Brothel in Europe Fires Prostitutes Because Customers Prefer Sex Dolls

Can Human Prostitutes Compete with Sex Dolls?

Sex Doll at Arsenal 51

A Sex Doll at Arsenal 51

The single most popular post on TVO ever was our September post, Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel. Not only did this post generate more web traffic to this site than any other post in its history, but the number of emails and DMs I got from readers asking me for more information has been phenomenal.

Guys really appear to want to have sex with dolls.  Dolls are less threatening to shy guys, they’ll do anything you want, and they charge less than human prostitutes.

And human prostitutes appear to understand their profession is endangered by the newest generation of sex dolls.  In the comments under our Vegas sex doll brothel post,  Legal Brothel Worker seems worried to death that sex dolls will threaten her livelihood. Now, there is evidence she may be right. 

According to an article in The Daily Star, a legal Swiss brothel has “decided to swap female staff for the sex robots after demand soared among cash-strapped clients . . .” Technically, these are not “robots” but simply human-size dolls. The Swiss call them “sexpuppen.”

Arsenal 51 Sex Doll

Another Arsenal 51 Sex Doll

The brothel, Arsenal 51, in Kriens, Switzerland, charges 90 Swiss Francs for sex with a doll, whereas the price of sex with a human prostitute starts at 200 Swiss Francs. (In US$, the exchange rate for a Swiss Franc is currently valued at $1.01.)

The article states that the brothel now has 12 sex dolls available for clients, but only two flesh and blood females. The brothel claims that it’s not just the lower price that has made the sex dolls so popular, but the fact that the dolls will always do anything the customer wants to do. The brothel even offers the sex dolls for out-calls for customers who would rather have fun with the doll at home.

You can view pics of the available dolls on the Arsenal 51 website here, which is where I found the two pics posted here. There is a wide range of body types and facial features, with the emphasis on smokin’ hot.

According to a spokesperson for the Swiss brothel industry, this is the only brothel in the country she knows of that has eliminated most of its human staff for dolls, but she also acknowledges that most Swiss brothels do now offer sex dolls.

Clients of the Las Vegas area legal brothels may be shocked that you can get a human prostitute in Switzerland for only $200, as most escorts in the brothels around here charge way more than that. (See our post Las Vegas Brothel vs Escort Prices.)  And judging from a number of guys’ reviews of their experiences with Vegas escorts, they may not be worth more than the price of a doll.

In any case, I think Clark County would be crazy to disallow sex doll brothels here. In fact, our hotels should be offering dolls to adult visitors as a standard amenity, part of their resort fees. This could be a bigger income source than even the Vegas weed lounges.

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