Bombshell McGee Will Be Detonating at Little Darlings This Week

michelle-bombshell-mcgee-1If you want to see the woman who broke up actress Sandra Bullock’s marriage, Bombshell McGee will be appearing this week at Little Darlings.

Bombshell’s affairs have been required reading in trailer parks all over America for years now as she breaks up marriages, poses in Nazi garb, and discusses Charlie Sheen’s cocaine stash. No, I’m not reading supermarket tabloids. I got all this from the Huffington Post.

In any case, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, a former tattoo and fetish model and current Hollywood celeb, will be performing live, and presumably disrobing, at Little Darlings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, October 2, 3, and 4, after 11 pm.

For free admission (regularly $33 for out-of-towners and $13 for locals) present the coupon on the home page of this web site, right below the top blog post, or show it at the door on your phone (must arrive by club limo or drive yourself). Call 702-371-2181 for free round-trip limo transport. (For info on other coming events, see club web site.)


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