“Bring a Virgin for Free” at the Art of Naked Yoga Thursday Night

Tasia Lokran, InstructorThe Art of Naked Yoga

Tasia Lokran, Instructor
The Art of Naked Yoga

Every Thursday evening at 7 pm at Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum (see museum review) is The Art of Naked Yoga, a class taught by Tasia Lokran. Each class features naked porn stars (often Shay Golden) to inspire you.

Many of the ancient yogis complained of not having naked porn stars to inspire them. They attempted to compensate for the lack of visible pussy by staring at their own navels. What a shame they weren’t doing yoga in Vegas!

Now you can experience yoga “Vegas style” as it was meant to be done, as Tasia and her naughty friends help you twist your body into the pretzel you were born to be.

This coming Thursday, October 8, is “Bring a Virgin for Free Night,” which means that all paying customers can bring a friend who has never attended the class before for free!

The class starts at 7 pm. Men $20. Women $10. No yoga experience required. Clothing optional. Any level of fitness, but must be 18+.

Bring a yoga mat and water. For more info, see the Art of Naked Yoga website.

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