Las Vegas Burlesque and Bar Shows Overview

Las Vegas Burlesque and Bar Shows Overview

The burlesque renaissance, sometimes called the neo-burlesque movement, is alive and well in Las Vegas, even though we do not have a full-time neo-burlesque venue yet. All of the current neo-burlesque shows take place in bars and nightclubs on specified nights, some monthly, some weekly, some a couple nights a week.

A few of the casino shows, like X Burlesque and Zombie Burlesque, are choreographed production shows, a far cry from the typical (more improvisational) neo-burlesque shows. So they’re listed above under topless casino shows.

All of the topless casino shows, in fact, could be loosely categorized under burlesque, as all of these shows grew out of the old Vegas burlesque shows. The first topless show in Vegas was Minsky’s Follies, a traditional 1950s burlesque show with strippers and comedians that opened at the Dunes in 1958. Since then, the casino shows have simply gotten more elaborate, but they really are nothing more than what burlesque turned into in Vegas.

Wild and Sexy Bar Shows

Also included in this group are some of the shows that wouldn’t qualify as burlesque, but because of their more improvisational (amateur or just unusual) character, they fit better in this category than they do with casino shows. The bikini bull-riding contest at Gilley’s, the Puppetry of the Penis show at Erotic Heritage Museum, etc., are all reviewed here.

The bar shows are generally free or a low cover charge. Some of these shows are pretty wild. Most have a roughly equal male/female customer ratio, but offer some kind of entertainment where you might expect to see female performers (sometimes customers) in skimpy outfits or some state of undress. Most of these shows don’t last very long or have lots of break time in between acts, but some are a lot of fun and worth going to anyway.

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