Can You Get Sex in a Vegas Strip Club?


Can You Get Sex in a Vegas Strip Club?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Maybe.

How to Figure the Odds on Having Sex in a Vegas Strip Club

The majority of dancers in Vegas strip clubs do not have sex with customers. Ever. They’re performers.  They don’t want the legal risk. They don’t want the risk to their physical and emotional health. And they don’t have to have sex in order to make good money. So they don’t.

But some do. A friend who’s a strip club dancer recently tried out a Vegas strip club where she’d never worked before.  It was a big fancy place that I visit periodically and always come out wondering how they survive.  There just never seem to be enough customers and dancers in the club to keep it alive.


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I asked my dancer friend how the evening went, and she told me she’d never go back because every customer in the joint seemed to expect a blow job.  Now I know how that strip club survives.

And it’s not just there.  I’ve been offered sex at three strip clubs that I can think of off the top of my head, and they don’t include the blowjob club.  Friends from out-of-town have been offered sex at other clubs.  Other friends have pointed out well-known prostitutes around town who are regulars in one strip club or another.

A couple of months ago a friend asked when I was going to put out the pro version of TVO, meaning the version that told you where to go and whom to see for more than the standard lap dance.  I told him never, because if I put out that version, the cops would be all over it and that version would cease to exist.

It’s hard to put a percentage on your chances of scoring in a strip club, because it depends on your definition of sex. If it’s not sex for you unless it’s genitals-to-genitals copulation until you achieve orgasm, your prospects of success are lower than if your definition of sex is having a lap dancer squirming around on your dick until you discreetly and surreptitiously come in your pants.

Of course, there are many definitions of sex in between those two possibilities.

How to Increase Your Odds for Sex in a Vegas Strip Club

If you don’t smell bad and you appear well-groomed and you’re polite and gentle and non-threatening, you won’t have any trouble finding dancers who will allow you to touch their breasts. You can run your fingers over the nipples and cup the breasts gently in your hands. If your definition of sex is feeling up a fine young girl who’s beautiful and exciting while she cuddles you and squirms around on your body naked, you got it.

If you pinch her nipple, game over (unless she asked you to).

Sometimes a dancer will let you kiss her breasts or put your mouth on her nipple. And if you’re in a private room with her, especially in the nude clubs, you can expect a very close view of her pussy.


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To increase your odds of actually receiving an offer for a blowjob or handjob, or a meet-up for sex outside the club, show up at the club looking like you have the money to pay for an adventure like that.  If you’re wearing a sport coat and a nice watch, and sitting at a VIP table with a bottle in front of you, you’re more likely to get offers than if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt and nurse a beer on the rail.

But What about Handjobs or BJs or Fingering in a Strip Club?

Again, there are dancers in Vegas strip clubs who sell sexual services. The problem with looking for sexual services in Vegas strip clubs is that so many dancers don’t do this. And the ones who do have to be careful with guys who might be creeps or cops, and it’s not always easy to tell. In other words, you may be with a dancer who sells sexual services, but she won’t sell them to you.

Look at it from the dancer’s perspective. If she has sex with you, she’s violating the law. If you come out and ask her to have sex with you, she may suspect you of being a cop. Forget about the entrapment defense. There are no voice recordings and it’ll be her word against the cop’s in a court of law. Dancers in Vegas strip clubs have been victims of entrapment many times.

And the clubs have to be careful too.  This was one of the reasons Crazy Horse Too went down. There were prostitution busts. In my view, whatever happens in private between consenting adults, whether or not there is a monetary exchange, should be perfectly legal. But we still have to live with these antiquated laws.


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If you’re looking for more than the standard lap dance or private room show in a strip club, you kind of have to wait until a dancer comes along and offers it to you.  It just isn’t very suave to go hitting up dancers for sex because so many do not consider themselves in this line of work.  You’re just going to offend most of the dancers you ask.

But another dancer may sit down at your table and say, “You know, most of these girls won’t do anything in the private room, but I’ll go all the way.”

Or you may be with her in the VIP when she says something like, “You know, for a couple hundred more, we could have a lot more fun.”  Then you could ask her what kind of fun you could have.  She’ll help you to tell her what you want.

Here’s the main thing to remember about dancers. They’re really not different from other women, except that they’re artists and artists tend to live their lives more on the edge. This is true of all performance artists.

Prostitution is an art form too—a centuries old, highly developed art form.

Can You Date a Vegas Strip Club Dancer (for Money)?

What about your chances of getting a dancer to go out with you? I.e., how many dancers do “outcalls?”

Some.  You can always ask if a dancer does outcalls, then let the conversation develop from there.  If she doesn’t, the conversation will be over quickly.  But word may get around among the dancers, and your next conversation with a dancer on the subject may go further.

