Can a Man Be Elected Governor if He Ever Went to a Strip Club? In Kansas?

Paul Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor of Kansas, may be in trouble. It’s been reported by CBS News that he once went to a strip club in 1998. Davis was 26 and unmarried at the time, which was five years before he entered the legislature. He was not involved in any wrongdoing at the strip club, but he acknowledges he did go there one night with his boss, and that may prove to be just a bit too wild for the good folks of Kansas to tolerate.

Until this news broke, Davis was leading in the polls, so this strip club discovery could help the Republican incumbent, Sam Brownback. It appeared that Brownback was about to be tossed out of office because of the financial mess he has caused in the state, and he is currently the subject of an FBI investigation into influence peddling. But now that his opponent must run as a man who once went to a strip club, all bets are off the table.

The Kansas voters must now decide if they want their governor to be a man who’s already ruined the state financially, or a man who went to a strip club 16 years ago and may still be tainted by that experience. According to the Kansas Republican Party: “News of this behavior (going to a strip club in 1998) casts serious questions on Davis’ judgment and fitness for public office.”


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