron

    I will be in Las Vegas for just a few days and in order to maximize my time I thought of going to one of the 24 hour places, like Saphire, one afternoon. Then hitting Palomino later at night. Is it worth the experience to go during the day?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Depending on the day of the week and the actual time you go, you may or may not find dancers at some of the 24-hour topless clubs. I haven’t been in Sapphire much during daylight hours (except for their pool), but any time I have gone in there in the afternoon, there have been dancers present. On the plus side, you’ll find their day time drink prices reasonable. I think I paid $4 for a beer last time I was in there before 6 pm.

      If you’re here on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday while the Sapphire pool is open, you’ll find many of Sapphire’s dancers at the pool in the afternoon. But the girl watching is terrific, and you can get private dances from many of the dancers there. They’ll escort you into the club’s VIP through a back door.

  5. Chris

    What is the latest one could go to Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino and still expect a good selection of dancers still working on a Friday or Saturday night/morning? If the main party is 1-3 AM, would that mean by 5-6 AM?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, the crowd and dancers start thinning out at about 3 am. I’ve never been at the club later than that but I’d guess 5ish am would be about right.

  6. Anonymous

    Looking to hit up Sapphire in mid-September during weekdays and prefer earlier times. Ideally would like to take advantage of the 1/2 price drinks at Happy Hour before 6pm. What is a reasonable time to show up to get a good selection of dancers? Is 5pm too early? Is it better to wait until 7pm or so and just pay higher drink prices for a better selection?

  7. Arnold Snyder

    Anonymous: If perchance you’ll be here on a Monday night, then absolutely go to Sapphire’s MNF party that starts at 5:30 pm. See

    On other nights, there’s not that much difference between 5 pm and 7 pm, except for the drink prices. But you will find a dozen or so dancers there even early in the evening, with more arriving the later you stay. There are always top-of-the-line dancers there.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Arnold. I was thinking about doing the MNF event. My main focus is high mileage dances. Would you recommend doing mnf over a VIP package in the main room to (since I won’t really care about watching the game or being in the crowd)? Or can you move between the two? (Ex. Start at a VIP table in main room. Head over to show room around 7, then back to main room after halftime).

      • Arnold Snyder

        Anonymous, during the game and halftime, you can sit anywhere. You don’t need a reserved table then. You should come a little bit early to get a seat near the bar on the door side of the Showroom so that you’ll be in the thick of it during the halftime dollar dances.

        You should get the VIP package if you’d like to stay more than an hour after the game ends, because you’ll really need the package to get a seat then.

        If you don’t much care about the game or the dollar dances, the MNF party is still a good way to go to Sapphire if you want to go at earlier hours. You can still get the free limo. You get in for $20 and get the full buffet plus two drinks, and there will be a full complement of dancers (150+) on hand to take care of the football crowd. If you sit in the main room instead of the Showroom, you can get the full high-mileage lap dance scene early. In that case, I’d sit a little away from the buffet nearer the center of the main room where the dancers near the entries can see you.

        If you don’t like crowds, I’d go another day, because the club gets packed for its MNF parties. You’ll still have a dozen dancers on hand near 5 pm with more arriving constantly.



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