And don’t forget that excellent legal brothels are available within an hour’s drive of Vegas.  See our report, complete with prices, photos and negotiating tips, here.  You can also find reviews of individual brothels under our “Brothels” button in the main menu.


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A Message to All the Wives and Girlfriends Who Are Freaking Out

I’ve said it all over this website, and I’ll say it again.  Most guys who like going to strip clubs aren’t looking for sex.

They’re looking to appreciate beauty, they’re looking for human warmth, they’re looking for a fantasy, they’re looking for arousal.  They just like looking at naked women in a situation that doesn’t jeopardize their marriages or personal relationships.

And you don’t have to take my word for it.  There are legitimate academic studies on this subject. (See, for example, An Anthropologist/Former Stripper Studies Men Who Go To Strip Clubs.)

In Summation

News FLASH: Some guys have sex with strippers in Vegas.

You heard it here first.


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22 Responses to “Can You Get Sex in a Vegas Strip Club?”

  1. Marianna

    Wow I wanna work at a strip club I will maybe do it in future

    • partygoer007

      i really want to go to Treasures because they have the steak house and you can pick a sexy lady to have dinner with and then up to the VIP room for some major fun. Please email me with any info about any of the ladies that work at the cathouses outside of Vegas that give good head.

  2. Cancon

    I’ve been told to keep my pants on to avoid a possible prostitution charge, and there are hidden cameras, or not so hidden. My wife usually leaves her bra and panties in the car when we drive to Palomino so I and the dancer can make contact with her without making it too obvious as to what is going on. You could go to Red Rooster if you want a larger audience.

  3. Wayne

    i’ve been to several strip clubs in Vegas (both topless and nude) and most girls i’ve come across don’t do “extras”. they will grind on you (usually) but will not do “things” that the law frowns on. i don’t blame them, the cops in this town (Metro and NLVPD) are nuts are dying to put you in their jails for ANY REASON THEY CAN.

    • Rick

      If you’re in a VIP room, can you and your wife be sexual with each other?

  4. Jimmy

    My girlfriend and I love Little Darlings. Sit at the rail and make sure you both tip. You will get as much or more attention than he will. Pick one who has a hot stage show and do a lapper. Great time.

  5. Cancon

    I would try the $100/10 minutes at Palomino. Have your wife wear a low cut blouse or dress and let the dancer know why. Undo a button, drop the shoulder strap and voila, your wife may get some fondling. Same for Sapphire’s on the main floor but up against the wall out of the crowd. A $20 lap dance becomes a three way – I touch the stripper, the stripper touches my wife, and my wife touches me. We’re in our 50’s and super “active” so I don’t need the lap dance grinding.

  6. kyle

    My wife, who is exceptionally attractive, has always had luck at a few of the vegas strip clubs. She’s been called on stage and asked to expose herself in order give a free round of drinks to the customers. I’ve seen her make out with attractive dancers, get felt up, asked to show herself to the DJ, etc. On two occasions I’ve seen her and another fingering each other ( in private dance), and once the dancer went down on her and made her orgasm. We only visit the top clubs in vegas. It’s never been an extra item, or paid for. I think some girls just have fun at work and some are just at work to work.

    • CC

      So what are the top clubs you guys go to? My husband and I will be going in a mnth and would love to have a little unorthodox fun! ?

  7. Steve

    My girlfriend is very similar it seems. But I’m not sure she’d flash or do anything in the main area. That’s why we are getting some VIP rooms next month. 🙂

  8. Arnold Snyder

    Obviously, in amateur contests, I’ve seen contestants get topless and/or nude. Other than in amateur contests–which take place on stage–the only club in Vegas where I’ve seen female audience members in a state of undress is Little Darlings. I’ve seen women in the audience flash their tits at dancers on stage and I’ve seen bachelorettes on stage have their tops pulled up or down to expose their breasts when being “roasted” by dancers. I’m not sure if there are any specific club rules about this anywhere. Vegas tends to be pretty loose about such things. I suspect in the private or VIP rooms such things are more common. Generally speaking, you don’t see female customers in a state of undress. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

  9. Jimmy

    Was wondering about going as a couple to a strip club. My wife would like to be able to be a bit naughty and has said she gets very excited in these places. She has tried at other places to take some of her clothes off but has been stopped by management. What are the rules in Vegas if she was feeling like taking some of her clothes off during the dance?

    • Steve

      I’m guessing that the odds go up for some “extra” fun for a couple…. the dancer may feel you are less threatening and there is less potential to be a cop if you are a couple (not that cops couldn’t work in tandem).

      • Lee

        My wife and I occassionally go to Vegas strip clubs and to be honest we have never failed to have sex or failed to have the offer to have sex either on or off premises.

        BUT one caveat.

        My wife is hot!!!!

        So honestly the girls mostly want her over me! But, who gives a damn! It’s all in fun!



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