Best Vegas Strip Clubs on Weeknights

On Friday and Saturday nights, the best Vegas strip clubs are always packed, and if any of the major clubs are featuring porn stars or special shows, it’s usually on Friday and Saturday nights. Plus, strip club viewing parties for the big fight nights are always on Saturday nights. Weekend nights in the Vegas strip clubs are always busy.

The major Vegas strip clubs are also busy on weeknights when big conventions are in town.  But what if you’re in Vegas on a Sunday night through Thursday night when no big convention is in town? Which Vegas strip clubs have the biggest crowds, best deals and best selection of dancers then? 

Best Vegas Strip Clubs on Sundays

Sunday night is $20 night at Floyd Mayweather’s ultra-luxe strip club, Girl Collection. On Friday and Saturday nights you’ll pay $50 for admission, so this is a good deal.

Because Girl Collection is open only four nights a week (Thursdays through Sundays), you’ll find a full complement of the club’s international collection of beauties in house on Sunday nights.  The club is especially popular as a Sunday night after-hours club, with the party hitting its peak around 3 am as Vegas hotel and casino employees start their weekends.

On Sunday afternoons during the summer months (mid-May to mid-October), Sapphire’s topless pool is open noon – 6 pm, always with whatever porn star was featured at the club on Saturday night partying with guests.  The topless girls with the pink wristbands are Sapphire dancers there to party and work on their tans.  They are also available for private dances in the club VIP.

Sapphire topless pool Las Vegas

Sapphire Topless Pool

The Sapphire pool is an especially great happy hour option on Sundays because of their hotel check-out deal, which draws a crowd.  Have the free club limo take you to the pool after you check out of your hotel, check your bags for free at the pool, then get a free ride to the airport in time to catch your flight later—a great way to extend your vacation.

Sunday night is also a great night to try out Hustler Club because of its legendary service industry weekly party, which seems to draw half the casino workers in town and gets wild.

The deal at Hustler is that from 8 pm to midnight, anyone with a sheriff’s card can drink for free, plus there’s a free buffet that’s a cut above typical bar food, with things like grilled or fried chicken with half a dozen sauces, mac’n’cheese, and veggie kabobs. The party attracts a mixed male/female crowd and a lot of dancers.

Locals who are not in the service industry pay a $10 admission fee, out-of-towners pay the usual $50 admission for a fun party.

The catered buffet is a cut above typical bar food, with three styles of chicken (grilled, fried and roasted) half a dozen sauces, mac’n’cheese, veggie kabobs. This is a popular locals’ event and you’ll find a mixed male-female crowd who show up to take advantage of all the free food and free drinks.

Centerfolds has a free standup comedy show on Sundays from 5 – 6 pm.

Palomino Club, Sapphire, and Treasures get big crowds and an excellent selection of dancers every night of the week.

Mondays in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Because of Monday Night Football, Monday is not a weeknight in Vegas from September to December. It’s a continuation of the weekend.  See our post on the best Vegas strip club Monday Night Football parties.  The clubs with the best MNF parties tend to have the best crowds and dancers even after the game is over.

But do go to one of the parties if you can.  Think excellent free food, drink deals, a rowdy crowd and big crowds of the club’s best dancers.  MNF parties are often the best strip club deals in Vegas.

One Vegas Strip Club Stands Out on Tuesday Nights

Deja Vu Showgirls is at the top of my list on Tuesday nights because it’s $2 Tuesday at the club, meaning all beer, well and call drinks are $2 each all night long (6 pm – 6 am).  Only champagnes, wines, and super premium liquors are excluded.  And that’s after an open bar for beer and well drinks from 6 to 10 pm.

Deja Vu fills up on Tuesday nights, and a full club means lots of high-end dancers (65+) who know the money in the customers’ pockets isn’t getting blown on booze.  Locals pay $10 admission.  Out-of-towners get in free if you arrive by the free club limo.  Otherwise, out-of-towners pay $20 if you drive yourself or $45 if you arrive by cab, casino limo, Uber or Lyft.  Why would any out-of-towner not call for the free club limo?  I don’t know.  Call 702-308-4605 (or text SGLV to 702-767-8118) to reserve your ride.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Best Vegas Strip Club on Wednesdays

If there’s a convention in town, many strip clubs will be busy.

But whether there’s a convention in town or not, Palomino Club, Sapphire and Treasures get good crowds and an excellent selection of dancers every night of the week.

Vegas Strip Club Parties on Thursday Nights

It’s $20 night at Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection.  The club opens at 9 pm but again on Thursdays the party really gets going late (around 2-3 am) when the after-hours partiers arrive.  The club gets full and it’s the best hip-hop party in town.  Think 60+ dancers hand-picked by Floyd spinning around the stripper poles, twerking in the aisles, and getting showered with $1s by the Hefty-bag full.  Women welcome with or without male companions.

10 Responses to “Best Vegas Strip Clubs on Weeknights”

  1. Cancon

    Scott, We haven’t been to Vegas since 2020, used to go twice a year or more. Are there any late afternoon happy hours still going? My wife and I used to go to Saphires around 4-6pm for $5 beer and a few lap dances from the 5 or 6 girls that were there at that time. Deja Vu Tuesdays still looks good and Palomino beer is always reasonable but we’re looking for quiet times before the crowds show up. Thank you.

    • Scott

      Only 3 clubs are 24 hours now …. CH3, Peppermint Hippo and Hustler. All three are pretty quiet like the old Sapphire day vibe.

      Peppermint hippo has a happy hour that is mixed drinks for $8 (50% off) … only a small set of girls, someties none early in the day

      Hustler has spectacular deals on $2 Tuesdays and open bar 9am to 9pm on Thursdays.

      I don’t think CH3 has drink specials during the day…. but they have terrific food and always have top notch dancers during the day

      I think the best thing about the day shift is it gives you a chance to talk to the girls and the staff without the throbbing music.

      • Nunya

        How many girls and what quality might you find at Hustler at 9 am on a Sunday morning when the $2 drinks start? How many at Hippo if you went in at 5 or 6 am Sunday?

        • Scott

          The difference between 6am and 9am is more than 3 hours!!! LOL

          I can speak for 6am personally at Hippo and it is pretty damn good. The girls are plentiful…attractive and motivated.

          I have my doubts about 9am at Hustler…. but that’s not based on personal experience.

          BONUS: 5AM TO 6AM at Peppermint Hippo is peak time for the “rooster” serenade from the houses behind the parking lot. Cockadoodle Do!

          • Nunya

            True, I threw out 9 am at Hustler because of the start of the drinks. 5-6 am at Hippo was more based on me possibly waking up that early due to still being on east coast time.

  2. Mike

    Do you still recommend Floyd Mayweathers club on Thursday’s? I will be on town this Thursday night the 7th

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, the Champ’s club is great. Just be aware that the party doesn’t really get going until after midnight. Around 1 am, 2 am, it turns into wild fun and stays at full blast until the club closes in the morning.

  3. Doig

    Coming in Vegas on Monday the 19th of November – which strip club would be full of girls after 1130pm? I know MNF is popular but what about late into the night



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