Best Vegas Strip Clubs Fall Update

I just finished my early fall update of my picks for the Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

There have been a few changes since the midsummer update.  Crazy Horse Too is off the list as it has recently closed. Nude club Talk of the Town has been edged off the list by continued improvements at the Palomino and Little Darlings nude clubs.  And I’ve removed a few topless clubs when I noticed the hustle factor getting too high.

Palomino is singled out for having the most consistently beautiful plus talented stage dancers of any strip club in Vegas, even at off-peak hours. I’ve been deliberately going to the club mid-week and at weird times, trying to find some second-string dancers, and I haven’t found one yet at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Meanwhile, Little Darlings is running so many Blue Light Specials (two lap dances for $20 or $30, depending on the time and day of the week) that their effective lap dance price is now two-for-$20 or $30.

In addition, many of the Little Darlings’ dancers have increased their tease factor on stage. I’ve complained in the past that in between songs too many dancers were walking off the stage to remove their g-strings and then return to the stage naked, seemingly oblivious to the fact that many in the audience (me!) would prefer to watch the dancers slowly remove their g-strings on stage, as part of their dance.

For decades this has been considered the sexiest part of a striptease. And recently I’ve been noticing more and more Little Darlings dancers taking their time with erotic striptease instead of leaving the stage to get naked between songs. Makes my heart sing.

A tip of the hat to Sapphire for the most-improved stage show since the summer update. I’ve been seeing the best pole dancing and erotic acrobatics here of any topless club in town.  Sapphire is also reaching out to couples, and they’re showing up in greater numbers.  My wife and I had a very enjoyable evening at the club.

Note that the Sapphire Pool hours have been cut back to noon – 6 pm, Fri – Sun.