Burlesque at the Bowl

If you were in the mood last night to watch a ten-foot boa constrictor slithering over the body of a belly dancer, and a couple of pińatas being bullwhipped into submission by a buxom babe in lingerie, and you really wanted to watch a redhead in her underwear smearing an ice cream cone over herself, and maybe a couple shirtless dudes (with pasties) who’d probably had a bit too much to drink having a tassel-twirling contest, then you should have been at the Brooklyn Bowl for the Cinco de Mayo version of “Burlesque at the Bowl.”

In the past few months, the Brooklyn Bowl has been presenting irregularly-scheduled free burlesque shows open to the public.  Last night’s show was MCd by the bawdy Miss Karla Joy and featured the Suicide Sirens, along with Tali De’Mar, Chelsea La Vone, Di Lovely, Valerie Stunning, Jenevieve (SerpentineSorceress) Zanasiote, Vi Vacious, and stage kitten, Kitschy Koo.

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