Boomers Have Had More Sex than Millennials

Time magazine recently reported the results of a study of 33,000 people that was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study concludes that of all the generations currently alive in the US, the Baby Boomers have had the most sex.  (All Boomers reading this are smiling knowingly.)

Boomers have averaged 11 sex partners each as adults, while Millennials (born in the 80s and 90s) have averaged only eight sex partners as adults.  This despite the fact that, as the author of the study notes, “Millennials have never known a world where premarital sex was a taboo.”

The Boomers parents’ generation (born in the 20s), sometimes called the Greatest Generation (or at least that’s what they like to call themselves), averaged only two sex partners.

As a Boomer, I did grow up in a world where premarital sex was taboo. When I was in high school (1962-66), neither I, nor any of my friends to my knowledge, ever had sexual intercourse. Ever. Girls simply did not do it. Period.

So despite those three extra sex partners I’ve had as a Boomer that the average Millennial hasn’t had, I really can’t gloat. The fact is I envy the Millennials. I would gladly have traded my three extra tumbles in the hay as an adult for just a little bit of nookie in high school.


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