Big Game, Big Problems in Vegas

We’ve received reports that three of the five Vegas strip clubs that had announced Super Bowl viewing parties were shut down by the Clark County licensing board prior to the game. Spearmint Rhino, Hustler Club and Play It Again Sam were all closed. [Update:  Minks in Henderson was also shut down.] Apparently Sapphire and Palomino Club had no problems.

MGM Grand’s computers went down at all of their properties in the middle of the Big Game and didn’t come back online until midnight. Needless to say, many bettors were pissed off as they couldn’t cash their winning tickets post game.

Sure wish I had something fun and exciting to report.

3 Responses to “Big Game, Big Problems in Vegas”

  1. Nunya

    So I’d be interested in hearing about Sapphire and Palomino’s Super Bowl viewing, if it won’t cause problems. Interesting item on Sapphires website – one graphic says ‘Keep your masks on so we can take our tops off’.

  2. Aaron

    Yuck… i had an opportunity to swing by vegas next month, but the way things sound now i might postpone until summer or fall… Glad the Palomino didnt get shut down. Probably my favorite club there.

  3. jj solari

    this fake pandemic has taught us one thing: well that is if you have any actual awareness of things. and that’s that licensing boards and health officials are what really hold the power in this country. not elected hacks or cops or judges or presidents of the constifuckingtution or the pentagon.



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